Object 69 - "Xenon Marbles"
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Close-up view of a Xenon Marble


Xenon Marbles are small crystal orbs, with an average size of 2.5 centimeters. Although the exact material the orbs are made out of is unknown, it is crystalline in nature and relatively tough. Inside each marble is condensed xenon gas, releasing a bright blue glow. Highly sought after by many people, Xenon Orbs are precious due to their uses and unique properties.

These marbles are vital in the life cycle of Light Guides. It acts as the "egg" for these entities, allowing more to be born. The marble will crack, releasing several Light Guides into the nearby area. Both the object and entity are harmless and pose no danger to wanderers.


The xenon inside has many mechanical purposes, mainly in makeshift lighting. Their size and toughness allows them to be used as projectiles in various devices. Allowing them to break open causes several Light Guides to be released. Light Guides are highly intelligent beings, leading wanderers to various supplies (food, water, equipment, etc.). Light Guides are also able to spontaneously appear and disappear at will. Xenon Marbles are highly valuable due to these uses and are highly coveted by various groups.


Hatching can be prevented by encasing the marble in any material, solid or liquid. Encasing the marbles prevents it from breaking apart and releasing Light Guides. Any substance will work but the most commonly substance used is Almond Water. The current process in which Xenon Marbles form is unknown, but there are several theories:

Theory One: Light Guide Death

Xenon Marbles are formed after the death of a Light Guide. The entity will become encased within the crystal structure and decompose into xenon. This theory is the most plausible as it implies Light Guides complete a full life cycle. This theory brings the physical biology of Light Guides into question. Though they were once thought to be points of light, they may instead be highly condensed xenon gas. This does not explain their sentient behaviors, but may give insight into their structure.

Theory Two: Spontaneous Appearance

Xenon Marbles are a part of the natural surroundings within a level. Light Guides do not complete a life cycle; instead, they continuously form out of these objects. This implies that Xenon Marbles are a resource comparable to Firesalt and Liquid Pain, forming naturally within levels. This is unlikely, as the amount of Xenon Marbles found is not decreasing, meaning there is constantly more being created.

Theory Three: Gas Entrapment

Xenon Marbles formed within Level 6 are the result of crystals forming with small pockets of xenon gas within. This is the least plausible theory, as Xenon Marbles are found outside of Level 6. It could be the reasoning behind some marbles, but not all of them.


Xenon Marbles are rare across all levels, but are slightly more common in Level 263, Level 6, Level 16, and Level 170. They can be found in many other levels, but this is where the majority of reported instances are found.


[OBJECT]: #69 Xenon Marbles
[QUANTITY]: Ten (10)
[REWARD]: 65 Grams of #15 Firesalt

We are seeking Xenon Marbles. Please drop off the specified amount at any B.N.T.G. base to claim reward. Submerge marbles within any substance to prevent damage.


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