Object 49 - "Compression Cubes"

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A Compression Cube in its dormant state.

Compression Cubes are projectile weapons manufactured by the Backroom Robotics with the purpose of self-defense against hostile forces. They are composed of reinforced steel, crafted from scrap metal found on Level 2. The dimension of each cube in its normal state is 4.5 inches.1 Compression Cubes are consistently sold to several different M.E.G. branches and outposts of the B.N.T.G., but have recently made their ways into the trading systems of unaligned vagrants of the Backrooms.


The following document is a recording that all personnel of Backrooms Robotics must read and listen to before handling a Compression Cube:

Hello! We here at Backroom Robotics have created our most recent artificially-engineered weapon, Compression Cubes. Our goal with this breathtaking invention is to ensure your survival against those lurking horrors hiding behind every corner so that everyone can have a much more settling experience here in the Backrooms. If you haven't already, everyone is required to read and sign the waiver at the very end of this article to ensure you are qualified to handle a Compression Cube moving forward.

Instructional Guide:

If you, as an individual, were to face an oncoming threat, you'd need to know how the cube operates. To start, you will first need to press in with any of your four fingers as well as your opposable thumb on the center sections of faces 3 and 6. The purpose of this function is to prevent other entities here in the Backrooms from using the device against humans. Do not worry; each face will be labeled with the numbers 1 through 6 to avoid confusion.

Once both centerpieces touch each other on the inside of the cube, it has been activated. As the device leaves your hand, a spring mechanism will occur after about a second. The cube will then unfold and expand to a length, width, and height of 4 meters. The cube will engulf the target (or targets) it was thrown at and then fold back to its original size. Resulting in having their entire body forcefully compressed into a cube-like state.

On the upper left corner of Face 4, you'll find a small engraved square that will eject the now "compressed waste." Pushing down on the square for over four seconds will release the target's compressed body.

Repeat the protocol above if you wish to use the Compression Cube again.


If the person holding the Compression Cube releases these pressure points located on faces 3 and 6, it is not thrown. The Compression Cube will still expand and engulf the user within the cube, compressing them to death. Make sure to release the device immediately after activation; do not hesitate by any means. Otherwise, you will suffer a fast and possibly painless death. Those who experience emotional distress or remain frozen in place out of sheer panic should not be trusted to operate a Compression Cube.

Side notes to be aware of while testing:

  • If the compressed corpse is not already disposed of, the Compression Cube cannot be used for a second attempt.
  • If the Compression Cube fails to capture the intended target, it will fold back to its original size.

Will Work:

  • Entities, objects, or any material that is made of solid matter.2

Will Not Work:

  • Entities made of either liquid matter, gas matter, or possessing an intangible body. (Ex. Smilers)
  • Entities that possess definite or nearly indestructible bodies.
  • Anything larger than the maximum length, width, and height of 4 meters.

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