Level 972
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Class Atlas

  • Unsafe
  • Confirmed Presence of Deities
  • Considerable Religious Presence

An unknown wanderer being judged on Level 972 Adult Facelings dematerialize after a certain amount of time.


Level 972 is the 973rd level of the Backrooms.

This level appears to be a large field, with perpetually clear skies and a large population of Adult Facelings.


This level seems to occur on a large field with a partly cloudy sky. This sky has a gas that emits from it, assumed to be a gas version of amphetamine. Adult Facelings completely crowd sections of this level and isolate wanderers from each other. These facelings are fixed and cannot be forcefully moved, making it nearly impossible to move through them. The facelings move towards the sun's direction in the sky; because wanderers cannot forcefully move them, the Facelings will eventually push the wanderer with them.

These facelings will constantly push beings until they feel the presence of some higher power, known as "False God." This is not any specific higher power found in the frontrooms but rather an omnipotent and omniscient anomaly found within this level. It will begin to speak to said person (most likely telepathically) and will eventually "judge" the person to see if their sins outweigh their good deeds. Along with that, the amount of adult facelings begins to dwindle.

If the anomaly deems them "Holy," the person rises into the clouds above and will fall into Level 63. As a result of being "Holy," they will also find that extra supplies are now on themselves, ranging from Almond Water to other small items, like weapons and food. Even Royal Rations has been reported a few times. If it deems the person "a sinner," they will fall through the ground and land onto Level 666, which subsequently determines their fate from there.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Due to the sheer impossibility of human interaction within this level, there are no known bases, outposts, or communities.


Adult Facelings

This level is crowded with an abundance of adult facelings, which cannot be forcefully moved. These facelings will completely lock the person from moving further into the crowd. They don't
seem to disappear or move anywhere, so they are most likely there to act as a barrier.

False God

This entity is exclusive to this level, and it has the appearance of the wanderer's depiction of God. It has complete omnipotence and omniscience within this level. This being is only visible via individual hallucinations, allowing multiple wanderers in entirely different places to see it simultaneously, giving False God an apparent ability to be ubiquitous. This entity also can noclip wanderers in and out of this level. this entity is solely confined to this level, theorizing that false God is the level itself."

Entrances And Exits


Holding any religious item from any religion may trigger no-clipping randomly into this level.


Once the anomalous entity inhabits this level finds you, if it judges you "worthy," you will be no-clipped into Level 63, and being deemed "a sinner" will no-clip you into Level 666.

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