Object 11

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Object 11: Ghost Lights
Class: Unknown Found in shadowy corners and levels containing theaters. Object has hallucinogenic properties.

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I saw it for the first time, a glimmer piercing the dark corner of some twisting corridor. A light, adorned atop a gorgeously hand-crafted iron stand towered in the shadows, beckoning me to bask in its glow. I felt safe, too safe perhaps. I quickly fell asleep, my aches and pains melting away in the bastion of light I had found. I awoke in a great hall, thousands of adoring fans cheering for me. A performer garnished in a sparkling gown that cascaded down to their ankles offered me a hand wrapped in a soft silk glove. I gently grasped it and we began to dance. We swirled together, the chorus of violins filling the dance hall with exquisite music as the audience swooned. I closed my eyes, grinning as I had finally found my place in the world. When I opened them, I was face-first into rotting carpet, once again trapped in some forsaken hallway in the Backrooms with the light twinkling eerily behind me.


Photo of a Ghost Light provided by the M.E.G.

Object 11 appears as a device referred to as a "Ghost Light". Ghost Lights resemble light fixtures commonly found in theaters in the Frontrooms which are lit to provide lighting so those who remain in the theater late at night won't stumble in the dark. However, some Frontrooms inhabitants have said they may also serve to ward off or guide spirits inhabiting a theater once it is empty. While the mystical elements of ghost lights are Frontrooms folklore, their counterparts in the Backrooms cause vivid hallucinations and other adverse, proximity-based effects.


Ghost Lights are commonly found on levels with shadowy corners, though most occurrences of this object have been reported on Level 74. The object itself resembles a single incandescent bulb on an aging metal stand. Object 11 ranges from about 3 to 6 feet in height, and the metal stand appears hand-wrought of either brass or iron. No matter its size, Ghost Lights are incredibly heavy, sometimes over 100 pounds in weight, and can be difficult to move.

The lightbulb posted at the top of the fixture is always on, but it occasionally pulses and flickers. Object 11 generates its own light independent of an electric source and its lightbulb is always hot to the touch. Attempts to break the object through physical force have failed presumably due to the strength of the glass and metal. The bulb takes on a classic Victorian shape, and the light produced appears to be from a sodium filament which basks its surroundings in a yellowish-orange light. In most documented cases of Object 11 the light reaches a radius of about 15 feet, however, some have shed far less light and there have been reports of some found that barely produce a flicker.

M.E.G. researchers have observed anomalous specters flitting in and out of radius of the Ghost Light. These anomalies range from costumed people moving about to spectral shapes dancing. Apparitions promptly vanish when leaving the proximity of Object 11, as do the temporary, mind-altering effects of exposure to the object. Observers outside of the light radius may see human-like apparitions in the light, several operatives have also described sounds akin to a pit orchestra warming up emanating from a Ghost Light.

Major Anomalies of the Ghost Light

Safe Zone

Humanoid entities, such as dullers and hounds, will not enter the Ghost Light's radius. The M.E.G. hypothesizes that humanoid entities can also experience the Dream State, however, this is currently an ongoing investigation. There have been reports of single entities stopping pursuit and watching the fleeing wanderer from the darkness. Various observations have been made with entities and the Ghost Light, notably some involving hounds. The entities often struggle and will fight to escape when exposed to the Ghost Light. Some have injured themselves while trying to escape the object, with a hound even coming away with a shattered femur as it fled. Further examinations upon capture have proven that the light itself did not cause any noticeable harm to the creature. Testing demonstrated inconsistent results with some subjects appearing wholly unaffected while others seemed to slip into the Dream State.

If as few as three entities, including humans, gather around the object, the lightbulb will completely shatter leaving hapless explorers with a useless metal pole. Furthermore, anything caught in the light radius when the bulb shatters will be stunned, causing them to reel and stumble. Several wanderers exposed to a shattered bulb have reported migraine-like side effects that can last extended periods of time depending on how long their exposure was to the light. While the safe zone isn't infallible, it can temporarily help a wanderer defend against entities hunting them.

