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Maria depicted alongside the Alchemist. Photography is made difficult by Maria's behavior.


Maria is a child faceling with olive skin and dark brown hair. She possesses one brown left eye and half of a mouth on the left side of her face. Maria is often seen wearing a purple shirt with off-white arm sleeves, worn-out dirtied jeans, and a pair of velcro sneakers. She is usually seen with a pair of laboratory goggles, typically either wrapped around her neck or stationed on top of her head.


Maria has the same anatomy as most child facelings, though is observed to possess myopia and a lack of depth perception. Her facial structure suggests an underdeveloped right eye buried underneath her skin. She stands at a height of 4'2 and weighs 55 lbs.


Until recently, sightings of Maria have been scarce. She was first witnessed following wanderers from a safe distance, before wanderers then began reporting her more unique behaviors (see: Behaviors).

Interviewer: M.E.G. Officer
Interviewee: Anonymous Wanderer

M.E.G. Officer: “Could you tell me again what you witnessed?”

Wanderer: “Yeah, yeah, you need it for the logs. Whatever. I was just minding my business when I felt something watching me. And no matter where I went it just wouldn’t leave. After an hour I finally saw it.”

M.E.G. Officer: “What did you see?”

Wanderer: “This…kid, this fucking kid. I thought it was just some brat, but no. It peeked out from behind a corner, and I’m telling you, it only had one eye and the damn thing was staring right at me. I swear the kid was fucking following me.”

M.E.G. Officer: “Are you sure it wasn’t just a faceling child?”

Wanderer: “No, those kids are harmless, this one was smart.”

M.E.G. Officer: “I see.”

Wanderer: “As soon as I saw it, I ran. I wasn’t about to stay and check if it was hostile or not.”

M.E.G. Officer: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

Wanderer: “No problem. Just tell me when you get rid of it, yeah?”

Maria has been observed seeking out several entities commonly associated with the Pantheon of The Lost as a sort of messenger for the Alchemist. After questioning, this was confirmed by the Alchemist himself.

Interviewer: Paula Irving
Interviewee: The Alchemist

Paula: "Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview.”

Alchemist: “Of course, of course.”

Paula: “So, Alchemist, we've heard rumors about Maria?"

Alchemist: "Oh, her? Curious little thing, isn’t she?"

Paula: "Could you state your relation to her?"

Alchemist: "I'm her 'science uncle'. That's not the same as a normal uncle, now don't you ever forget that! It doesn't come with all the same responsibilities of being an uncle-uncle, you see… she really is capable of being left alone now anyhow. She's more like a… research associate, than anything else. Unpaid intern?"

Paula: "Interesting, interesting. May I ask about the goggles she wears? I assume those came from you?"

Alchemist: "Indeed! I gave her those, lets her see the details of things much clearer, you know?"

Paula: "I see. For clarification, you are not related to Maria biologically in any way?"

Alchemist: "No, no, not related at all."

Paula: “That’s about all the time I have today, thank you for this interview, Alchemist.”

Alchemist: “Of course. Now, how about my payment?”

Paula: “Your payment?”

Alchemist: “Oh, did you think this little interview was for free? No, no, information is still a product that requires a fair trade. It’s about time I collect what is due.”


Maria frequently shows curiosity towards humans, often following wanderers to merely observe them. It is not uncommon for her to rummage through the belongings of humans, although it has been noted that she never takes anything. Instead, she may prank them, with wanderers waking to find writing on their faces or with their belongings stacked in tower-like structures. Along with this, she has been observed pickpocketing wanderers, although she has never been seen keeping anything she finds, returning the items after she is satisfied.

Maria has been observed to have a lack of self-preservation at times, having been seen often holding sharp objects close to her face in order to get a better look at them. Although she is not known to have exhibited aggression towards humans, caution is nonetheless advised, as child facelings are known to throw tantrums and scratch in self defense.

In regards to food, Maria seems to hate citrus flavored items, but loves sweet-tasting things. Offering her the latter has resulted in Maria helping in exchange, whether it be finding an exit or locating helpful resources.

Maria has demonstrated a strong aversion to balloons. Her own explanation for this phobia is that she hates the sound of popping balloons, as well as the squeaking sound caused by rubbing them. It is theorized that the true source of her fear stems from an encounter with a partygoer, though this remains unconfirmed.


There have been instances where wanderers run into notes that warn them of nearby dangers, such as an entities lurking nearby or environmental hazards. These drawings are confirmed to have been made by Maria. A few images of her drawings can be seen below.


  • The Alchemist: Maria is close to the Alchemist. Other than her sign name for him, that has been roughly translated to “All”, she has been observed calling him “Grandfather” or “Uncle”. It has been confirmed that they are not biologically related, but Maria seems to have a familial bond with Alchemist regardless.
  • The Keymaster: Maria likes to watch the Keymaster from a distance. She has mentioned in an interview that she finds his confusion funny and that she wishes that he would not disappear when he goes unconscious. This is due to the fact that she would like to prank him one day while he is asleep. She is also in possession of an unknown Level Key, but after questioning, she seems to not know where it leads to.
  • The Catmaster: Maria has been seen following Catmaster around whenever their paths cross, often staying a few paces behind him rather than keeping a reasonable distance between them. She has been seen attempting to pick him up more than once.
  • Lady Blanche: While Maria respects Lady Blanche, she has described her as “no fun” and expressed a dislike of formal etiquette, claiming that she sees no point in it.
  • Argos: Maria has expressed curiosity in Argos’ judgement towards laws, but says that the Alchemist has told her not to bother him.
  • Philia: Maria often visits Philia and brings her small gifts. She enjoys being around her and when asked, she describes her as a very kind woman.

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