Level 999
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Level 999 is the 1000th level of the Backrooms, and the final level of Cluster I.


A digital recreation of what Level 999 has been described to look like. This is not a photograph. Actual photographs have been deemed impossible to take.


Level 999 has the appearance of a dark tropical island hovering over an endless, pitch-black void. The island consists of things like sand, palm trees, and water, all of which are shrouded in complete darkness. There are no confirmed entities on this level. Falling off the island into the void below will result in you falling back onto the island from above.

As you spend more time on Level 999, you will likely experience hallucinations/visions of your memories. These memories consist of your biggest regrets and the most horrible things you've done in your life, in or outside of The Backrooms. They will begin to shift into the possible visions of their future, most of which are usually dark and grim, such as dying young, but can also be visions of a better version of themselves, showing what they could've been if they hadn't made certain errors and mistakes in their lives. Finally, whispers from an array of voices will flood the person's mind, taunting them for their regrets and mistakes. These visions have been described as "torture".

"The Whispers" have been described as a being (possibly beings) that know everything about the people who enter Level 999. It is likely the force behind the visions used to torture those who enter Level 999. The following is a list of some of the things whispered to survivors.

  • "You're hopeless."
  • "It was all your fault."
  • "You couldn't save them."
  • "This is the end for you."
  • "Look at what you could have been."
  • "You will never leave this place."
  • "This is the future you've built for yourself."
  • "Are you proud of this?"
  • "You deserve this."
  • "You can never escape."

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known Communities or Outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits:


Walk for several hundred miles into Area 3 of Level 998. When you eventually succumb to exhaustion, starvation, and/or dehydration, you will fall unconscious. Upon waking up, you will find yourself on Level 999, with all symptoms that led to you passing out gone.


There is only one way to leave Level 999: to repent all of the sins you have committed in your life. Every single one. It will be easy to remember them since the whispers will force you to relive them all. Not everyone has the willpower to do this when being tormented by the visions. Depending on the severity of your sins, you will either die or be sent back to Level 0 if you cannot repent. The whispers may decide on another fate for you, which could be more specific to the sins you have committed.

If you can repent successfully, the whispers will say, "You have been forgiven. You can go further beyond". At this point, you will wake up in Level 1000. This is the only way to access Cluster II.

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