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The Mind Palace is an unnumbered level of the Backrooms, located only in the mindscape. It supposedly exists in the mind of each being inside of the Backrooms, and it is relative to each being going inside it.



Reconstitution of an anonymous wanderer's Mind Palace.

The Mind Palace is a level that lacks a physical form. Instead, it is anchored inside the mind of every sentient being that roams the Backrooms. It remains unknown if unintelligent entities, like the Parasitic Paint, can access this level or not.

Only minds can enter The Mind Palace. Visitors' bodies will be left in a comatose state in the level they entered from, for as long as the mind is within the Level. This level can prove useful to wanderers as a storage place for information, and, with proper training, it can be used as an escape from harmful events, such as torture. In extreme cases, this level might also be used while on the field to perform surgery when anesthesia is not readily available.

Due to the nature of The Mind Palace, each subject will have their own mental image of the Level. The level will then replicate this mental image. As such, subjects can manipulate the Mind Palace simply by imagining it a bit differently. Objects may be created, destroyed, or otherwise interacted with. It is currently unknown if there is only one Mind Palace, or if there's one for each mind.

The Mind Palace always abides by these rules:
- The visitor must have a mental image of the level to be able to enter it.
- Only elements known by the visitor can be created. For example, creating a book without having read it beforehand will make all of its pages be blank.
- Focus is required to enter this Level. Without proper training it will be difficult to do so, especially if under emotional stress.
- No objects can be taken out of the level.

Since the level must be constantly imagined by the being inside it, staying inside the Mind Palace has proven to be tiresome, and it may easily cause headaches. It's advised to not stay more than half an hour inside this Level, and that you make sure your body will be safe during your time in the Mind Palace.


While using this level seems quite safe and useful, it is not entirely devoid of danger. You'll be alone inside your Mind Palace, but that doesn't prevent you from creating entities. They will behave as you believe them to, which may or may not correspond to the entity's actual behavior.

Someone who is killed inside the Mind Palace will not return to their body. It will be left in a comatose state.
It's unknown what happens to the mind if the body is killed. It might simply disappear or continue to exist on its own, stuck inside the Mind Palace.

It's also possible to get stuck inside the Mind Palace, it most frequently occurs when entering the Level right after being subject to a traumatic event.


The Mind Palace, also called Method of Loci, is a mental technique used to help recall information. It was created by the ancient Romans and the Greeks and it is still used to this day in the Frontrooms by all sorts of people to help memorize information.
This method consists of imagining a place and linking different rooms with ideas, text or objects to help remember them.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Due to its nature, it's impossible to make an outpost inside this level.

Entrances And Exits


Entering the Mind Palace might be difficult the first few times, but, with practice, it can be done in the blink of an eye. You need to visualize the place you want to be in. It might be easier to close your eyes and focus on someplace familiar, comfortable and where you feel safe.
Once you're having, your Mind Palace in mind, use a trigger to let your mind slide into it. The trigger can be anything you want from snapping your fingers to saying something like "Go !". Anything you feel comfortable with works.


Similarly to entering, exiting the level can be done by focusing on a trigger and using it to slip. Again, this trigger can be anything you want, from closing your eyes and opening them again, or walking through a specific door in the Mind Palace.

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