Level 923
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"How many times have I been here?" A sense of déjà vu engulfs your mind. Everything around you seems so familiar, yet so foreign. You can't help but feel that you're stuck in a never-ending loop.

What Lies Beyond is a space devoid of all logic, a place where even reality itself starts to become fictional. The walls twist and turn in the blink of an eye, remaining indefinitely alien; in one moment, a beautiful landscape can catch one's eye, and in the next moment, a greyscale hell can send shivers down a spine. All that remains is a suffocating labyrinth that closes in from all directions as the terrain constantly distorts to evoke confusion and helplessness.

The space deceives its victims, toying with us like rats in a psychological experiment. A glimmer of light provides a false sense of hope and security before being promptly removed from our line of sight as a foreign frontier replaces the land we have become so accustomed to. We are never physically harmed, but still, we remain broken. Shadows watch us from afar, ready to grasp at their prey—are they entities waiting to pounce on us, or are they illusive manifestations of our weakened minds? The walls have eyes and ears. They observe our movements and listen to our faint heartbeats to plan their next spectacle. Everything feels so surreal.


A nightmare ensues. The sound of footsteps haunts those who stand still. Audible chattering disorients those who wander alone. A dark silhouette tricks those who see nothing.

What is real in the Beyond, if anything? Are we waiting to wake up from a dream, or are we experiencing everything consciously? Is there an end to this, or are we destined to remain test subjects?

In the midst of the chaos, a towering, black obelisk remains constant and stationary. The supposed heart of the illusion menacingly stands intact in one location as the scenery around it distorts and disfigures. It is our way out. We reach out to it. We pursue it. We touch it.

And the nightmare ends.

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