Level 986


Class Heaven

  • Perfect
  • Safe
  • It’s a dream come true

Level 986 takes the appearance of a foggy and vaguely eerie forest with an anomalous entity visible in the distance. The discovery of Level 986, and the sole entity that inhabits it, was made by M.E.G. researcher Rey Miller on January 3rd, 2020. The level is safe and has a comforting atmosphere, with many wanderers who inhabit it.

You’re going to love it here.

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Photo of Level 986


Level 986 is a forest covered in a thin layer of fog with mountains visible in the distance, adorned with lush trees of a variety of species. However, these mountains cannot be reached due to certain phenomena. The fog is very thin with a light purple tint and does not impair a wanderer’s vision in any regard. It has been described that Level 986 seems dream-like and artificial, and the trees have been known to occasionally take an odd shape, looking lopsided and unnatural. It looks as if they were made out of something other than wood, along with reports of cloth hanging from the branches of the trees. Wanderers enter at the beginning of a dirt path, which initially spans 3 miles1, but it extends by 0.3 miles2 whenever someone exits the level.

Throughout the level, there is a constant ambience of sounds similar to a Frontrooms forest, including chirping, croaking, and birdsong. However, there is no known source for these sounds. The dirt is damp as if it had rained a couple of hours ago, somewhat resembling wet clay. Puddles of Almond Water are scattered throughout the level, although it is not recommended to drink from them due to their mixture with dirt. The sky resembles a spring day in the Frontrooms, and the level constantly remains in daytime. It is often reported that air bubbles and oddly shaped clumps of an unknown material are found within the ground and surrounding greenery. Additionally, discarded items, such as empty Almond Water bottles and articles of clothing, appear regularly throughout the level. Multiple wanderers can be on this level at a time; however, they must have no-clipped together in order to be on the level at the same time.

The wind blows through your hair as you take a deep breath. The scent of wet grass and damp earth fills your lungs, and you exhale, feeling all tension leave your body. The soft sounds of the forest soothe your worries, and you have finally found peace. A sense of calmness washes over you, but there's a nagging thought in the back of your head. “What if it’s fake?” You feel as though something is about to disrupt the peace of this wonderful place and everything around you feels… off. It feels too good to be true. While nothing looks out of the ordinary, aside from the occasional spots of yellow or red paint on the ground, this place doesn't feel real. It's as if you're dreaming, and you've definitely dreamed of this place before.

If one ventures approximately 500 feet3 away from the path, they will be teleported back to the beginning. This happens instantaneously with no warning given and is very similar to no-clipping. This phenomenon remains unexplained. It is currently unknown how long the level expands outward due to this effect, while also making the mountains of the level unreachable.

You see something strange in the distance, but it doesn’t look dangerous. It’s sleeping, it looks so peaceful. It looks so soft and adorable, so you don’t question it.

There is a lone entity residing in the mountains on the level. It takes the appearance of a stuffed animal sloth.

and then…

it wakes up.


Artist’s rendition of Sloth


The only entity on Level 986 is an entity known as "Sloth”. Sloth takes the appearance of a mountain-sized sloth doll. Grey wool covers its body, interrupted with patches of white on its stomach and face. It has large, black button eyes and a bead-like nose with an off-putting, sewn-on smile. There is a small “x” on its stomach where its belly button would be. It has some sort of claws; however, they don’t seem dangerous as they appear to be cone-shaped pieces of felt. It resides in the mountains of Level 986 and can be seen from anywhere on the level. Sloth’s appearance is often comforting to wanderers, making them feel safe and relaxed on the level.

Sloth spends a notable amount of time napping on the level, often sleeping for 12 hours or more at a time. However, when it is not asleep, it will notice a wanderer’s presence and immediately be angered, resulting in it using its ability to rid the wanderer from the level. Sloth will also occasionally taunt4 wanderers while doing so.


Found photo of Level 986 during Stage 3

Sloth’s Ability

Sloth possesses the unique ability to manipulate time and the environment of Level 986, molding it to its liking. This ability manifests in three distinct stages. The effects of each stage happen instantaneously after a certain amount of time has passed. Sloth will start using its ability when it wakes up, around 3 hours after the wanderer has entered.

Stages Effects Time Passed Since Entering
Stage 1 During this stage, everything around the wanderer begins to slow down to half its natural speed. Those affected often struggle to discern whether they are slowing down or if the entire environment is decelerating. Wanderers find themselves questioning their own sense of reality and safety. Reports indicate heightened feelings of paranoia. The environment remains mostly unaffected, with the exception of feeling more eerie and dream-like. 3 hours
Stage 2 At this point, a growing drowsiness envelops the wanderer as their body begins to shut down, losing the ability to move quickly in any manner. Wanderers often report getting temporarily stuck in the ground during this stage, as if they are walking through a clay-like substance. Time now moves at a quarter of its original speed. The level exhibits glitch-like characteristics, resembling an animation with an FPS5 of 12, and the once lush trees start to appear barren and desolate like the leaves are “melting” off of the trees. Furthermore, wanderers have reported feeling physically unwell during this stage. They state experiencing coughing, headaches, nausea, and exhaustion. They have also reported smelling an aroma very similar to that of clay. 6 hours
Stage 3 During this stage, the wanderer will lose the ability to move entirely. Their heart rate will plummet to a fatally low BPM6, and all other bodily functions will slow significantly, eventually resulting in death. The fog of this level will become notably thicker, and wanderers will not be able to see more than 10 ft7 ahead of them. Time moves at an eighth of its original speed during this phase. The level will exhibit more glitches, resembling a movement at 5 FPS, with everything on the level taking on a lifeless appearance. The ominous features of the level will start to be enhanced, as the level is revealed to be entirely made out of clay, including Sloth itself. The sky will shift from a light blue to a deep, sickly red. It's during this stage that wanderers often endure severe psychological trauma, continuously getting worse and worse until their death. After an extended period of using this ability, Sloth falls asleep, perpetuating the cycle. 12 hours


