Level 967
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Class 0

  • safe
  • secure
  • void of entities


Level 967 Discovery Log


"Is this thing on?"

The camera jostles slightly, the lens clearing as the camerawoman wipes the dirt off of it. "Seems like it is."

A woman's face comes into view, smiling as she spins the camera around. "Heyyy. Some of us somehow… found this level after being hit by a car in the city. Kinda hurt. It was in Level 11, I think… Uh, this wasn't anywhere on the database when we looked it up. Probably amend that once we're all settled…"

"Almost forgot to introduce myself. Uh, this is Explorer G. Mandy speaking…" She disappears from view, revealing a sprawling park and clear blue skies above as she slowly walks around. "Aaand I dunno how nobody found this level before, it's so… painfully empty. Hell, it's clearly habitable, and no entities to speak of… It's sterile as fuck. I know for a fact that at least some humans would've settled here since it's so peaceful." The camera briefly zooms in on the road, showing blurs passing by as she sighs. "As peaceful as you can get with these cars constantly driving past, anyways. And the weird glitches constantly happening around us."

"Found an urban environment… with nobody else in sight…" She walks around the park, focusing the camera on a school and a hospital in the distance. "Not suspicious at all! Not… at…" G. Mandy pauses as the sky briefly flickers above her. "What the fuck. Okay…"

"…School looks like a pretty comfy place to turn into an outpost. As long as there's no entities…" G. Mandy turns around, continuing to aimlessly wander the park as the clouds hang overhead.

"Fuck, I can see another void through part of the grass." The camerawoman pauses, before walking to the side to avoid a 'broken' part of the ground. The grass is clipping through the floor, and the floor itself has opened up at an odd angle, revealing nothing but an empty pit inside. "I swear to god, this place hates us."

"Oh, shit, muttering to myself. Uh, we've decided to take the first step and settle here for the time being while we worked out an exit." The camera turns around to show a makeshift camp beneath a few trees. "For now, all we have is a camp, but maybe with a few months and once we get this level's article up for people to see, we might get more help and build a little more."

"Weird spatial anomalies sometimes though… but they're harmless, I think?" She briskly walks up to the camp, briefly pausing as the ground to her right distorts and warps. "Whoops. Almost walked into that one. I think it formed just now, too." The camerawoman makes it to the camp, avoiding another anomaly that is in the process of forming along the way.

The camera focuses on the ground as she presumably stops holding it up. "Hey Cloaks? Ster? Do you think this is enough footage for a discovery log? I don't know what else to say, and I kinda wanna get the page up as soon as possible."

Other voices are audible but indecipherable as she discusses with them.

"Yeah, think that's enough." The voice is close enough to understand, albeit muffled and harder to hear due to distance. "Hey Mandy, you can end the vid now. We'll work on the draft later!"

"Right… hey I wonder if we could explore past the par-"


this log fucking sucks
I think we're all well aware of that fact.


Level 967 is a huge infinite park2 massive outdoor park environment surrounded by buildings on all sides. The level has a day-night cycle identical to that of the Frontrooms, and though it is possible to reach the corners and ends of the level, the park is functionally infinite in scale3. Cars with opaque windows will drive down the one-way streets on either side of the level, making them unsafe and nearly impossible to cross4.


A view of the park during the afternoon.

From the center of the level facing north, the right side of the park has a hospital and school building near the bottom right corner. The cars also drive north on the right road, and there is a transit system that seems to be under construction in the middle of the road, veering off to the far right.

The left side of the park is nothing special5, other than the lack of barriers which should allow wanderers to access the mall in the north of the park, if not for the level's properties making it impossible to explore beyond the park itself.

The park itself is an infinite park6 abnormally large, empty field of grass with blocked off roads that lead to both sides of the level, along with stone paths and the odd bunch of trees littering the area. Occasionally, it exhibits mild small-scale spatial anomalies, distorting the affected areas slightly and rendering them somewhat unsafe to go through, however the danger that they pose is negligible at worst. Possibly safe to cross.7


Possible terrain anomaly/glitch in a region of the park.

