Level 979
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This article was made through a collaboration between the M.E.G and the Oakes Inn staff.


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One of the many hallways seen on Level 979.

Level 979 is a presumably endless hotel with maze-like halls that don’t follow any kind of linear pattern. The level, also known as "The Oakes Inn", is recognizable by its late 1970s decor and many amenities, making it a desirable level to explore. It is currently being managed and maintained by The Hotelier and his staff, who began occupying the hotel in early 2003.

Originally, the level had no staff members and lacked basic supplies. In the past, it was registered as an empty hotel that one could rest in, but wanderers couldn’t stay for extended periods of time. In the present, the level would be considered habitable, with the exception of a few dangerous areas and odd properties.

The level has 2 floors. On the first floor is the reception room, a restaurant, and staff-only rooms such as the storage room or the surveillance room. On the second floor are bedrooms, the Hotelier's quarters, and several rooms dedicated to entertainment, such as a miniature casino area.

The Reception Room


A photo of the reception room.

When a wanderer first enters the level, they will immediately find themselves in the reception room. The room is grandiose, having grand architecture with a chandelier, decorations such as sofas and potted plants, and a desk with a Butlerfly receptionist who hands out keys to new guests and gives any needed information. Said keys seem to increase in number indefinitely for each wanderer that enters the level.

The reception room is directly connected to a grand staircase that leads to the various bedrooms. There is also a hallway to the left of the staircase that leads to the restaurant, and a hallway to the right that leads to the staff-only rooms, such as the storage rooms.

The receptionist always sits at the desk and never changes, he is part of the many Butlerflies entities in the level and goes by the name of "Parmigiano." He can be recognized by his red tie and name tag. He is often particularly distant and grumpy towards the guests, and it's recommended to not attempt prolonged conversations with him outside of renting a room.

The Restaurant


A photo of the restaurant's dining room.

Once through the left hallway beside Level 979’s grand staircase, one will enter The Restaurant, otherwise known as Restaurant Fromage1. This restaurant is known to be exceptionally large, being able to fit around 500 to 800 patrons at once, and the architecture of the restaurant is described as extravagant by many. It consists of a blue carpet, white walls decorated with different patterns and murals, and a ceiling dotted with different lights that emit yellow light.

The Restaurant is also decorated with potted plants, fancy chairs, and round tables that are outfitted with a tablecloth, plates, napkins, cutlery, menus, and other things that one would find on a dining table. The Restaurant also has no kitchens. As there is no need for them. This is due to the fact that all food is materialized by the many Butlerfly waiters who receive orders from their customers and make their orders materialize out of thin air.

Prior to entering The Restaurant itself, one will encounter a large waiting room with multiple seats. At the end of the room, one will find a desk occupied by a Butlerfly. The Butterlfies here are named Cheddar and Mozzarella and have a green and orange tie respectively. They always sit together and never switch shifts. They will greet guests and direct them to the nearest table. The waiting room is often not used due to the size of the restaurant, and due to how quickly Cheddar can do the calculations for each payment.

The two Butlerflies are quite amicable, and will strike a conversation with wanderers if necessary. They mostly prefer to play poker or any card games together, and never seem to move around Level 979 all that much.

The Second Floor


A photo of room number 829.

The hallways that lead to Level 979’s many bedrooms are located on the level’s second floor and can be accessed via the grand staircase which can be found in the reception room. These hallways seem to extend for miles, with dead ends occasionally being found. For each door, there is a sign beside said door which has a number on it, all of which do not go in order2. This is because of the level’s non-linear nature, making it impossible to order the rooms correctly.

The bedrooms on the second floor tend to vary, meaning the quality, style, furniture, and other decorations differ between rooms. Usually, the style of Level 979’s bedrooms are lavish and high-quality, being decorated with two beds, a table or a desk with one or two chairs, a television, and a kitchen area with a microwave. Bedrooms also have small bathrooms with a shower/bath combo.

