Echo Chamber

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A trial of the will of mind needs no basis of hardship.


Voices turn to songs turn to echoes, remembering what they used to be.

You've fallen into a pit.

Limbo. A silent hell. You find yourself in the confines of oblivion and fragments of light that guide the endless way into the deepest nests of unreality. Here starts your real fall, your pilgrimage to a beyond forbidden by the concepts of mind, heart, and existence. This path of echoes will brand you with uncertainty, to trust or not to trust its songs is solely for you to choose. To stay on this path is to relinquish all thoughts and join their peaceful rest, becoming one of the infinitely many voices that shall turn songs into echoes for all others to hear. To push on is to relinquish all past and continue the pilgrim's way. To accept the relinquishment of the past is to see the end of this path.

A few members of the Fallers have kindly offered their experiences in the path of echoes. This serves no purpose other than understanding oneself after their journey through it.

I fell a boy, now risen a man; steeled through waves of desperate songs. Experienced great regret at the first moment, despair ringing weary ears. Persistence through punishment and realization of self-state learned as deeper fell to pits ever-swirling. Heard echoes of lost voices, and no reason to listen to their murmurs ever-straying, ever-resting. The lone path to not trust in rest but in acceptance. Erased remnant of the past mind, now only to fall, over and over and over and over.

— Everett of the Fallers

Remind yourself that no longer shall you live the same way as you once did. Let memories plague you no longer, for there is no return in this below and beyond. Only then would you realize the end of this path. And once you do, you will see yourself hearing the perpetual echoes no longer.

— Rohan of the Fallers

If will is inevitably devoured by lack of courage, the only chance is to brave voices by force and push through. Though not brave, to push the limit is to believe in a fragment of oneself, no matter minuscule. I am such an example, mocked in my past life, I learned not the concept of courage at a young age but I forced my will and body to live, to survive, to fall deeper.

— Huell of the Fallers

Understanding the echoes is another way of enlightenment to reveal the end of the path. Only a few such as I have listened patiently to their songs, the only consequence of such a method is to lose yourself along its melody. Learn yourself and stand your ground in the sensitive mind and soul.

— Tiche of the Fallers

Thus the principles of escape in the path of echoes:





This path will lead you deeper to places of no return and into salvation as bleak as the darkest night. Trust only yourself as you follow the beacons to eternal damnation. Listen only to your voice amidst unrelenting, lost echoes. Farewell and may we meet again.

— Hermit Sano of the Fallers

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