Object 57 - "Crimson Map"

| Reminder: |

This item is rather useful for Brothers and Sisters working in the Adventurers and Crusaders Division. No other Groups Of Intrigue shall obtain any sample, information, or location of Object 57 and Object 57-A. Failure to obey will be faced with punishment. You may proceed within this archive, dear.

-The Main Priestess

| Introduction: |

Object 57, also known as "Crimson Map," is a navigational item only produced by the Church. The item is a 1ft x 2ft smooth map with a texture like papyrus fiber, having crimson as its base color theme.

The map itself is made out of Object 57-A, also known as "Crimson Bark." Object 57-A is the bark of the trees in Crimson Forest and can be converted into Object 57 after a certain sequence of steps.1 The item can be extracted efficiently through the usage of a small, sharp object, preferably a knife or a machete. Upon extraction, the tree will heal itself over time, taking about 3 weeks to grow back a new patch of Object 57-A.

| Properties: |

The special properties of the Map will manifest when the user of the map enters a certain level of The Realm, which then the Map's surface will be covered with black markings, representing that particular Level's 2D version. The map can be used in most levels and is proven accurate with the mappings of the Levels it is representing.

Upon entering a Level with more than 1 story, the map will show the 2D mapping of the story the user is currently located in and is subject to change when the user enters another story. The map is also able to show the user's location, represented as a red dot. The dot moves simultaneously with the user and is also proven accurate with the representation.

Although Object 57 works perfectly fine in most levels, in some cases the map will be unable to work, or something unusual will happen on the map. Here are some examples:

| Home of The Code |

Effects on Item 57:

Item stops working, unable to show any mapping of the Level. Words will soon appear on the map: You are at home, no need for a map, as you are already familiar with the locations, aren't you?

| The Malfunctioning Reality |

Effects on Item 57:

The item turns into a greyish tone and is unable to show any mappings of the level, possibly due to the unstable reality of the level itself.

|The Gears of the Time|

Effects on Item 57:

The map is unable to show any directions in the level, and a few words can be seen on the map: "You are out of time."

| Related Church facilities: |

COTBT-57-1, titled "The Bark Shedders," is located in a desolate area of the Crimson Forest, and is responsible for the extraction of Object 57-A, whilst COTBT-57 "The Mappers" is also located in Crimson Forest, and is responsible for creating Object 57 out of Object 57-A.

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