Level 950
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Level 950

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Class deadzone

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  • Unfit For Life

You have gone too far down into the Blue Channel. You tried to contact base camp in an attempt to alert the team to rescue you. Sadly, you find out that the connection is no longer effective enough to contact them since you have drifted away into the deep, blue void. You start going into a praying position, hoping for someone to come help you. Anyone. Suddenly, you find something. It's an "opening" in the blue void that only shows darkness and darkness only. Nothing else. You push yourself off the nearest large object that you can find and propel yourself into that opening. You get knocked out from entering the darkness that you propelled yourself into for a reason you don't know. All you know now is that you may have established yourself a horrible mistake. Remember, curiosity killed the cat, and it may kill you too.

Welcome to Level 950.



The Beams of Light.


The Temple of Strife.

After what seemed to be a few years for humanity, you have finally woken up. You open your eyes but you can't see anything. It seems that you have succumbed into another void. A void that's logically impossible to escape. Let us give you a rundown on this void: Level 950, also known as the Fictitium Void, is the level beyond the boundaries of the Blue Channel. It's the manifestation of nothingness that goes on for miles, and miles, and miles, and miles. Anyone who enters the Fictitium Void is completely isolated and alone, unable to interact with other individuals that find themselves here, unable to communicate with anyone else outside the void. Luckily, there's a low chance that anyone can enter the void, so they don't have to worry about it. However, you, our friend, weren't so lucky. You shouldn't have traveled so far into the Blue Channel. Now you're doomed to float through the Fictitium Void forever.


The Fictitium Void is empty, but not completely. You start to see the Beams of Light, which are the only sources of light in the void. They are… perfect in a sort of way. Their dimness, their glow, their aesthetic, they just seem so beautiful. They're made up of the lost souls in the Backrooms who have died very gruesome deaths, but don't have any spot in the Grave to rest. They all vocalize a dark ambient drone that's heard around the Fictitium Void and more audible once heard from a shorter distance. Wanderers are able to obtain one of the Beams of Light by "yanking it out of place" and pulling it with such blunt force. You decide to grab one of the beams, do the same thing with them, and carry it around as a light source. "I was dumb to think that this would be useful," you say to yourself after having no luck of finding anything else in this void with this light source. You are proven wrong when you suddenly bump into something gigantic.

You have came across the Temple of Strife. You weren't looking for this majestic spectacle that's very hard to see due to the darkness that surrounds you, but you feel very glad that you did. You try to find some sort of entrance to this temple and admire the design of it as you go along. Once you enter the Temple of Strife, you find yourself in a library of sorts filled with all of the books you used to read, the games you used to play, the music you used to listen to, and your memoirs. It all seems great and all, until you actually pick them up and open them. You start to find and open up your favorite book you used to read as a child and suddenly, their pages are nothing but empty pages. Suddenly, one of the empty pages start to write itself and make its writings alot like the horrifying story it's based off of, which could always be a terrible disease, a dark event, or even an eternal conflict. After you fully read through the book, it automatically opens up again and retells the scary story in a darker way. The cycle continues over time until you become overwhelmed. You dropped that one book you were wanting to read at first and run away. You thought you were running to the exit, but instead, you accidentally came into a hallway. Using your Beam of Light, you can see the walls around you while you're running. The walls have pictographs carved into them. They all show silhouettes of conflict, bloodshed, combat, and struggle. They all give you a feeling of anguish and intense grief, making you know that it's called the Temple of Strife for a reason. You finally came to the exit of the temple and went out to find something else. You had no luck.

There's nothing else in the Fictitium Void.

It's just you.

There may be other wanderers here, but there's no knowing if it's true, let alone there being any guarantees.

There's no escape.

You're trapped here forever.

Entrances and Exits:



The Blue Channel

You already know how you got in.




We've already warned you about this. There is no escape.

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