Licensing Guide


This guide does not meet our current wiki standards for quality. Our Guide Team is currently working on reworking and revamping our guides. While the general information may still be helpful, please be aware that the information provided may be inaccurate.

What is licensing?

Licensing is a term used in a variety of ways, mostly in reference to intellectual ideas and the way in which they are protected. Within this website, everything is fair use. The Backrooms has existed as such since its original conception. However, when making a level, if there is evidence to prove that you either stole an image or an idea without express permission, you will be reprimanded for doing so.

Which images should I use and how do I credit images?

When using an image for your level, entity, or any other page, use images that are either completely free to use and have no license, gain permission from the licenses original owner to use the image within your page, or — preferably — licensed under a CC-BY-SA license. If an image is submitted to our Discord server under the guise that anyone can use it in writing a level, you still have to credit the original photographer in some way. To learn more, please check our image use policy.

Can I use other people's ideas?

Using anyone else's idea for a page or any other kind of Backrooms-related content is expressly forbidden unless you are given permission to. Permission to submit another's level idea usually occurs when the original writer is unable to do so themselves, and is given by the Rewrite Team.

Should you fail to adhere to these rules, punishment will be distributed depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Do not steal.

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