Level 986 includes a variety of phenomena, like the previously mentioned teleportation effect and growing path. However, the fog on this level also has some effects that have been recently discovered.

The Fog

The fog on Level 986 has a faint purple tint and is thin enough to allow wanderers to see the ground and the mountains in the distance. Wanderers are advised to avoid breathing the air on Level 986 without nose and mouth protection8. Reports indicate that the fog has similar effects to carbon monoxide poisoning, leading to exhaustion and the extreme urge to lie down, as well as symptoms like coughing, nausea, difficulty breathing, and headaches. Prolonged exposure9 to the fog can be fatal. However, it is important to note that the fog is not carbon monoxide and its exact nature remains unknown.


The exact date of the initial discovery of Level 986 and Sloth, along with their origin, remains unknown. The first recorded encounter took place on January 3rd, 2020, by Rey Miller. Notably, during this initial discovery, the path was measured at a length of 3 miles.

Supplementary Documents

Recording of Miller’s Initial Discovery


<Begin Log>

I don't know where I am or what this place is, and I'm not sure if I will make it out alive. This place doesn't match any of our records. My name is Rey Miller; I am an M.E.G. Officer in the Research and Exploration Department. I've been here for about three hours, and so far, there appears to be no immediate danger, but I can't say that for <coughing> certain. I'm surrounded by a forest and have been walking along this dirt path for almost an hour, but I feel really tired. Ugh, have I seriously gotten this lazy? Anyway, in the distance, there's some kind of entity, but I don't recognize it. It looks like a… <short pause> stuffed sloth? Whatever it is, it's currently asleep, which I'm taking as a good thing. I don't know how long it'll be until I reach the end of this path or if there is an end at all, <yawn> but the best course of action is to keep moving. But if nothing happens in the next hour or so, I’m gonna set up camp and rest. I really feel like I need to lie down. What was I doing again? Oh, right. None of my navigation tools work here, and there's no signal. It appears there are no other entities except for that sloth-like creature…thing…whatever the hell it is, and the landscape seems relatively normal and even calming. I entered through a green door in The Hub. Gravity and time seem to be nor- <short pause>. Oh shit, the sloth thing is waking up. Fuc-


I just made it out. I’m so relieved, I was so sure that I was going to die. Everything was so slow and weird, and it felt like something was chasing me and that I was going to pass out any minute. I really think I dodged a bullet; the end of the path was around 3 miles from the beginning. The sloth thing woke up and everything just started slowing down. It felt like I was trapped in some sort of sick, slow-motion movie, like those ones where they use clay to animate. I don’t feel as tired anymore, but I do think I need to rest for a minute to recover from… that. I’m currently on Level 4, and apparently, I no-clipped here with some… chips? Well, I’m not going to complain, I’m just gonna rest a bit and report my findings later.

<End Log>

Unknown Wanderer’s Notebook Entry


I’m terrified for my life. I’ve been walking for 5 hours and I don’t know when this will end. I can barely move. I’m glad I have Larry here with me, I don’t know how I would’ve been able to go through this alone. It smells awful here, like I’m stuck in my 8th grade art class. I’m so tired, I need to lie down but I have to keep going. We both haven’t been able to stop coughing and I fear we’ve gotten sick. Neither one of us have medical supplies, so we have to hope we can escape to someplace that does.

We see the exit! We’re finally going to make it out of this place! We’re free! I can’t believe it, I won’t have to withstand this misery any longer.

It’s all a lie. I’m going to die here. The exit swallowed Larry and revealed more of the path. I’m not going to make it out alive. If anyone finds this, please run as fast as you possibly can. Find a way out. Ignore the glitches, ignore how slow and weird everything is, ignore all of the clay, just get out. <illegible>

Entrances & Exits


  • A green door in The Hub often leads to Level 986.
  • One can enter through the Blue Channel by finding a forest.
  • If one finds a sloth plushie on Level 18 and picks it up, they will no-clip to Level 986.
  • If one finds a painting of a forest on Level 343 and jumps through it, they will no-clip here.


  • The main exit is located at the end of the path, which will only send wanderers to safe levels as a reward for completing the level, along with supplies like Almond Water. It is unknown why this occurs.
  • If one finds a tree appearing different or unusual, compared to the others, and runs into it, they could no-clip to a variety of forest-themed levels, including but not limited to:


Class deadzone

  • Psychological Hazard
  • Physical Safety Hazard
  • Severely Unstable

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