The second floor also has rooms for other purposes, such as casinos, which are relatively small, but are packed with slot machines, and sometimes even arcade cabinets. There are also movie theatres, which have about 10 to 50 seats depending on how big the theatre is. Gyms can be found on the second floor as well, containing gym equipment such as treadmills, weights, and bench presses. Pools and shower rooms have also been found in some of these gyms.

The Hotelier's Room


An image of room 979. This image was taken in 1999, prior to The Hotelier inhabiting the room.

This particular room, which was once a regular bedroom labeled "Room 979", has since changed quite drastically since the arrival of The Hotelier. The room is completely inaccessible as it is impossible to walk inside of its premises due to a massive presence of a strange liquid along with many cobwebs and cocoons surrounding all of the furniture.

The liquid was labeled as "Despair Ooze", due to the sensations it creates to whoever is close enough to it. Symptoms include nausea, exhaustion, intense sadness and a loss of willpower. Prolonged stay near the Hotelier's personal room is not recommended.

The only object visible inside of the room is a small memorial altar, which contains photos of various people, a woman in a singular photo, and a man and a woman alongside a small child. As of today, it is impossible to identify the individuals in the photos, and questioning The Hotelier regarding such matters leads to no answers.

Despair Ooze-affected areas


A photo of one of the many hallways affected by the Despair Ooze.

There are several areas around the Hotel that pose a threat to the lives of wanderers. These areas have the highest concentration of Despair Ooze and are often infested by entities that inhabit the dark. Smilers are the most common entities around these areas since the liquid consumes the light sources inside of the rooms. These rooms are always in a state of corrosion and may be at risk of crumbling or collapsing. This serves as another reason to keep away and avoid affected areas as much as possible.

The hotel staff has barricaded most ways to access these kinds of areas, and the entities infesting them are regularly eliminated to assure the safety of wanderers. However, since the hotel is presumably infinite in size, there is no way to properly secure every affected area. It's recommended to be cautious and to always request assistance from one of the Butlerflies or M.E.G agents around the premises when exploring.




A drawing of a Butlerfly known as Parmigiano made by a wanderer.

The Butlerflies are a group of entities that resemble humanoid insects, specifically flies. They are nearly indistinguishable due to their similar appearance, aside from a few notable differences.

All of the Butlerflies are males and share the basic appearance of a common housefly such as deep red eyes, grey skin and two antennae. They also have wings on their backs that they can use to fly around the level. Most of them have long unkempt dark hair and wear the signature Oakes Inn uniform. However, a few butterflies may have sparkles or stickers given by Cupid, covered below. The only visible difference between each Butlerfly is their names shown on their nametags and the colour of their tie, which is part of the Hotel's uniform.

Should a Butlerfly have a need to defend themselves, they will bite the attacker and inject a powerful corroding liquid inside of their system that melts the inner organs. They also often utilize sharp weapons near them to attack, such as kitchen utensils. Butlerflies only pose a threat to hostile entities who are a danger to wanderers. Otherwise they are harmless or close to non-threatening beings.

It's believed that there are over 80 different Butlerflies present in the level, and that they increase in numbers whenever it's needed. All of them share a similar dislike for bright lights, work, and prolonged conversations. They can be quite irritable if pressured, so it's requested to not push their buttons and behave respectfully.

Underneath, there is a direct interview between one of our agents and one of the Butlerflies, specifically Parmigiano.

<Begin Log>

Time: 07:14
Date: 04/15/2017
Location: Level 979
Interviewer: Agent Jeremiah McCain
Interviewee: Parmigiano

[Agent Jeremiah is seen adjusting the camera, as it shows the Interviewee, Parmigiano. Who is sitting at the reception desk with a bored expression.]

Jeremiah McCain: We may begin. Thanks for participating in this interview, Mister Parmigiano.

