Object 66
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Object Number - 66

Location - Traders Vault


The only enduring piece of Object 66, which remains in B.N.T.G. storage.


Leviathan's Tooth was originally a hardened clay tablet measured at approximately 75 x 75 x 15 cm (29 x 29 x 6 in). It was reportedly discovered on an altar at Level 105 in June of 2003, but numerous inscriptions on it indicated that it had already been used far earlier, including writings in ancient Semitic dialects and other undetermined languages. Despite its anomalous properties, material analysis performed on a sample has yielded results in line with similar non-anomalous artifacts. Any person who touches the object will immediately gain an inherent understanding of its abilities and the conditions associated with its use. Those who receive this knowledge believe it to be the truth, and while no evidence has ever been found to the contrary, it should still be noted that this qualifies as a potential cognitive hazard. Since it has been reduced to a much smaller chunk of stone, it has only retained the ability to convey information about itself while losing the power to perform its intended function.

The main purpose of Leviathan's Tooth is to serve as a method of transport between the Backrooms and the Frontrooms via instant teleportation. According to the object, it operates under the law of equivalent exchange. In order to attempt a transfer, one must etch both their name and the name of another being into the tablet. A "judgement" process will then commence in which the writer's "love" for the target is quantified by unknown means. If the "love" they possess is deemed to be great enough, they will exit the Backrooms, and their "loved one" will be warped from the Frontrooms to an unspecified level. If the exchange is determined to be unacceptable, then a portion of the writer's body will be teleported in accordance with their degree of "love", and the target will remain unaffected. This process does not incur any physical trauma, though it is still possible for it to result in expiration if major organs or other vital structures are taken.

Each person is only allowed a single valid attempt, as in the words of the tablet, "the weight of true names may only be leveraged once". This stipulation has birthed conjecture on the possibility of initiating multiple attempts by acquiring more than one "true name", though how this would be achieved remains inconclusive. It has been confirmed that entering any nicknames or aliases produces an invalid result while still allowing for further tries. Other invalid attempts include naming the deceased, naming a person or entity who is already in the Backrooms, misspellings, and illegible writing. If one’s name has been legally changed, then there is no preference as to whether the maiden or current name is entered, though they are both counted as the same “true name”. It is unclear how Leviathan's Tooth interacts with those who have definitively abandoned their previous name(s) or those who do not possess what would conventionally be considered a name.

There is still uncertainty as to what Leviathan's Tooth exactly means when it refers to "love". No conclusive link has been established between the amounts of familial, romantic, or platonic love that its users ostensibly held for those they inscribed and their results. Previous attempts were not catalogued particularly thoroughly, as the object was in the possession of an anonymous recluse from its discovery up until its acquisition by the B.N.T.G. While in the group’s ownership, it was heavily guarded and only allowed to be used by members of importance or the highest bidders in trades of exorbitant value. A selection of the few surviving entries on record is listed below:

Writer's Name Target's Name Result
Célestine LeBlanc Amélie Favreau Unknown
前田真奈美 北村玲 Unknown1
Ron Jackson, Jr. Ron Jackson Right leg removed
Dimitrius Lautner Elvis Presley Invalid
Dimitrius Lautner Sir James Paul McCartney Vocal cords partially removed
Viktor Brunhelm Sasha Brunhelm Liver & duodenum removed
Cara Alis Ava Alis Success
Kaya Nkosi Sekani Nkosi All blood removed
Christoph Richter Blanche Invalid
Christoph Richter Azel’kyra Invalid
Christoph Richter God Invalid
Christoph Richter Yahweh Everything except brain, brain stem, & heart removed
Marc Ballester Antoni Russo Body parts left intact, but permanently blinded & deafened
Angelo Teresi Rhea Teresi Success
[Indecipherable] [Indecipherable] Success2

These results were willingly made available by the B.N.T.G. after the existence of Leviathan's Tooth was leaked. They have since released most of the information that constitutes this article in tandem with a public bounty on any knowledge that would lead to the discovery of a new tablet. It is plausible that other documentation still exists and is being kept in confidence.

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