Level 940
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Parking lot area viewed from within Team Albert's temporary camp.


A diagram of the parking lot drawn by Professor Pendragon.

Level 940 is the 941st Level of the Backrooms. The level appears to be built on the childhood experience of being lost, and exhibits severely non-Euclidian geometry which presents a significant navigational hazard. The level contains unknown entities. Exploring the parking lot outside the garage is not recommended under any circumstances.


Safety in Level 940 depends on following the instructions in this document. The level begins in an infinite, 30 ft. by 30 ft. garage in the center of an infinite parking lot. The garage has unfinished wood walls and a sheet metal roof, with a rough concrete floor. The parking lot outside is a featureless flat plain with identical lampposts at regular intervals; it is highly dangerous and should not be explored. It is unknown if the level has a sun as its unorthodox geometry obscures the majority of the sky.

Bases, Outposts and Communities:

There are no known communities or outposts.

Additional Content

[Incoming Transmission]
[Signal Location Unknown]
[Initiating Level Discovery Transcription]
[Connection lost]
[Connection reestablished]
[Downloading Recorded Data]
[Recorded Segment Ends]
[Resuming Live Transcription]
Level 940 Exit Procedure
  • Walk in a circle around the post in the center of the garage
  • Maintain the same direction of motion
  • Once a door appears on one of the walls, exit through it.

The box contains an excerpt from a text written on the level by Prof. Pendragon.

Entrances And Exits:


  • The level can be entered by no-clipping in Level 22.


  • Exits to other levels appear as doors on the insides of some of the walls of the garage.

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