Object 56
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A photo of the original copy.


Object 56, better known as the “Ultimate Backrooms Cookbook” is a small, 15-page cookbook that is copied and distributed throughout many levels of the Backrooms. The origins of the book are unknown, but it is currently one of the most redistributed pieces of text in the Backrooms. The book was discovered by the B.N.T.G. behind one of the barred doors on Level 3. Using a pole, the book was moved close enough to grab and taken back to Base Storage Unit. The original copy currently remains in the base.

The book is very small and measures about 7 in. (~18 cm) tall and 5 in. (~13 cm.) wide. The cover is red and worn with various stains, tears, and discoloration. The front cover is also blank, save for the previously mentioned title. The front pages, which presumably had the introduction and author on them, have been torn out for some reason. The author of the book is currently unknown.

Each page has one recipe on it, with each one always heavily involving backrooms-specific objects as the main ingredients, such as Firesalt Cocktails and Royal Ration milkshakes. The recipes all use the American Customary system, which has puzzled The M.E.G. even further in their quest for discovering the origin of the book. This book is also where the recipe for Memory Juice came from, albeit with some differences to the transcription in the article. All of the recipes have been tested and been extreme successes with people on levels like Level 6.1, Level 11, Level 4, and so on. While the original copy is very old and faded, copied versions have been transcribed onto online PDFs or other physical copies. Attached below is a digital recreation of the book’s pages and their contents:

The original book is currently under the guard of the B.N.T.G., and is one of the few things in the group’s possession that is not for sale. Something to note is that a few pages seem to have been torn out from the book, which presumably explains the lack of any introductory statements, closing remarks, author attributions, table of contents, or index/glossary.

The book is estimated to have been copied and distributed about 450,000 times across all levels of the Backrooms. All of the recipes, even ones that seem dangerous, such as the Spicy Egg Fried Ramen or Uncle Aussie’s Bayou Surprise, have been proven to be entirely safe as long as they are prepared properly. Not only are they safe, but the recipes have received extremely popular reviews from food critics and wanderers alike. All of the recipes in the book have become incredibly popular and famous in societies such as Level 11 and Level 162.

The book also references real places and brands, such as O’Mio’s bakery and Meri’s Chin ramen. The prior of the two has existed for many years on 6.1, and was originally a small stand outside of the restaurants. Since the book’s mass publishing, O’Mio’s bakery has become one of the most popular places on 6.1. The owner of the bakery, Minnie O’Mio, claims to have no idea who could have possibly written the book, as she never had any regular customers until the book was found. She has welcomed the new wave of business though, and sells hundreds of her signature cocoa cookie sandwiches every day. Meri’s Chin ramen was discovered on 480 not long after the book was found as well, which was previously an undocumented brand. It has since become one of the most sought out items on the level, and many wanderers have fallen victim to the level’s infamous booby trapped products in hopes of obtaining the ramen. This simultaneously narrows down the time frame of when the book could have been written, while additionally putting it into even further question, given that Entity 155 was also not yet discovered when the book was originally found.

The author of the book also seems to have incredibly vast knowledge of more mysterious levels, such as Level 480 and Level 66 — both of which the M.E.G. still has very limited knowledge about. This detail makes the quest of identifying the author all that more challenging. Many red herrings and fakers have come up in the case, but no substantial evidence has come forward, partially due to the unexplorable nature of Level 3. The B.N.T.G. has created an unofficial supplementary document for the community to post their own recipes. Any information about the book’s author or the book in general should be immediately directed to The M.E.G.

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