M.E.G.: Lost In The Woods
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M.E.G. Event Log 753: Type Level: April/11/2020:
This Log Entry is about the discovery of Level 63. During an M.E.G. Operation, the leader of Team "Quick Match", known as 'Micheal' had accidentally fell into a Door that randomly appeared on the floor beneath him in Level 5, during a rescue mission to save an outpost under attack by a small group of wanderers in the third stage of 'the Wretched Cycle'. Team "Location Salvation" and the rest of "Team Quick Match" went to locate 'Micheal'. During this time, 'Micheal' had stumbled upon Level 63, and went missing for around seven (7) days. During this time, 'Micheal' has spent some time writing down notes of what happened. The Teams involved in this Log is Team "Quick Match", And Team "Location Salvation".

Begin Log:

(Time: Unknown)

Okay, here I am lost in a forest, out of all places… No, not like -4, this one is, different. Okay, so I was working with the Team, saving this one group from a bunch of crazy people. running down a hall of Level 5, during the chase, I fell through a hole, at least it felt like it, it was almost like a door shutting behind me. Well, I fell from the sky, and here I am, sitting in a pile of leaves. Well, I'll start making my way through until I can find an exit.

I have no idea how long it's been since my last entry, about… a few hours maybe… I don't know, but I can tell you something, this place is really… Unsettling. Like really this place is weird, weirder then most Levels. I can't hear any animals, or even wind. It's pretty damn weird. Well, I've been walking around and I have seen nothing but trees, and rocks. Maybe there's no exit here. I better keep looking.

How long has it been, a day, maybe two (2)… There is nothing… Literally. I think I'll just be stuck here forever. But hey, The M.E.G. is The M.E.G., They manage to find all sorts of places, maybe I won't be here for long. My Cellphone has no connection, and is dead now. So… I don't know what I'm supposed to do, I usually have a plan you know, but you really can't have one when there's nothing but trees and rock can ya'.

So, I'm stuck in a bathroom, yeah quick transition isn't it? So, I was in the middle of no where, so I thought. I found this huge cabin, it looked abandoned, but what other choice do you have when you were walking around for two (2) days with nothing but forest. So I naturally walked towards it with excitement, until that excitement was gone. The Cabin just… Never got any closer when I was walking to it. it was like, going through trees as if nothing was there, I knew I wasn't going to the entrance any time soon. What ended up happening was that I heard singing, like a girl singing. I was looking around, but I couldn't find the source, until I found a Well. Was it the source of the singing, no, but did I have a choice? no not really. I went into the Well, using the rope that was tied to it. I ended up in a series of tunnels. I traversed my way toward the left tunnel, it went on for about twenty (20) minutes or so, until I came across a Smiler. I was way to happy to see another living thing other then me, but that is not the point. I luckily had some Smiler Exterminator on me at the moment, so I sprayed it at the Smiler and I made a run for it. I ran back and I don't really know where I was going, it was really just run or die at that time and I picked run. After I lost the thing, I continued on forward through the tunnel, and I found a hole to a Bathroom. And now I'm here, stuck in this bathroom. I never thought I would have to say that in my life, but here I am. Quick edit, found a key! in one of the cabinets, I was originally going to break down the door if I didn't find anything. I'll get back to this later.

Well, what am I supposed to do? I am both scared, and interested at the same time. So what happened was that I got out of the bathroom, and I was inside the cabin, I thought I'd never get in the thing. but I wasn't surprised to see that everything was broken, the only thing standing was an old TV, and a grandfather clock, which both were not functional. I walked into every room. some doors were locked, like the front door, and the basement door, and a few others, but I managed to get into a bedroom. This room was made for little girl, old toys scattered across the floor, and dolls everywhere, it was a bit freaky, since I hate dolls but I'm not going to complain here. I went to open everything I could open to find supplies, like a closet with a few clothing hangers, and nothing much there at all. I went through the dresser to find anything useful, and I found a book, whith a lock, which to my surprise, was already unlocked. I open the book to find… nothing… I mean really, the pages were all empty. I closed the book, and when I did, I hear a voice say to me "Is everything okay father?". I jumped and made a little scream, and I saw a little girl, brown hair, looked around five (5) to six (6). I think my strange reaction scared her a bit, but she tried walking towards me, and i just backed up onto her bed, which it felt strangely new. I looked around me to find that everything in the cabin is new again, like nothing happened. She spoke to me and said "Please father, tell me what's wrong.", I said back "Father?", which I'm still confused about right now. I said back "Who are you?", and she giggled and said "Father, stop messing around!", She tried to give me a piece of bread, I just replied "I.. I don't…", she cut me of and said "I wanted to know if I can play in the living room?", and me being stupid said "No… I don't… I don't know what's going on…" She started to sob, then turned to crying, which I just watched as it turned to screaming, then she became this ghost thing. Long white hair, bony body, dried skin, no eyes. She started chasing me throughout the cabin, until I was cornered. I just said out of fear, "no! I'm sorry please!", and she stopped… stared at me, then she slowly turned back to normal. still slightly sobby, but she was happy to go and play in the Living room. She ran to the Living room with her toys and turned on the TV, the TV is playing some type of old cartoon, from like the 1920's. Right now, I'm on the couch, watching the TV, not really paying attention to it, just thinking about what the hell just happened. She is playing with her toys in front of me right now, and really don't know what to do.

