Level 943
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Class deadzone

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  • Entity Infestation

The following mix of notes and footage are from Marie Reyes, an epidemiologist who was stationed within Level 9 to watch, study, research, and potentially contain or destroy the entrance to Level 943. The level's exterior has since been burnt to the ground, but we have decided to display this information in the case another entrance exists.

As of now, Marie Reyes and Entity 943-I are both living in a monitored apartment in Level 11. Both have decided to continue working with and for the M.E.G.

Given the gruesome circumstances, us at the M.E.G. figured we should preface this article with a content warning. The following content is sensitive, gory, and overall disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

- M.E.G. Research Team


Level 943 is a small interior of a lower middle class suburban household which has been overcome with rot and filth. The entire level is considered a bio-hazard, inside and out, as the amount of parasites and diseases which are cultivated within the hot, moist environment of the building's interior is somewhere within the thousands. Because of this, the level's entrance has become a guarded quarantine zone, and only permitted M.E.G. Researchers are allowed inside. Anyone who seeks to enter will be equipped with a hazmat suit, boots, rubber gloves, a gas mask, a seal-able container for samples, and any simple weaponry that may be available. Upon exit, all of this equipment is to be burned and the ashes buried. If one's suit is torn or broken in any way, and airflow is allowed inside of the suit unfiltered, one will not be allowed out of the level, and permission to end your life is granted. Do this for the safety of us all, lest we end up like them, flailing like a newborn in a pile of its own vomit.


A picture of the yard of the house which contains Level 943.

Multiple entities have taken up residence in this level. These entities appear to see each other as family, despite not being related in species. All of them resemble unnaturally enlarged and grotesque versions of insects or small creatures, and can speak English like people, with a slight Gaelic accent. In many cases, the creatures talk badly about each other, either to each other or to whoever they happen to be talking to. They hate each other. They hate being this close to each other. It's like being stuck together with dried sweat after not moving for ages. Like when your lips dry when your mouth is closed and you have to pull them apart, ripping their soft flesh. It's hot, sweaty. Being this close to each other this long drives you fucking crazy. That's why dad's dead, we got sick of him.

Rooms & Entities

Within Level 943, there are a number of entities, each residing within their own rooms. Below, every one listed with a description of the rooms within the household and the entities that reside within. The entities appear to coexist with each other, though each prefers to stay within their respective rooms. It remains to be concluded whether or not the rooms exist because of the creatures, or the other way around. All of these beings are considered highly dangerous, if not just for the amount of disease they carry, then the violent tendencies they all possess. The only exception is 943-F, which has been neutralized.

Entity 943-A, Aka, "Gunner"

The living room, and entrance of this house are the first example of the disgusting nature of its interior. The couches are spongy and wet, and the only light source (besides the ceiling lamp, which drips with a brown unknowable fluid) is the television. The television itself plays different shows from the early 21st century on repeat, and it does not appear to matter what channel or company they are from for them to appear on the same channel. There is a depression in the carpet where "Gunner", the entity that resides in the living room, most often sits to watch the television. This appears to be its favorite activity.


A photo of the living room of Level 943.

"Gunner," as it is referred to by the other creatures, is an unnaturally enlarged tick. Unlike the other members of the household, Gunner is not just a giant bug. Rather he is a tick who has consumed and carried enough blood to be the size of a small child. This is visible, as looking at his body one can almost see particulates floating within his body. His skin has grown this over time as he stretched to fill more and more blood within him. His blood sack of a torso pulses sometimes. You can almost see something swimming inside of it. A leech, perhaps? Maybe something worse. Like a fetus, evolving in a swollen womb. Gunner is almost a meter tall and walks with his long front legs that are barely long enough to reach the ground. Gunner is considered dangerous due to his want to drink the blood of anyone who passes him. This is unfortunate, as he seems to frequent the living room and entrance to the house.

Thankfully, Gunner is unable to climb on the furniture, nor jump on top of it. When entering the household, be quick to climb on top of a couch or chair. Gunner is not fast, so, dependent on his location during entry, there may be time to get out of range. Despite this, he is not to be harmed by anyone who is visiting the level. All the other "family members" or entities within the level see him as a little sibling, son, or grandchild, and bringing harm to him would cease our ability to enter the level peacefully.

Entity 943-B and 943-C, Aka "Fester" and "Boil"

Connected to the hallway attached to the living room is the children's bedroom. The door was apparently white at one point; Pink flowers are drawn on the door with colored chalk. A layer of grime and residue resembling dried wax covers the door and cements it in a half open position. Entering, one can see that this room is meant to hold many children, too many for the size of the household. This is most obvious by the many mattresses which have been pushed up against the wall, with yellow-brown liquid stains of god knows what on all of them. The center of this room has been taken up by the two entities which inhabit it, listed together here as they are literally inseparable and never seen without the other.

Fester and Boil are two giant snails whose shells appear to have been fused at the side, or maybe they were just created like that. Perhaps they were always meant to be together forever, rotting next to each other for all eternity until they end up one large colony of fungus and maggots whose roots and burrows dig through their body like loose needles. Like ingrown hairs. Despite their situation, the pair of snails seem to enjoy each other's company, and often speak for one another or interrupt to finish the other's sentence. It's almost like they think with each other. Their brain connected through their shared home. Imagine being connected by the skull to someone else. Brains being interwoven tissue, knotting and twisting around each other to make a pile of pasta-like thought signals. Imagine trying to pull that apart from each other, feeling the bone stretch as far as it can, your brain catching on each other like crochet.