Why don't you tell us more about yourself? Maybe starting with how you feel working at this Hotel?

Parmigiano: Well, I'm just a guy that likes to read, but I can tell you one thing. I don't like working. I'd much rather stay in bed and eat food from the trash, but I suppose it's not that bad. I get Cupid's approval and praise as I do my daily tasks. Unlike our gloomy boss, she's a sweet gal. She keeps us motivated.

[Parmigiano faintly smiles, he seems to be distracted or lost in thought for a few seconds. Agent Jeremiah remains quiet for a short time, before resuming.]

Jeremiah McCain: Do all of you share this dislike towards working and doing complicated tasks?

Parmigiano: It's just me being pretty down about it. The others seem to be having a great time with going around and slashing Smilers into pieces and cleaning dirt from the ground. Bah, I don't see the appeal.

[Parmigiano scoffs, resting his hand against his chin, his wings lightly flutter which creates a soft buzzing noise]

Mopping off Despair Ooze isn't that difficult, at least, and our Boss isn't that demanding, so we have plenty of free time and food to eat all day, which I respect.

Jeremiah McCain: You mentioned Miss Cupid before. Do all of you share this similar appreciation towards her? She has shown to be extremely enthusiastic and ebullient.

Parmigiano: She's the sunshine of Oakes Inn, after all. The others can't stop bragging about stickers and flowers and hugs that she gave them. It's all they ever talk about sometimes. We aren't used to being exposed to a positive source, so her presence is like a bunch of glitter sprayed on garbage cans I suppose.

N-Not that I mind glitter of course, especially if it's from her.

[Parmigiano looks embarrassed. He crosses his arms and looks away from the camera.]

…And I guess her compliments tend to affect us for the better.

Jeremiah McCain: What do you think of the other Butlerflies? Do you get along with them? Oh, and is there any origin or explanation for why you choose to name yourselves after various types of cheeses?

Parmigiano: I get along well with the other guys. Mozzarella and Cheddar are two idiots, but they are kind of fun when they're not trying to play poker all day. Gorgonzola terrifies me because he's the tallest out of all of us and he has huge abs and muscles. At least he isn't violent. He's actually quite nice to everyone, so he's cool in my eyes.

Then there's… Caciocavallo, he's a bit crazy. He loves to go on an entity slicing rampage and use their corpses as decorations. He is fun, though he's kind of very loud. He once gave Cupid a whole bone as a gift.

The last one I'm close enough to speak about is Camembert. He's a soft one. He prefers to work in the bedrooms and clean all day without talking to anyone. He is chill, and doesn't drive me crazy.

I don't know the others as well as I know these few.

[Parmigiano takes a few seconds to catch his breath, before eating some trash that was in a bin next to him.]

We're named after cheese because our boss was uncreative. That’s all, when he first made us, it was the only thing he had in mind, tsk tsk.

Anyways, want some trash?

Jeremiah McCain: I'm afraid I must deny, but thank you for offering.

There is one last question I'd like to ask you, and it's about your boss, The Hotelier. Do you know anything about his origins, or do you know anything of importance about him?

Parmigiano: Nope, he never tells any of us anything. Cupid knows but she's gonna keep her mouth shut for the sake of his privacy, so don't bother with that.

Jeremiah McCain: I see… Well, I think we can end our interview here then. Thank you for all the information you provided!

Parmigiano: Yeah yeah, I suppose I did good, now I can finally go back to relaxing…

<End Log>



A drawing made by Cupid of herself.

Cupid is an unique entity found within level 979. She has the appearance of a woman around 25 years of age, with long brown hair mixed with a dyed pink color around its ends and brown eyes. She wears the signature Oakes Inn uniform and can be easily recognized by her light pink tie.

She claims to be an entity, despite initial suspicions of her being a human being, who started working at the Hotel in order to manage The Hotelier’s mood and to maintain her coworkers' morale. Information about her background is a mystery, and the only answer that Cupid has given to those kinds of questions is that she "came into existence, all of a sudden".

