Wayback Machine
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An original Wayback Machine.


An extension built to use a Wayback Machine easier.

Wayback Machines are way to view the past conditions of objects.


Wayback Machines are relatively rare and vintage computers. Due to their age, many may be destroyed or damaged beyond usage. Breaking one apart reveals a large black box made of an unknown material, the material feels smooth and is safe to touch and keep. It has no use on its own, and is only usable when paired with the rest of the Wayback Machines hardware and software.


Wayback Machines are able to view and revert to an objects previous state. If an item is placed within 30cm of a Wayback Machine, one can start to describe the image using the keyboard. This will input the data into the black box and attempt to find the nearby object. The system is faulty and is prone to malfunction, with extensions having been built to aid in usage.

One such extension is a device that mimics a 3-D printer in appearance. By placing the item you want to be reverted into the compartment in the device, the machine, as long as it's connected the Wayback Machine, will scan and revert the item back to whatever point specified on screen.

When using a Wayback Machine, there are three options present for one to use. Those options being "View", "revert" and "restore". Clicking view will show a basic and geometric diagram of the desired item, using a scroll wheel will bring the diagram backwards through the original objects history, right up until it becomes the raw materials that made the desired item. The Wayback Machine, however, cannot revert objects further beyond this point. Clicking revert will make the desired item go into the state seen on the diagram on screen; clicking restore will make the desired object change into its appearance before being used on the Wayback Machine.


A Wayback Machine can be found in Office Space EL3A, multiple rooms of Level 4 and the occasional room in the higher floors of Level 13.

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