Object 28 - “Lucky O’ Milk”
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Lucky O’ Milk is a drink made up of soybeans that is quite popular in the Backrooms, rivaled only by Almond Water. Lucky O’ Milk’s popularity rose due to people with nut allergies being unable to drink Almond Water.


Lucky O’ Milk is a soybean-based drink that is a great substitute to Almond Water, for people who have nut allergies. The bottles are usually made up of a tough glass, similar to milk bottles, with the label around the midsection. It looks like the label has been ingrained into to the glass and more resembles tinted glass. There are 6 flavours corresponding to 6 different labels. With each flavour having its own effect. There is an ingredients list on the back of the label where the ingredients are as listed:

Soybeans 100%
Sugars 0%
Natural preservatives: 300%
Artificial Flavourings/Colourings: 0%

It also mentions containing a high amount of calcium, making this one of the healthiest things available to drink in the Backrooms.

Lucky O’ Milk Effects and Flavours:

As mentioned before, each colour corresponds with a label and flavour. This is identifiable by looking at the rim of the bottle cap, which has a stripe of the matching colour. Although the label on the bottle also has the name of the flavour ingrained into it, making it easy to identify what flavour of Lucky O’ Milk you have. With the only exception being Luck and Banana flavour, with both not having the flavour ingrained onto the label. Luck flavour is highly situational and can be dangerous if not properly identified and dealt with.

Flavour Colour Effect Rarity
Plain/Regular White N/A, Tastes like soy milk, is better warm Very Common
Strawberry Pink Similar to caffeine with a lavender scent Very Common
Choco Violet Relieves back pain and stiff shoulders Common
Matcha Green Very calming and helps with insomnia Common
Banana Yellow N/A, Tastes strongly of bananas Common
Luck Yellow Tastes strongly of bananas, the colder the milk is, you become decreasingly lucky on consumption, the hotter it is, you become increasingly lucky on consumption Rare

[Loading audio log…]

[start log]

Nicky: Alright, testing, testing. Cool, since Stan and Arthur are out on another mission, I’m doing this solo.

[Audible machinery]

Nicky: So the milk comes from these fun little gachapon machines. They’re everywhere on level 4, and are served cold too, nice. They don't require any money, and are plugged into the wall without an outlet. Shit’s crazy I tell ya.

[Muffled bottle opening and drinking noise]

Nicky: Mmm, this is pretty damn good, it’s like chocolate milk, and it’s made of soybeans? Let’s see, nutritional value… no sugar, no artificial flavourings, 100% soybeans. Damn, it sounds like they just stuffed Jack and The Bean Stalk into a bottle, and… it’s high in calcium too? Haha, looks like I got the easiest objective.

[More audible machinery]

Nicky: Huh. This ones yellow… is that it? What kind of flavour is yellow?? Where’s the fuckin’ flavour on the label?? Well shit is it lemonade or banana? Tch, only one way to find out I guess…

[Audible drinking noise]

Nicky: Fucking hell— cough, cough fuckme that is some strong sHI-

[Loud Thump]

Nicky: [Intelligible screaming and yelling along with audible profanity] Huff… huff, heh… “Easiest objective” my ass…

[Several minutes pass by with only audible panting and occasional swearing]

Nicky: Alright, I think, I just might be able to get up. Huff. Come on… Up, you fuckin clutz.

[Shuffling of the audio recorder being picked up and footsteps]

Nicky: Alright… Come on, huff, just need to get back to the M.E.- what the— FUCK-

[ Nicky Oswald reportedly clips through the floor of Level 4, and ends up in “Level 276,” the next three hours are cut as they are filled with screaming and footsteps. In the end, he managed to escape and met up with M.E.G agents Diana Hylius and Ray Thousand in “The End.” It was discovered that the yellow flavour he had consumed was Luck, and since the machine served the milk cold, he had unbelievably bad luck for the next 3 to 4 hours, thus causing him to clip into The Hive without any explanation or proper entry point. The injuries sustained right after consumption were as follows. Right hand had been broken in 3 different places. Twisted and sprained ankles from dropping into The Hive. Several scrapes and bruises on hands, feet, face, and arms gained from running and hiding from hounds, death moths, etc for three hours straight. ]

[end log.]

Due to the fact Banana and Luck flavour are so similar, it is highly recommended to heat up any/all yellow bottles to about 71 degrees Celsius at a minimum before consumption. As stated previously. Neither have the flavours on the label.

Recreational Uses of Lucky O’ Milk:

Lucky O’ Milk has lots of useful effects that are given on consumption. To use them to the fullest, follow the instructions below. (Note that you can still drink them just for hydration alone.)

For a More Restful Sleep:
Pour out some Matcha flavour onto a paper towel, and slowly dab it under your eyes, the bridge of your nose, and under the ears. This helps to relieve strain on the eyes, eardrums, and unclogs the nose for a better sleeping experience.

Drink it:
Or if you want a simple way of gaining the effects, just drink them. They’re quite nutritious and besides the “Lucky O’ Nicky” incident, there are no other recorded luck-based incidents caused by Lucky O’ Milk. Though, people with soy allergies can’t drink it, as it’s made entirely out of soybeans.

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