Level 924
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Okay, I'm a Database Maintenance Member for The M.E.G.. And they told me to record any strange findings on the Database when you come across them. And here I am. Writing this now. I'll list my findings here.

While on my duty I had discovered an oddity within the Normal Level List. I'll link it here just incase. (http://www.meg-archive.com/normal-level-list-1)

Basically what I had found is that the entry link for Level 924 was missing between 923 and 925. I have a theory as to why but I can't really confirm shit right now.

What I think happened was that the entry was simply deleted.

You know what? I'll just go find it. It might have been archived and it could've been important.

Yup, found it. And from what the link says, it was archived. I guess my theory is somewhat confirmed.

It seems to have been archived years ago, but the entry on the list just disappeared. Well, here it is anyways.

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