Dream State

Wanderers who enter the light radius will gradually succumb to the object's Dream State. These effects are proximity based, so moving away from the Ghost Light is advised until the effects subside. The rate of immersion varies between each individual but can be accelerated by closer proximity to the Ghost Light, preexisting exhaustion and the presence of other entities. Furthermore, proximity has a significant effect on what the wanderer experiences. Those on the outskirts may only see flitting specters dancing around them, while those closer may see full apparitions or hear ambient, strange music. In order to fully enter the Dream State, wanderers must remain relatively close to the object for a prolonged period of time.

Once in the Dream State, they will suddenly see themselves on a grand stage, performing some sort of play. Experiences have ranged from famous musicals similar to those performed in the Frontrooms to plays in strange languages. The stage reportedly resembles a grand European theater with decor and architecture from the early 1800s. The sprawling balconies feature elaborate, gilded floral trim and the seats are carpeted with red velvet. Wanderers have reported that the theater is filled with a cheering audience garbed in ornate clothing and adorning smiling, white masks that obscure their faces.

Those fully immersed in the Dream State will actually perform, acting out lines and scenes from the play or musical, even in languages they don't know or from plays they haven't seen. To an observer, the afflicted person will begin loudly acting regardless of whatever may be lurking near them. The amount of time for which the effects of the Dream State lasts is inconsistent, however, the effects can be reversed if the person is removed from the glow of the Ghost Light. Furthermore, having the light shatter while entranced will immediately the cease Dream State for all affected by the object. Acting skill is greatly inconsistent from person to person, with some wanderers completely butchering their interpretation of whatever play they are envisioning. If the acting is deemed subpar by the hallucinated audience, they will reportedly file out of the theater and the wanderer will exit the Dream State. M.E.G. research has shown the more someone has been involved in theater, the more potent the effects are and they will act out more complex performances.

Instances of multiple wanderers being affected by the Dream State have occurred with varying results. Some have reported them collaborating with others in the hallucination while others have broken from the state, angry at being upstaged. Wanderers deep within the Dream State are still able to tell other wanderers apart from hallucinated people due to the absence of clothes appropriate for the performance.

The following is a log describing M.E.G. sanctioned experiments and interactions using Object 11.

M.E.G. Data Entry - Experiment Audio Log 11: Ghost Lights

Hello, my name is Doctor Everett Kyne and I am so thrilled to be here on Level 74 to finally experiment with a Ghost Light. I've seen one before, a kind sight after overstaying my welcome in Level 74, and I have been eager to see everything they can do. I've been waiting a long time to experiment with one of these, ever since I partially experienced the Dream State for myself. Unfortunately, I am a terrible performer and my audience was…displeased with my performance. It has been entrusted to me to gather data and discern the true nature of the object, and I'm excited to report my findings.

A special thanks to our participant who will be exposed to the Ghost Light to help test its fascinating properties. Due to the uncertainty of the extent to which the effects remain post-exposure, precautions have been taken, such as being ready to remove the participant from the light. During their first exposure, it took about an hour for the Dream State to set in. They reported seeing actors around them in some sort of masquerade, all of them adorning vintage clothes. After resting, we proceeded with both the thirty and forty-five minute increments, however, the participant stated that not much changed. The hour mark made a big difference though. They gave me a jolt when I heard them shout, "ZEUS!". The participant was standing, their posture rather dramatic as their hands indicated toward the Ghost Light. "Great welcome voice of Zeus, what do you bring? What word from the gold vaults of Delphi comes to brilliant Thebes?" The participant began to prance and dance around the Ghost Light, moving their arms in a graceful manner. Racked with terror - terror shakes my heart and I cry your wild cries, Apollo, Healer of Delos, I worship you in dread…what now, what is your price?"

I had goosebumps. Not only had the participant been fully enthralled by the Ghost Light, but they had also rather eloquently quoted Oedipus Rex. Satisfied with their interpretation of Sophocles, I quickly pulled them out of the experiment. It took forty minutes or so to recover, but what they told me was wonderful. The participant had been transported to an incredible venue, complete with hundreds of people cheering for them. They somehow knew their lines to perfection, all of the movements they made felt like pure instinct.

After returning to a secure location, I wanted to record some more of my thoughts. Entities avoid it, humans are bewitched by it. But how does it work? It's yet another Backrooms mystery, something we can never truly unravel since most of the things here defy our functional knowledge of the known world. I'm excited to experiment more with the Ghost Light. I wonder what other secrets this object holds. I suppose only time will tell.

End transcript.

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