Cupid has been described to be a kind and caring entity that assists anyone in need, showing immense amounts of hospitality in the process. All the residents in Oakes Inn speak extremely highly of her, and each one of them has a story of one of her good deeds.

She's been described to look mesmerizing by many, almost as if she has a sort of charismatic aura that fascinates those around her. Those who've been around Cupid also claim to have felt any weight in their hearts disappear, as if they were filled with immense relief and comfort.

She works both in the restaurant and around the main rooms, unlike the Butlerflies, she doesn't have a precise assigned position. She instead opts to work wherever she desires.

Wanderers claim that she's capable of making any meal taste delectable. It's supposed that it's part of one of her many abilities. It's also rumoured among the Oakes Inn guests that she's capable of healing wounds and repairing objects of any kind with one of her abilities. Supposedly, this rumor was sparked by a witness directly seeing said healing powers being utilized. Cupid never goes into detail about her powers, as she claims to be confused about their origin and the extent of them.

Cupid has never shown any hostility, even towards entities. She is hesitant to attack even the most dangerous of creatures and often expresses pity towards them.

As stated by Parmigiano in his interview, Cupid is well beloved by the Butlerflies, all of which seem to know and greatly appreciate her. She always returns the affection.

The relationship between The Hotelier and Cupid is pretty well known to the public. Cupid stated that they've known each other for quite a long time, and that they've been close friends ever since The Hotelier first became owner of Level 979. They are often seen together around its premises and Cupid acts as a comforter and companion for him.

Below is an interview with Cupid that was recorded shortly after the interview with Parmigiano.

<Begin Log>

Time: 09:14
Date: 04/15/2017
Location: Level 979
Interviewer: Agent Jeremiah McCain
Interviewee: Cupid

[Agent Jeremiah sets up the camera to face Cupid, who waves and smile warmly as she's sitting on a couch.]

Jeremiah McCain: Very well Miss Cupid. We may begin.

Would you like to tell us more about yourself? Anything of importance, if you will.

Cupid: Oh! Well, I'm Cupid as you may know already, and I work all around the Hotel! I am here for any sort of issue, though I usually avoid the more dangerous areas… because I'd rather not harm the entities around there to defend myself.

I do not like harming anyone, regardless of who it is.

I am good at helping though! Really, I usually can solve most bad situations, so I suppose I'm the Hotel's moral supporter and problem solver? Haha!

[Cupid chuckles softly]

Jeremiah McCain: I can see that, as far as Mister Parmigiano said, you truly keep your coworkers together and motivated. I'm wondering if that's one of your many abilities. A natural power to create a sense of ease and peace into others through your words.

Cupid: I believe it's not a matter of a hidden power, but simply a matter of being there for them with all my might, seeing someone care so strongly for them is what keeps them going. And that's what I wish to do, be there for other people!

Especially… The Hotelier, he deserves someone to be by his side the most…

Jeremiah McCain: I have heard of your close friendship with him, but is there anything you are able to tell us about him? Without breaking his privacy about his past, as he requested.

Cupid: He's… a good and caring man, with lots of pain in his heart. The type of pain that tears you apart and swallows you whole.

I need to be there for him, because if I don't… who will help him walk forward?

Who will help him get out of this dark pit of suffering that he's been tossed into?

Jeremiah McCain: Your words are compassionate and noble, I'm sure he is extremely grateful to have you by his side. Whatever he has been through, he will make it, I'm sure of it.

Darkness never lasts eternally. Morning always comes with the lights of hope to brighten our future.

[Cupid's smile softens, as she holds the hands of Agent Jeremiah]

Cupid: You also seem to have a pure and noble heart, your advice comes from experience, I just know that.

This is the kind of hope I aspire to bring to others, a hope for a bright future! And working here helped me achieve that with so many people!

