Level A-13
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Level A-13 is a backyard with five (5) doors that is surrounded by stone walls on every side.


In the photo, you can see the north wall with two (2) doors. The green one will send you to a place with a time anomaly and the red one, wherever you want.


Level A-13 seems to be a small backyard paved with stone slabs and coloured doors. The backyard's area is only 34 m². The backyard itself is isolated with stone walls which are twenty (20) meters tall. It is impossible to climb up the walls and see what's behind them. Also, any attempts to fly over them with a drone were unsuccessful.1 All of the wall space is filled with ferns, stairs that lead to nowhere, and pipes that stretch to the very top of the area. There are also five (5) doors, two (2) of which are on the south side of the yard, with the other doors being on the north side. In this area only one entity can be found, the Window.


As was said earlier, there are several doors on this level. Every one of them has its own color and function.

Door Function Recommendations
Red The door will remain closed until you wish for something next to it. After you make a wish, the door will open, and you can go in. When you make a wish, it is important for you to consider every single thing because the door recreates the area based on what it understands.2
Green You will be sent to a place with a time anomaly by opening this door. The transition through this door can take from one (1) minute to seven (7) days, and it also could cause the death of an unprepared wanderer. At the end, you will always end up on Level A-12. It is not recommended to use this door because it is possible to end up on Level A-12 during the 6th day event or die from hunger and thirst.
Cyan By opening the cyan door, you will be sent to any "open" level, but you have to be prepared because you will be in the air. When you open the door, wind will blow from it. It is not recommended to open this door if you don't have any flying equipments. Also, keep in mind that the levels are usually very big, so you can easily get lost.
Purple After you go through this door, you will find yourself on an enigmatic level. This door is considered one of the most dangerous doors on the level because there is a high chance of getting to Level Fun =).
Black This door will send you to the void. There is no known way out of it. This door was blocked by the CBS'ers. Entrance is not allowed.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

CBS (Coalition of the Backrooms survivors) Outpost Yoru

  • Consists of three CBS'ers.
  • They instruct new people on the level.
  • They document every single transition trough the doors.

Entrances and Exits:


The level can be entered by simply falling through the void of Level A-12.


If you think about too many details while opening the red door, you will end up on Level 721. You can go through any door to leave Level A-13, except, of course, the black one.

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