Level A-1.3
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Class 0

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Level A-1.3 is a sub-level between Level А-1 and А-2, which is comprised of a long wooden bridge over a foggy void.



The first picture that has been ever taken on Level A-1.3.

Level A-1.3 is an infinitely long wooden bridge that is two meters wide. The bridge is made up of a very smooth, brown wood. Underneath the bridge is a thick, purple fog that can dissipate. The fog smells of lavender, which some have reported hints of orange, cinnamon, and even cologne. This Level is stuck in nighttime, and the entire sky is covered in stars that are similar to those outside of the Backrooms. Calming piano music, which has oftenly been described as calm and soothing, can be heard playing throughout the entirety of the level. Level A-1.3 will remain stuck at nighttime until you fall asleep. No entities have been encountered on this level as of yet, and it appears to be impossible to meet other humans here, just like on Level 0, neither during the day or night. This level has been reported to make wanderers feel sleepy.


Level A-1.3 at daytime.

After taking a nap on this level, you will feel refreshed and well-rested upon your awakening, and the level will appear to have shifted into a state of daytime. The music will disappear, and it will be completely silent. Instead of the fog and stars, there will be a blue sky with clouds that appear to be much bigger than regular ones. Level A-1.3 will then remain in its daytime state until you exit the level. If one is to enter the level again, the level will restart this night-to-day process.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this Level.

Entrances and Exits


By no-clipping through the floor at night on Level 94, you will end up here. No-clipping through the wall of Level A-1's "supermarket" has a high chance of bringing you here. No-clipping through the sand on Level A-1.1 also leads here. In the Borders of Level 39, you can find a bridge that leads to Level A-1.3.


If you jump into the fog, you will land in Level A-1. If you no-clip through the bridge, you will end up in Level A-2.

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