The End Of The F#c*ing World
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The inside of an abandoned grocery store in the level, image taken by a M.E.G Operative.

The End Of The F#c*ing World, formerly Level 600, is the 911th level of the Backrooms accessible from Road to Ruins.


The End Of The F#c*ing World is a dangerous Level due to the low supply rates and the omnipresent hostile entities.

The End Of The F#c*ing World resembles the remainder of a city destroyed by nuclear warfare. There's no radiation present and the time of day is locked to noon. The streets are destroyed and covered in debris, with this carrying over to the houses and other facilities, examples being supermarkets and military outposts.

The city is filled with Hounds, Death Rats, Stalkers and humanoid bandits. The bandits being the most dangerous Entity in this Level due to their ability to use and wield firearms.

Graffiti art of Scream Eaters can occasionally be found inside buildings. It's unknown why they're spray painted in this Level, since current exploration hasn't shown these entities to reside here.

When reaching the edges of The End Of The F#c*ing World, Non-Euclidian effects will start to play. The landscape will start to scale up and down, areas will repeat and loop, and the time it takes to reach the end may take longer or shorter than one would expect, if this is persevered through, however, one will witness the land beginning to break away and slowly fade into The Blue Channel.

Supermarkets and Groceries Stores

The supermarkets of The End Of The F#c*ing World are usually empty, except for household furniture like tables and beds. Bottles of Almond Water or canned food can occasionally be found within these structures, as well as the standard Non-Euclidian properties this Level possesses as a whole.

The Malls are completely empty, without any kind of furniture or supplies. They also possess high bandit and Non-Euclidian activity, making traversing these areas heavily unadvised.

It is to be noted that all the calendars show the same date: 31 December 1999.

Military Outposts

Military Outposts are rare structures within the Level, and so far only one has been found. The outposts are composed of abandoned military vehicles, barracks, sandbags, military rations, and occasionally military backpacks.


The bandits are the major threat in The End Of The F#c*ing World, they're humanoids entities that move in groups from 7 to 12 members that can talk like normal humans. They all pose the ability to use guns, examples being shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Some bandits use contusive weapons including fire axes, machetes, metal baseball bats, crowbars, and batons. Their only distinguishing feature from ordinary human beings is their corpse-like appearance and rotting smell.


The inside of a Non-Euclidean Room.


The map of the first floor of a Non-Euclidean Skyscraper room.

These entities can easily be defeated with a salt firearm. Once killed, the bodies of the bandits will disappear, as will their guns, except for their melee weapons.

Non-Euclidean Structures

3/4 of the structures of The End Of The F#c*ing World have been shown to display Non-Euclidian properties. These rooms are clearly signposted to be Non-Euclidian and possess a high threat level when entering. In these rooms there are many traps placed by the bandits, these are oftentimes lethal or will irreversibly damage one's body. When entering a skyscraper, it's a completely random chance as to what floor you'll end up on, making living in them not advised.

The Non-Euclidian rooms can cause confusion and disorientation in one's mind due to the repeating rooms and a lack of an exit . All the rooms are devoid of furniture, with the only notable items inside them being any traps and debris. Each floor of a skyscraper is completely independent of one another, with the only way to access them is to exit and re-enter the skyscraper.

The remains of the skyscrapers appear small from the outside, however, the interior size of these structures is known to scale to be at least three times as big. The halls of shopping malls will experience duplicating hallways, making exiting them nearly impossible.

It should also be noted that the same Non-Euclidian effects start to take effect when reaching the edges of the Level.

Entrances And Exits:


To access The End Of The F#c*ing World, you can randomly find it in The Blue Channel, going towards it will eventually drop you into the Level. Another way to access this Level is to go to the west of Level 812 and jump off on the road, which will bring you to The Blue Channel. Once here, continue to travel west until finding this Level.


To exit The End Of The F#c*ing World, you have to find the edges of this Level. Once there, you can jump off and enter The Blue Channel.

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