I'm alive, and I don't know how. She asked me to play 'Hide and Seek' with her. I just said, alright before she kills me. She was really exited, and she told me to go and hide. I went to go and hide in that Closet I found earlier, filled with cloths. I was in there for a few minutes, until she found me. Luckily, nothing happened when she found me inside the closet. She laughed and told me to put my hands over my eyes and count and then find her. I thought this would be easy, and maybe this isn't so bad. Once I was finished, I opened my eyes to see the Bedroom being a mile long, with a hall that wasn't there before. I freaked out, and went behind me to open the door, which was not there anymore, I then realized the cabin was now infinite. Her voice was everywhere, leading me into places she wasn't hiding, I saw so many damn Entities everywhere, I luckily had a side arm on me, and got through a few blocking my path. they were walking through walls, and I got jumped by a few on the way. it took me around a day until I found her, in the same closet that I was in, just… in a different place. Once i found her, I looked around me to find that everything was normal as it could get. She said to me "That was fun! I wanna go back to the TV now."
I said "yes, please…". she took my hand and brought me to the living room again. she gave me a box of cookies for me to eat, but I'm not a fan of most sweets. I noticed the front door was opened, and I went to look through it, it was Level 0, I said to myself "I'm free!", well, as free as you can be In The Backrooms. she told me not to leave, and she got really sad, although she said she won't stop me from leaving. I'll probably regret the decision, but I decided to stay. I don't know, I feel really bad just leaving her here, and I would not wanna come back here once I leave. Now I'm on the couch, watching the TV. I left the box of cookies and the table, I'm just waiting on what happens next.

I'm back on the couch, and I don't remember a thing. Well, I can try to recall some events. She asked me if i wanted to play with her dolls, I never liked dolls, but I do not want to be chased by her again, so I agreed. we played for about an hour, and I actually was enjoying the fact that nothing bad happened from it. Until she wanted me to see something she said "he want's me to show you something, I'll be back". She ran to her room, I was thinking about the 'He' she mentioned. I noticed the Basement door was open, I looked to see that it leads to Level -2. I was not going down that hell hole, so I decided to stay up here. She ran back with the book I opened from before, she went to show me the books contents, but I saw nothing, just blank pages, but she could read it as if there is writing on it. I just agreed to everything she was saying, out of the paranoia of her turning on me again. until she spoke and said "He says it's time…", I replied "Who?", and she said "Grandfather.". She started speaking another language, while reading her book, The Grandfather Clock, now ticking louder and louder. the next thing I can remember was me on a different bed, still in the cabin though. I was in the parents room, asleep, with the little girl sobbing over me. I got up, and as soon as I did, she gasped and hugged me, Thanking me for "Freeing her from him.", I looked at myself, and I quite a few wounds, all bandaged up. I asked "Did you put these on me?", she replied "You saved me, and I wanted to save you too.". Apparently, I saved her, and got wounded from her 'Grandfather' or something. She is like… Normal… which is very strange to say. I've been here on the couch for a few minutes now, and I feel comfortable again. And you know what? Those cookies don't taste too bad.

End log:

Team "Quick Match" leader 'Micheal' was found by the rest of the Team in the cabin with the girl, as he states he was in the Cabin for two (2) days after the events above. He was sent back to Level 4's "Base Omega", and this Level is now documented as Level 63. 'Micheal' returns to this Level quite often to visit the girl, and likes to stay there for a few days at a time. The girl greets and hugs him every time he arrives. The girls name is 'Ellie', and it seems that she is fully aware when he is around. We gave her the option to come with us to one of our bases, but she insisted on staying. 'Micheal' is back on duty and will be accessing more missions soon. More exploration of Level 63 will be done very soon.

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