Object 3
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Sample of Smiler Repellent dripping off a plant.

Object Number: 3

Location: Various Levels Everywhere

Rarity: Rare

Usage: Critical Irrelevant


Dated Description

Revised Description

Following Event A, alongside the proper interpretation of Rune A - EPE-500-SRH, all capabilities and functions of Smiler Repellent have gone stagnant, with no indication of returning. The reasoning for this is largely unknown Following the discovery of additional documentation, The reasoning may be uncovered (see Addenda 2). Currently, the exact method of making Smiler Repellent is understood, and all information can be found below (See Rune A - EPE-500-SRH).

Addenda 1: Lost Discoveries

Correspondence received from Lost Legion, 7/04/2009:

Recent efforts involving The Lost have resulted in the discovery of a Rune directly pertaining to Smiler Repellent, more specifically, how to create it. This rune was discovered on Level 500 following recent allegiances created between Rune Recovery - Team "Vera" and The Lost Legions. The following log describes the initial exchange between Team "Vera" captain Vera Trixie and the anonymous member of The Lost.

Level 500 Expedition summary:

The following summary was written up by Vera Trixie as a brief summary of the events which occurred on Level 500.


The following Rune database entry was deciphered and sent by Fortina Sorens, head of Rune Decryption, alongside the arhivist team. The report sent is as follows.

Update: Object 3-Event A

Following the event of attempting to combine Cashew Water and Almond Water, a massive explosion was glimpsed for a brief moment. Despite this, no people conducting the experiment were hurt in any way, though could very clearly remember the explosion before passing out. All traces of both the Almond Water and Cashew Water have disappeared, and attempts to replicate these results have proven to not cause the same effect.

When combined, they now create standard water. Significance of this is unknown, though it is presumed to be unimportant. All traces of Smiler Repellent have disappeared. Not a single drop has been located, including traces which were initially carried around by Overseer-A

Addenda 2: Recovered Note from The Lost

We just found this note, sent by the same paper The Lost always uses. It appears to be important. Put here for importance.

We don't know how to approach the note. For now, we have ignored it. However, we cannot deny it is important. Just how much do they know?

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