Level 912
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This page contains brief mentions of arthropods.


Class 3

  • Secure
  • Obstructive to No-clipping
  • Entity Infestation


Level 912 is an enclosed room that is about 4 meters long, 3.5 meters wide, and 2.5 meters high. The level's walls, ceiling, and floor are covered with white wallpaper with no pattern or decoration.

The room is overall well-equipped, with furnishings of varying quantity, types, and locations, most of which appear to be white. Sofas, beds, tables, and other common furnishings are included. There are no windows in the room, however, a locked door occasionally appears.


A part of Level 912.

The following phenomena are common in this level:

  • Observing rapid object movement in the corner of one's eye.
  • Brownish-black threads regularly swinging from behind the furniture.
  • A large amount of brown setae moving under the crack in the door.
  • Hearing creatures crawling and flapping.
  • Observing bulges on the wallpaper caused by creatures moving underneath.


There is only one kind of entity in this level.

Cockroaches inhabit the space behind the wallpaper in large numbers, sharing no obvious difference from those found in the Frontrooms. If the wallpaper is torn or broken, these cockroaches will swiftly fly out of the hole and try to hide in the nearest dark place. Usually, they will eventually choose to fly into sleeves or mouths.

They do not directly do harm to humans, but may provoke panic and discomfort, causing wanderers to subliminally open the door to escape. When the door is forced open, an inestimably large number of cockroaches will pour out. This phenomenon may make some wanderers extremely panicked.


Underneath the wallpaper.

Moreover, this influx of entities blocks any means of escape, including most possible no-clip locations, so it is difficult for wanderers to no-clip into safe levels. Therefore, it is not recommended to tear the wallpaper or break the door by force for any reason.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no bases, outposts, or communities in this level.

Entrances And Exits

  • One will be led to Level 912 after sticking their body to the white wall in Level 127 and Level 189 and hearing the wall rustling.
  • No-clipping into a wall will lead to Level 369.
  • No-clipping into cockroaches will lead to Level 611.
  • When no-clipping into a wall, be sure to maintain a high speed and do not stop throughout the process, otherwise one will be regarded as no-clipping into cockroaches.

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