This place is my second home now, and I'm eternally grateful for it.

Jeremiah McCain: T-Thank you… Miss Cupid, your words flatter me, I didn't expect our interview to turn into such a deep conversation.

I don't think I have any other questions to ask you, so I will stop the interview here. T-Thank you for your time!

Cupid: Oh! It was my pleasure! Please take care of yourself, drink plenty of water and practice self care, dear!

<End Log>

The Hotelier


A drawing of The Hotelier, drawn by the guest who encountered him.

The Hotelier is a 27-year-old male with pale white skin, medium-length brown hair, and an average build. He is normally seen wearing a dusty black suit with a red tie, but also may sometimes wear a top hat to accompany his suit. Unlike Cupid, The Hotelier claims to be a human despite having anomalous powers.

The Hotelier is very introverted, barely conversing with anyone other than Cupid. According to her, he is a very friendly yet delicate person who only wishes for others to be safe and healthy. He has claimed to suffer from depression, mainly because of certain events from his past that he wishes not to talk about. Currently, The Hotelier’s name is unknown, but he has confirmed that his last name is unrelated to the name of his hotel.

As his nickname suggests, The Hotelier is the founder and the manager of Level 979 and has been overseeing Oakes Inn since he and Cupid took over the level in late 2003. He is also the presumed creator of the Butlerflies, as Cupid mentioned during a conversation with a wanderer that he “Created them out of his own despair”3.

As of February 2004, The Hotelier has begun staying in his room more often, only coming out when he wishes to go somewhere outside of the level or when he wishes to speak to Cupid. Due to his room being inaccessible to anyone else, it has been hard to find any other information about him without the help of Cupid and the Butlerflies.

However, there was one guest4 who had a short encounter with The Hotelier within the Despair ooze-affected areas, that reported he had a dark and depressing aura around him. They described it felt similar to when the same guest accidentally fell into a puddle of Despair Ooze. After the encounter, The Hotelier then ran into his room and wasn't seen for a few days.

There have also been interviews conducted with The Hotelier being the interviewee, but all interview logs have been redacted from the public vision upon The Hotelier’s and Cupid’s request. These interviews are safely stored by M.E.G.

Bases, Outposts and Communities


M.E.G Outpost D.

  • A small outpost situated in room 346.
  • 7-8 M.E.G agents are stationed there to monitor inaccessible and dangerous areas.
  • They can provide basic medical supplies and a few bottles of Almond water.


Oakes Inn residents

  • There are over 1500 people residing inside of the level, if not more.
  • Most residents are open to chatting and trading supplies they've gathered on their travels.
  • They are extremely knowledgeable on how to navigate the Hotel.

Entrances And Exits


  • The most common way to access level 979 is through Level 11. Entering an antique-looking hotel establishment with an Oakes Inn Hotel billboard will instantly lead to this level.
  • Entering an antique wooden door with the Oakes Inn hotel initials carved upon it throughout any hotel level will lead to level 979.
  • No-clipping inside any of the arcade machines in level 40 will lead to any of the mini casino areas present in level 979.
  • There is an extremely low chance to stumble upon a specific door in Level 5 that contains a cheese cabinet inside. Touching said cabinet may lead to no-clipping into level 979.
  • No-clipping inside any of the billiard pool tables in Level 370 may lead to any of the mini casino areas present in level 979, specifically close to one of the billiard pool tables.
  • Finding Despair Ooze in other levels and touching it may lead to the more dangerous areas of Level 979. It is extremely discouraged to attempt this method of entrance.


  • Exiting through the main door of the level will lead to Level 11.
  • No-clipping through the various pools in the level may lead to Level 37.
  • No-clipping in any of the billiard pool tables will lead to Level 370
  • Attempting to no-clip in a large pool of Despair Ooze liquid may lead to a random level that has this liquid present on its surface. These levels may be dangerous, so this method of exit is discouraged.

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