Object 4 - "Deuclidator"
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Deuclidators, also known as Warplooms, are small, mechanical objects originally found in small supply crates on Level 5. Over the course of roughly a year, the B.N.T.G. found a way to reverse-engineer them and is now producing them at a steady rate.

Outwardly, the Deuclidator is a rectangular machine, usually about 0.25 meters in length. It has no obvious screen interfaces or ports, but does contain a small input box, two dials, and one blue button. It has one large exposed wire around its handle and is usually grey in color.

Inwardly, the Deuclidator is a complex machine, with the top half of the box being taken up by several cogs of varying sizes and the bottom half a battery and about 300 loomlike strings, which hold the capacity to vibrate fast enough to cause the Deuclidator's strange effects. Its battery and input box take up about 40 percent of the internal capacity, the cogs and meshes around 30 percent, and the rest is occupied by the loom.


The Deuclidator has several properties considered unusual and anomalous. It can, of course, warp (or "de-Euclid-ate") surrounding areas, usually up to around 50 meters at maximum charge. The way this appears to the human eye is the surrounding area getting considerably closer without shrinking in size. In reality, the Deuclidator is vibrating one of its strings at the vibrational frequency of each kind of atom (and presumably other types of material), therefore generating immense gravitational force regardless of target materials. The input box has been a growing enigma, especially for the B.N.T.G., as they have had a growing obsession with decoding what exactly is a usable fuel. So far, the most efficient fuel discovered are rhinestones, with copper and rubber being close seconds. Paper is effective but highly inefficient. This is all greatly mysterious as the input box has no known means of consuming the fuel.
Deuclidators are completely neutralized when in proximity of a reality freshener.


The two dials on the Deuclidator's surface are used to set range and strength. The input box takes in any viable fuel, and the singular button activates and deactivates the machine. Deucidators are obviously useful for travel, considering their ability to cover rough terrain with ease, and fleeing or combat are also very possible with a Deuclidator. If used correctly, a Deuclidator can warp an opponent far into the air or under the ground. However, Deuclidators are heavily monitored in zones with high faction activity due to their powerful properties.

There are an estimated 350 Deuclidators in existence. At least 320 of these have been manufactured.

Note: Extremely common use of a Deuclidator can cause melancholy and nausea. Deuclidators are not recommended for use more than 20 times in a single day, or by those who suffer from seasickness.

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