Object 7 - "Memory Jars"
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A Pink memory jar found in Level 42, brought to a M.E.G. Warehouse.

Memory Jars are unique jars which can hold memories of the deceased.


Memory Jars take the appearance of an empty glass jar similar to those in The Frontrooms. They have tight lids that are impossible to take off by normal means. They have two different phases; one is the deactivated phase, where they are just as previously described. In their deactivated phase, they hold no anomalous properties, apart from the lid being impossible to remove. Memory jars are activated when a person holding, or in close proximity to jar dies. When this event happens, the jar fills with "Memories." Once the activation happens, it is possible, and easy to remove the lid.


Memories are small glowing orbs that fill up memory jars when they enter their active state. They possess a strange property of floating, causing them to fly to the roof. These memories are physical representations of the memories from the dead person who causes the activation of a Memory Jar. Touching a memory will play it in your mind's eye, as if it had been your own. These memories all share the same color, but depend on the personality of the ex-holder.

Locating Memory Jars:

Memory Jars are most common in The Memory, where many empty jars can be located. The most efficient way to find a Memory Jar is to look for Memoria Rooms, the locations in The Memory where empty Memory Jars can be found. They can also be found on most levels outside of The Memory as well, however they are considerably rarer, with less than 200 reports of locating them outside The Memory. The safest way to obtain a Memory Jar is by trading for one with the B.N.T.G. or obtaining one through gambling in Level 5.1.

Uses for Memory Jars

Memory Jars are popular in trading, and some people earn serious amounts of useful resources by selling the Memory Jars of famous individuals. Due to this, Memory Jar collecting is a popular hobby in The Backrooms and is a recommended item for people new to trading. Finding a memory jar on the ground can also be crucial for survival, because the memories inside may alert you to a nearby threat.

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