Level 925

[Dear Michel Joan]
Hey Michel, do you remember when I told you about a strange level that I visited?
I found my diary where I wrote about the level.
I can't remember when I wrote this, but I think this diary will help you understand.
When you finish reading the diary, please return it to me.

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The cloud

Where should I start? I still remember when I visited Cloud's Heaven with my friends. We had been wandering on Level 10 when we came across a field filled with pink clouds. We suddenly fainted, feeling dizzy. We wondered how much time had passed. We woke up and realized we were in a different place. At first, we were fearful of this new location. After we saw the sunset in the sky, a wave of comfort and safety washed over us. At the same time, we realized we were standing on top of the clouds. The weightless, soft ground formed another layer of still safety, leaving smiles of awe plastered on our faces.


Cloud Angels

We walked for some time on the clouds, not uttering a word. I felt a little drowsy, as if I had woken up during a deep-sleep. Suddenly, a flock of small birds approached. I thought they looked like gulls due to their long wings, but they had dreamly shades on their body, such as light green, light pink, and sky blue. They landed just in front of us. Then, the birds transformed into humans covered with clouds, and I couldn't help but think they weren't wearing anything. They resembled mannequins made from clouds, but unlike normal mannequines, they didn't look hard. The eyes, nose, and mouth were not exactly visible, but the shapes remained, and the hands and toes were round. They all had similar body structure, making me think they were like cotton candy at the same time. They introduced themselves to us as the Cloud Angels. Although it was our first encounter with the Cloud Angels, they somehow felt familiar. We asked them where we were, and they replied:

We call this place the Cloud's heaven.

Their voices were low and faintly echoed. I asked the Angels what they're doing here.

We are here to preserve humans' hope and prevent pain from various hardships

They said as they walked, leaving clouds that resembled wisps of smoke in their wake. We inquired about what we could do.

Chase your dream and think your memories

We couldn't understand what they were saying. My friend asked the angels, "What do you mean 'chase your dream?'"

Think about anything you have ever missed.

I thought of my home. Suddenly, clouds emerged from the ground and the sky, clumping together. Within five minutes, I saw my home. As we entered, I was shocked to see just how similar it was to my old house. From the alignment of the furniture, to the placement of picture frames. Everything was just the same as it was back then.

"You and your friends can make anything you could ever imagine, with the only exception being food, technology, and souls."

I asked myself out loud, "Are there any other people in here?"

The Cloud's Heaven is too large to meet other people.


We saw the dream and we started to make more

We made so many things that we wanted with the angels. When we entered this level, Cloud's Heaven was empty, but after we made many structures and buildings, Cloud's Heaven was full of our dreams. I created memorial places like a park in front of my house, a restaurant that I used to frequent, and places I had always wanted to visit. Although they were made from clouds, they looked real. The structures made of clouds and comfortable environment gave us a calm feeling. I don't think I was thirsty and hungry at that time. My friend and I sat down on the cloud and we smiled as we looked up at the sunset. The sunset colors mixed together and made a wonderful view and gave us hope for life. We never saw this view at the home. Just looking at the sky, I thought I might live here forever.


We cried at the fact that there was hope.

After some time had passed, we cried at the fact that there was hope. We thought the Backrooms were just hell, but we found hope and we were able to rewrite our memories. Suddenly, I realized that we can't recreate the people who we miss. I asked the cloud angels how to make a human.

As we said before, we can't make things that have a soul.

I realized no heaven was better than reality. So I said "I want to go back. I want to see my parents and friends." One angel said:

Why do you want to leave this place? Aren't you happy?

However, I didn't change my mind, so I asked my friends, "What about you? Do you want to exit?" My friends said "No we want to stay here." I told an angel again: "I want to go back, please."

Is that your decision? Are you sure you are not going to regret this decision after?


Can clouds be a heaven?

I thought about what the best choice was. Here is the Cloud's Heaven, but I can't meet anyone excluding my friends. I should go back to my family, to my other friends, to real life. The angels said:

We accept your choice.

The answer confused me, but I decided to go back. So, I said "Yes, I will not regret this choice. I should go to home." The angels answered:

This is your last chance. Are you sure about that?

