Level 913


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A picture of Level 913.

Level 913 is the 914th level of the Backrooms.


It is currently impossible to confirm whether this place has an end, but its non-linear properties pose challenges in ascertaining the veracity.

Wanderers will find themselves lying on the floor upon no-clipping into this level. When they place their ears in proximity to the ground, they will perceive a sound akin to the intermittent flickering of an aged television with flashing dots overlaying the screen.
Wanderers can hear echoes of their own sounds at some point, with intervals ranging from a few milliseconds to decades. Compared to the original sounds, these echoes become more distorted and sometimes blend with creatures’ flapping, laughing, or other indistinguishable noises.

The walls of Level 913 are pure white, and sometimes equipped with objects such as air conditioners, electrical boxes or windows.

Outside the window, it is typically shrouded in darkness, and sometimes an unknown bright spot flashing in the dark. Most people report that the bright spot closely adheres to their movements, and gradually becomes brighter over time, until the light changes from amber to dark red and then disappears instantly. It soon reappears outside another window, and continues to stalk the wanderers.

There are several square concrete pillars neatly arranged in a straight line in the middle of the level, which have a gap between them that is about enough for a person to pass through. If the wanderers closes their eyes when weaving through the pillars, they will appear in another position in distant. This behavior sometimes leads to no-clipping, and the result will be mentioned below.

Looking up at the ceiling, wanderers will find that there seem to be black bugs flying into the fluorescent tubes above. After a while, they will be burned to ashes by the gradually increasing light and heat and fall under the fluorescent tubes. Meanwhile, wanderers’ vision will be filled with white light, and they will hear the buzzing sound of creatures flapping around.

Occcasionally, a wooden door can be found on a wall. After opening it, the scene will be exactly the same as a few hours ago: a white floor, ceiling, walls, and lights that continue to illuminate the entire room.

Sometimes wanderers find that the door seems to be blocked, making it impossible to open. At this time, they will hear a very subtle and creepy laugh from behind the door. The lights on the ceiling will suddenly go out, and the bright spot outside the window will gradually approach.

The outcome following contact of the radiant anomaly with the wanderer remains uncertain, as one who have encountered this phenomenon have subsequently lost communication.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

There are no bases, outposts, or communities in this level.

Entrances and Exits


  • One may end up in this level by falling from anywhere, and this is how most wanderers enter this place.
  • A few wanderers may enter from any room in the Frontrooms. If they open the door and find that the space outside is endless white, and do not experience hunger or thirst no matter how long they walk, it means they have no-clipped into Level 913.


  • As mentioned above, there is a slight chance of exiting the level by closing the eyes and weaving through the concrete pillars, but it is still unknown where one would end up after exiting. This is due to the fact that all individuals who successfully no-clipped out of the level reported that they were falling from the sky, and the contact was swiftly and inexplicably lost within seconds.

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