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Cashew Water is a rare liquid found on numerous levels.


Cashew Water is a substance found most commonly on Negative Levels and Level 178.1. It looks, smells, and taste identical to standard Almond Water. However, Cashew Water functions identically opposite to Almond Water. Whenever held, it attracts all kinds of Entities, which will typically react hostilely. Whenever Cashew Water comes into contact with Entities, it boosts their strength by approximately 50%, and typically makes them act in a more intelligent manner. The only exception to this is Wretches located on Level 178.1. When Cashew Water comes into contact with Wretches on Level 178.1, they will begin to show signs of docile-ness, and will act similarly to Facelings located on Level 11.

If Cashew Water comes into contact with any human, they will begin to feel numbness in that general area, followed by immense pain. If ingested by humans, their current mental state will rapidly deteriorate, and they will attract entities to them quickly. This process has a high chance of turning humans into Wretches. The only known way to reverse this process is by immediate ingestion of Almond Water.

Identifying Cashew Water:

In order to test whether or not water is Cashew Water, a taste test has to be done. Be sure to have Almond Water ready for ingestion just in case. Never attempt to taste any Cashew Water without Almond Water. As Cashew Water is found most commonly on Level 178.1 and Negative Levels, do not trust any liquids on those floors.

If you collect any Cashew Water, be sure to label it as such. Do not let any Cashew Water come into contact with Entities.

Sources of Cashew Water:

On Level 178.1, hot springs have a chance of containing Cashew Water instead of regular water. In order to obtain Cashew Water, take a bottle which once held almond water and throw it into a hot spring containing Cashew Water. Around 5-10 seconds later, it will fall out once more, filled with almond water. Be sure to throw the bottle in capped, or else all the Cashew Water will spill out once returned. This has been determined to be the easiest method of obtaining Cashew Water.

Most Negative Levels contain a very high amount of Cashew Water, and low amounts of Almond Water. Because of this, trusting liquids on Negative Levels is highly dis-advised.

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