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Star Candy found in a crate on Level 1.


A glass of Star Juice made by a wanderer on Level 11.


Star Candy is a type of colorful candy found in the Backrooms created from unknown sources. Typically found in Level 1, Star Candy can induce a calming effect when consumed. Star Candy is a useful substance due to its qualities of re-energizing and supplying positivity. Because of this, Star Candy is highly useful in many situations.


Star Candy helps wanderers regain energy, and can give positive feelings if consumed. Consuming an appropriate amount of Star Candy can also help treat minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, and paper cuts. Interestingly, when in consuming Star Candy, wanderers report feeling calm and relaxed, while Facelings and Hounds display the '11 Effect' after consuming it. It is unknown how other entities would react if it consumed Star Candy; other entities consuming it has never been sighted before. Star Candy also glows under black light.

If wanderers consume large amounts of Star Candy frequently, they can become addicted to it. It is important not to become addicted to Star Candy, because wanderers addicted to it become feral and try to consume Star Candy at all costs. There have been many sightings of addicted wanderers killing others for vials of Star Candy, and reports of restaurants being broken into for their stock of Star Candy. Wanderers are recommended to avoid others that start acting agitated or restless after indulging large amounts of Star Candy.


Star Candy is used by wanderers that want to regain energy, feel hopeful, and to heal themselves. Some wanderers enjoy it as a small treat, while others use it as medicine or an aid for helping with panic. Star Candy can also heal minor wounds if used in appropriate amounts.

Star Candy can be boiled in Almond Water to make a flavored beverage called Star Juice (see recipe below). Star Juice has mostly the same effects as Star Candy and Almond Water. It is a popular drink on many Levels with restaurants, cafes, or vending machines. As stated above, Star Candy is addictive, so it is important to safely consume small amounts at a time.


Star Candy is mostly found in crates on Level 1, but it is also found in vending machines located in various Levels of the Backrooms, such as those on Level 6.1. Star Candy is a fairly common object; it is easy to find, and many wanderers keep some with them.

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