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In universe…
normal levels form the framework of the Backrooms, and vary greatly in size, danger, and habitability. Typical levels—for whatever value of "typical" can be expected from the Backrooms—tend to be infinite in size (though "bounded" levels are not unheard of) and often provoke a feeling of uncanny familiarity to those happening upon them. The laws of physics and nature as we know them cannot be relied on in the depths of the Backrooms; nevertheless, some of the more hospitable and stable levels are home to thriving communities, and some inhabitants have managed to survive in even the most dangerous levels.

Levels often contain sub-levels—levels that are related to their parent level but are still their own distinct level. They may also contain rooms in locations that are too small to be considered their own level. Usually, they are places in an existing level, but that is not always the case. Rooms and sub-levels are both often referred to as sub-layers.

Entrances and exits to each level are catalogued to the best of our ability, as making a hasty retreat is often necessary. An important tip to remember is that levels are occasionally prone to instability; keeping this in mind, documentation of any level is subject to change without warning. Levels denoted with [NO DATA] have not yet been sufficiently catalogued. If you have eyewitness documentation of any of these levels, please contribute your findings to the database!

Out of universe…
normal levels are the bread and butter of the Backrooms—the varying environments that make up its ever-changing landscape. Levels are not always inhospitable and dangerous, nor are they always inhabited and well-documented; the format is rich with potential for environmental storytelling, so as always, feel free to get creative! Many of the most beloved levels aim to evoke a particular emotion or touch on certain themes, and as the author, you're free to bend the laws of reality as you please in order to craft a thought-provoking piece of the Backrooms universe.

Sub-layers are intended to add lore, or "depth", to an already-written level. Think of them as spin-offs of the level they can be found in, levels within the level, or a level between two other levels.

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