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Face Reveal >:D

Hi! I’m Nate, but you probably know me as Natedagreat563. I’m a pretty active member of the community, and you’ll probably see me frequently on the Discord. I officially joined the community in late January of 2021, but I’ve technically been a part of the community since about October 2020! I joined staff in August 2021 and became a moderator, but took a long break in January 2022. I rejoined staff in August 2022 and left again after about a year. I mostly hang around the server when I'm bored.

I’m an 18 year old guy with Autism, and I like to do a lot of things. I play 3 instruments, which are piano, trumpet, and guitar. I have perfect pitch as well, which makes me automatically better than you heehee. I also love to cook, bake, go on long walks and purchase a bunch of random stuff from a store or gas station, and code. I like to draw but I’m not great at it so I don’t really show people my art. I am bilingual in Spanish and am trying to learn Arabic. I’m relatively active on the Spanish branch and have even done a few translations for them! I LOVE music and hope to major in it when I go to college. I’m also super into lore-heavy indie type stuff including but not limited to Five Nights at Freddy’s (I know that one’s pretty shocking isn’t it), Gravity Falls, Marvel, etc.

I’m one of the more tougher critics on the site, and extremely selective. I’m a huge stickler for thorough descriptions, unique concepts, proper usage of dashes, and flow. I reflect this in my writing as well, always enforcing my personal “At least 5 paragraphs in the description” rule. I also am an expert at offset pages and known colloquially as “The King of CCSearch.” Are you having trouble finding an image? Simply ask The King himself, and he shall provide! In all seriousness, I get really lucky with CCSearch and manage to find some fantastic images for both myself and other people. If you need some assistance, shoot me a dm or ping! I’m happy to help ;).

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The Broken City Part 4: Terror Terror @ +12 (+12, -0), on 04 Feb 2024 01:02





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Well, that about wraps everything up! I hope you enjoyed my author page! See ya around!

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