Lost Grace
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Three thousand years ago, this was quite the lively spot.
Level 437 was a temple dedicated to Tsovaeith, Lord of Grace, Avatar of goodwill. Tsovaeith proclaimed xemself to be the bearer of all kindness, all that was good in the world. And xey spoke truly.

Millions flocked to xyr temple, seeking absolution and contentment. Great artists built upon the level's humble framework, leaving elegant sculptures and delicate stained glass windows scattered throughout the soaring marble architecture. A garden was planted in the central clearing, flourishing with beautiful flowers and delectable crops.

Tsovaeith presided over a five-hundred-year era of peace, harmony, and good fortune. The Backrooms reverberated with an echo of true happiness.

And then it ended.

As with most calamities, it came about as a result of good intentions. Eardwulf Akermane, Tsovaeith's Champion, had ventured out to seek gifts for his master. Tsovaeith had arranged a feast for the temple's inhabitants to celebrate their prosperity, and Eardwulf needed to provide food and drink. For this task, he was given the seat of honor at the banquet, as Tsovaeith made a point of uplifting others instead of dwelling on xyr own glory.

The festivities were well underway when Tsovaeith ran out of wine. Xey did not realize that xey had run out of wine, but xey had run out of wine nonetheless.

Before the feast started, Eardwulf had brought xem an ornate wine glass from Level 87. It was masterfully crafted, embellished with diamonds and engraved with a mysterious text The Allseer claimed was gibberish. Tsovaeith was greatly impressed with it, and had commended him for his great discovery. Xey had promptly claimed it as xyr own glass for the evening, claiming that it had too much love put into it to be locked away in some stuffy cupboard.

Because Tsovaeith did not realize that xey had run out of wine, they went to take a drink from the empty glass.

Instead, the glass drank from xem.

Everyone in Level 437 had their guard down. Why wouldn't they? The temple was a place of absolute peace and safety. As such, when the glass cogs of time summoned a false idol from an era long past, nobody was prepared to defend their monument.

Tsovaeith was killed. Without xem, Eardwulf lost his connection to the divine, and he was slain as well. Some of the level's occupants managed to escape, but not many. When the dust settled, the walls were coated in blood, and the domain of the Lord of Grace was obliterated.

For three thousand years, Level 437 has been abandoned. The temple is empty. Everything, save the barest foundations, have been razed to the ground. Beauty can no longer be found here.

Without Tsovaeith's influence, avarice and envy have woven themselves into every thought and action in this world. Reality bears no kindness for us, and those who make their own goodwill cannot compete against the never-ending flow of pure scorn.

At some point in your life, you may have wondered why bad things happen to good people. Now you have your answer.

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