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Hi. That's me.

The Basics

There is a lot to learn about someone; you can learn about what they enjoy doing, what they are like, who they like, and what they prefer.

This time, it appears to be my turn, so I'll keep it short.

Name's Myrand, and curiosity most likely brought you here.
I'm a content creator, writer, developer, and texture artist. You will most likely find me playing VRChat or creating content around this game.

I tend to keep things to myself, but I cannot hide the fact I have presented myself as more approachable than I truly am. To those who matter, I am friendly, caring, and supportive; almost always I put myself first in the name of friendship.

I'm a furry1, and almost always everything that resembles me will be furry related, so there's that.


I play other games too. Mostly Hearts of Iron IV, Rocket League, Barotrauma, and Bloons TD 6. I tend to have a unique playstyle, in the sense that I will always try to make everything work by playing the game in the absolute worst way possible; in short, I like to make my own life harder than it has to be.

Movies? Series? Not really a fan, but I will sometimes watch something with friends. I usually occupy my time writing and reading, texturing and whatever it is I can do related to it. I do enjoy watching Family Guy and Rick and Morty however.

My Articles


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