Object 2 - "Level Keys"
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A stash of Level Keys worth a veritable fortune.

Level Keys are mysterious objects that possess the ability to access certain levels through doors.


Level Keys are rare objects found across the Backrooms. Every level has its own key and there can be multiple keys 'belonging' to one level. Most Level Keys bear a resemblance to 20th century cast-iron keys; however, they also contain a unique identifier as to their home level. They can unlock doors within these levels and can also be used to access their home level through doors in other levels. Level Keys function identically to Frontrooms keys, with a few quirks. Much of the inner workings of these strange keys is unknown, and are still undergoing active research by the M.E.G.


Interestingly, the most useful property of Level Keys is that they all resonate specific frequencies depending on how many Levels you must travel through in order to arrive at its 'home' level. It is always the shortest route. Frequencies for each distance are seemingly random for each key type; however, it has been theorised that if one could crack the 'prediction code' for a type of level key, one could predict distance based on frequency or vice versa for that key type. Datasets for level navigation far from the Quantum Stable levels are quite valuable and often sought after by expert explorers and wanderers. The M.E.G. has recently discovered that keys from the Frontrooms vibrate incredibly faintly, hinting at some sort of exit. If one could crack the prediction code for the Frontroom keys, we could get a 'hot or cold' detector that directs us towards the Frontrooms. This property is currently undergoing extensive research.

Level Keys used for LPSs (Level Positioning System) are broken down into shards for more compact storage and to maximise the amount of LPSs produced per Level Key. However, these shards are unable to open doors.

Small booklets are used in order to triangulate what level you are in. Here is an example from a basic dataset for the first twenty levels on how to utilise Level Keys to find your level location. A dataset is named based on the amount of keys it supports and the corresponding levels. For example a dataset named 5kLPS 0-10-20-30-40-50 means it supports up to five Level Key shards from Level 0, 10, etc…

Within the collapsible below is a step-by-step tutorial/scenario on how to effectively use a basic 3kLPS 0-10-20 to find your current level.

The most well known property of a Level Key, however—and the main function of Level Keys themselves—is its ability to open locked doors within its home level and access its home level through opening the respective door within The Hub. Level Keys are inexplicably linked with their home levels, although to what extent we are unsure.

When held whilst asleep, Level Keys can occasionally induce strange dreams about many different levels, often random. It is assumed this is how {ACCESS DENIED} functions.


Level Keys are only found in their respective levels and are often hidden or hard to find, especially in large or infinite levels. They're considered rare items and are bartered for a high price amongst minor groups. Every level has their own Level Keys, though how many per level is currently unknown.

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