Entity 943-D, Aka "Buster"

Buster, as they call themselves proudly, is an extremely big slug who resides permanently within the bathroom of Level 943. According to them, they moved into the bathroom one day and decided not to leave. Today, you can see the lazy dick dried to the fucking tub. All of their mucus turned into hard wax pulling them down like tendons. Not like they fight 'em, they'd probably break easy if they actually tried. When questioned, Buster refused to try to move, stating they preferred to stick to one spot, specifically the tub. The bathroom around them is rusted and mutated into a sick green and orange nightmare. The sink is filled with the stinking substance of a colony of fruit flies that have made home inside it. They fill the air of the room, making it hard to see even with the mask on.


A picture of the sink within Buster's bathroom.

Buster is rude and vulgar. They seem to have a deep protective love for their family and hatred for anyone outside of it, yet still are very open to conversation. And yet I had to do all the goddamn work. If you loved this fucking family so much why did you just sit there while we all rotted away? You're like a fucking vulture waiting for a corpse to start decomposing so you can pick the protein filled maggots out of its intestines. I hope you vomit in your sleep and choke on it, you disgusting pile of flesh. I deserve to rest — I deserve to rest, not you.

Not like I care, keep still. Keep sticking yourself to the bathtub. Maybe when they pull you out of it, your skin won't come with you. It'll cling to the tub like it never wanted to leave, and you'll be left a pile of muscle without covering. God I hope it fucking burns when the fruit flies land between the muscle fibers. You were never an older sibling to me. You never cared. You only wanted your own fucking safety while I had to do all the work. You useless piece of—

Entity 943-E, Aka "Mama"

Entity 943-E is a gigantic spider, easily larger than a human. She is considered the most actively dangerous of the entities within the level, often killing those who enter the kitchen she resides in. Referred to as "Mama" by the other entities, she appears to be seen as a leader and parental figure by the other entities within the level. Entity 943-E has completely covered the kitchen of the house in yellowish webbing, which makes it one of the cleanest areas on the level, despite its appearance. Mama is an overbearing bitch who does nothing but put her spindly damn legs into everything we do. She's constantly watching over us, the small hairs all over her body touching the backs of our necks and making us itch all over as if her eggs are nestled under our skin after just a touch. Her body is grotesque and ugly, overly thin and saggy, the old hag. The burrows of stretchy web which have infested the kitchen appear to have made it supernaturally larger than its original shape. One, if brave enough, can venture into her tunnels, not able to find an end to them, or the way out. Those entering the level are highly advised against entering the tunnels or the kitchen at all. Sometimes, when I think about her, my skin crawls as if she's under my clothes, scurrying from place to place under my shirt before I'm able to catch her and pull her out. It'll be too late before she manages to lay a clutch of her children under my skin, maybe it will bulge out over time, reddening like a horrible pimple before exploding into millions of minuscule offspring that find their own crevices of my skin to crawl in. One for each pore of my body, maybe. She talks about my body like it's hers.

Entity 943-F, Aka "Papa"

Entity 943-F was never interacted with while he was alive, but is included in the list as he is commonly referred to by the other Entities as "Papa" or a father figure. Entity 943-F currently is a corpse of a human-sized wasp which has been discovered within Entity 943-E's den. According to what the other entities claim, Entity 943-F was killed by 943-E and eaten by the rest of the family. Whether this is true or not is unknown. Though, the corpse's current state seems to align with the way that Spiders would eat wasps in the Frontrooms. On the corpse, one item was found, a wallet. This wallet contained photos of the other family members, and a paper note. This paper note had the words "I need to leave." Written on it in pen.


Entity 943-G, Aka "Marney"

Don't get me started.

Entity 943-G is a morbidly obese, human sized toad. She calls herself "Marney" and is apparently a grandmother to the children. She is covered in warts, nearly covering both of her eyes. 943-G and 943-H both reside in the master bedroom of the house. They sit next to each other, across from the bed, which takes up most of the room. The bed itself has a puddle on it, which takes up most of the sleeping space, and is somehow not absorbed by the blankets or the mattress. The bed does not appear to have been used in a long time.

Entity 943-G is surrounded by insect corpses nearly the size of her. She feeds on them constantly, eating one after another between talking. She seems to plan to eat 943-H next, but always forgets and grabs one from the pile around her. 943-G seems oblivious to this plan, despite her saying it to him directly. 943-G is very rude to whoever she may be talking to, including other family members. They seem to despise her and much as she despises them. She's so obsessed with herself. Even when the rest of us were starving, she ate until no food was left. She poisoned us. She taught us how to rot, to be one with the maggots and flyspawn. She's the mastermind behind all of our filth and failures. She loathes seeing us succeed and revels in our filth as much as her own. I have a knife under my bed ready to cut her open the first chance I get. She never loved us.

Entity 943-H, Aka "Jones"

Jones appears to be an elderly, nearly human sized fly. He sits on a rocking chair next to 943-G, and seems to be rather cheery despite their situation. He is quick to share or to welcome anyone into the house that he sees, and acknowledges the putrid state of the house with small gestures of cleanliness: Picking up an object, sweeping the floors (even though that does little but spread the liquid substances more), and otherwise. His wife, 943-G, has plans to consume him, and voices these to him often. This, however, does not seem to affect Jones, who responds as if she is joking and moves on quickly.

If you are trapped within the walls of Level 943 and it is not too late, make your way to 943-H. With little convincing needed he has agreed to help anyone who needs it with their escape from the level.

I love you Grandpa.

Entity 943-I, Aka "Cilia"

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

Due to the nature of this level, there are no bases, camps or outposts on this level.

Entrances And Exits

The Quarantine Zone in Level 9 leads directly into this level. Please speak with personnel outside the perimeter before you approach, and with those inside the perimeter as you leave. We repeat, any contagions from Level 943 may not leave the Quarantine Zone, for the safety of all of us, follow procedure. There may also be an entrance to Level 276 somewhere within the level. If found, please contact the M.E.G.

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