I nodded instead of answering.

The last sight of heaven

The Angels made an elevator, and said.

If reality is your heaven, we'll accept your choice.

I wanted to be together with my friends, but they did not follow me. I decided to go back alone. I entered the elevator, and there were buttons for '63' and '998', as well as a 'back' button. Then, I pushed the 'back' button, and the elevator started to work. While I was going down in the elevator, I saw my friends for the last time. They smiled.

About 10 minutes later, I woke up on Level 10. When I looked at the clock, I realized 7 hours had passed. For a while, I just thought about the heaven of clouds. Maybe there is no heaven better than Cloud's Heaven. Living in the present, I sometimes think about where the real heaven is, and where true preciousness exists. After returning home for about five days, some people asked me where my friends were. I simply said, "They found their heaven."

-Haster Rowen- 2017. 3. 14.

On cloudy days I look up at the sky and I wonder if my friends are still there.
I tried to find Cloud's Heaven again, but those pink clouds that once covered me never returned.
I don't regret my decision, but sometimes, I miss that heaven.

I looked up at the sky again today.


I smile with this memory

To Haster

Hello Haster, I'm Michel.
We made the level 925's file thanks to your journal.
We gained some details of the level after a few explorations.
Also, we got some information about level 925 that you didn't know.
To show our respect, I've sent this message.
And I'm sure your friends will back to you soon.
Thank you Haster.
-Michel Joan-


Class cloud

  • Heaven
  • Clouds
  • Smile with hope


Level 925 is comprised of an endless sea of clouds with a sunset backdrop. Unlike actual clouds, the clouds of Level 925 are solid enough to stand on and can even be molded by wanderers' thoughts. When a wanderer first enters the level, it will be empty until they think of something like a building, object, or environment. The clouds will come together and take the form of whatever the wanderers want. Most wanderers will think of old memories or things they wanted. The clouds can take any shape except for the forms of things that have a soul, such as humans and animals. These things disappear when the wanderers want them to or when a long time has passed since they were created. Entities called Cloud Angels aid in this process and are found everywhere in Level 925. They generally appear after a wanderer has been in Level 925 for some time, and they teach wanderers what they can do in the level.

When the clouds of Level 925 move, they occasionally form holes in their cloud cover. Wanderers cannot move into these holes, but they can stand at the edge of the cloud and look beneath it. While the time is always sunset, the colors of the sunsets change, casting a variety of hues across the sky. The temperature of Level 925 is always comfortably warm with an occasional cool breeze.


Cloud Angels

Cloud Angels are the most common creature of level 925. They help wanderers and let them know what they can do while in the level. The total population of angels is unknown, but there are at least two angels for every person who enters the level. Angels generally look like humans who are covered with clouds. Angels can fly like birds despite their lack of wings. Generally, angels help wanderers by making tools and objects by mixing different clouds together. Angels are incredibly friendly to wanderers in Level 925, saying "We save people so they can have hope and forget fear." Angels give off feelings of familiarity and they have low-tone voice that calm any wanderer who hears it.

Cloud's Eye

This entity has never been discovered and is only known through Cloud Angel interviews. The Cloud's Eye is the manager of Cloud's Heaven. He settles deep in Level 925, a place unreachable by wanderers. Angels describe Cloud's Eye as a sun: he lights up the whole level, and the sunsets and warm temperatures are caused by him. He created the Cloud Angels, and so their beliefs align with his own.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Long-term residence is allowed, but unless you've entered Level 925 in a group, finding other wanderers is impossible.

Entrances And Exits


Wanderers can enter Level 925 by being covered by pink clouds. While finding pink clouds is difficult, they are more likely to be found in levels that resemble fields, such as Level 10 and Level 63.


According to the angels, they can give wanderers an exit whenever the wanderer wishes to leave. They will make an elevator with three buttons for Level 63, Level 998, and one marked "back." They prefer wanderers stay an extended amount of time, at least three months, but the angels will always provide an exit to wanderers who ask for one, even if they disapprove.

Though you think you can't exit the backrooms, you can still have hope of living.

Always, our thoughts are with you.

I believe in you.


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