Attempting to explore beyond the park and the few buildings nearby will cause one to noclip through the ground or spontaneously disappear before presumably reappearing in an unknown level8. Due to this, personnel are to stay within the confines of the park and not attempt to explore beyond it.

The school and hospital buildings always have electricity and fully-functional, if old, equipment9. They're completely sanitized.10 Due to the possibility of pathogens native to the Backrooms, it is advised to not use anything from the hospital until it has been properly cleaned and sterilized.

Both buildings have air-conditioning11, however due to the smaller size of the school and the M.E.G. outpost within it, it is the preferred building for any wanderers looking to cool off after a hot day in the sun12. There have also been small spatial anomalies in both buildings, although these are temporary and tend to dissipate on their own after a few minutes to hours. Personnel are advised to steer clear of any that they may stumble across.13

Doors in both buildings also sometimes 'break', leading either to empty voids or back outside. Simply closing and reopening the doors will 'fix' these 'glitches' and cause the door to lead back to its adjacent room. Always stop and look before walking through an open door.


A spatial distortion in a hallway at the back end of the school.


The interior of one of the classrooms within the school.

Sometimes, computers within the school will play videos with little to no warning. Due to the lack of entities within the level, this strange phenomenon has been brushed off as an anomalous effect of the level localized in the confines of the school. M.E.G. personnel are to stay calm if this ever happens, and simply close the videos and ignore whatever they may say. i wonder who could have done this.14

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Base Echo

  • Base Echo is the M.E.G.'s base of operations in Level 967. It has 40 active personnel15 and 15 members of Secure Security stationed there to protect the base from any possible threats, both internal and external.16
  • It is located in the park, beneath a few trees clustered together closely enough to create a shadow that encompasses the entirety of the base. such brilliant penmanship. i could only hope to match your documenting prowess.17
  • It acts as an archive for any logs and incidents related to the level.
  • For some odd reason, the area surrounding Base Echo is fraught with more frequent and intense spatial anomalies than usual. Caution is advised when going to and from the base.

Outpost Papa

  • Outpost Papa is the secondary M.E.G. installation on Level 967, encompassing the entirety of the school at the bottom right corner of the level's explorable boundaries. The school is maintained by a small 15 person group of volunteers and M.E.G. personnel.
  • This is what I imagined our old school would be used for in case of a zombie apocalypse. Never thought I'd see it happen in real life.
  • Outpost Papa acts as a storage warehouse of sorts for any extra data or equipment that doesn't warrant taking up much-needed space in Base Echo18.
  • Outpost Papa and Base Echo rely on each other heavily, with equipment being swapped between the two installations frequently along with personnel constantly traveling back and forth between them. There have even been proposals for merging the two, however due to their distance and the level's properties, these proposals have always been denied.
  • The school building used for Outpost Papa tends to have more spatial anomalies and doors leading to nowhere compared to the hospital next to it. It is unknown as to why the doors keep leading to empty voids are so fucked up.19

Entrances and Exits


Somehow being hit by a car in Level 11 will reward you for your close brush with death by sending you here.

Due to the relatively recent discovery of the level, a comprehensive list of entrances has not been made yet. which is probably for the best, don't you think?


There are no confirmed exits at this time. Level 967 does have entrances to other levels. At least one M.E.G. archivist has returned after falling through the floor of the mall's parking lot while trying to explore beyond the park.

Falling through the ground, while risky, will send people to the Blue Channel20. However, this method of exiting is highly discouraged.

Random doors in the school and hospital may also be replaced with ones that lead to random levels. The doors that show up the most are ones that lead to the Hub.

Who would want to leave such a peaceful place? It's like our own personal world, only for us… STOP FUCKING VANDALIZING THE LEVEL

stopping's not an option when your goals are anything like mine.

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