The Metro
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Object Number: 39


Object 39, better known as the Metro, is a large subway train that has been seen passing through multiple different levels of the Backrooms. The Metro takes the appearance of a typical subway train, being shaped somewhat rectangularly, having multiple locomotives with plenty of seats, and a conductor’s compartment. Currently, not much information is known about it, and most of the information in this document comes from interviews with eyewitnesses and a few tests conducted by The M.E.G.

A theory has arisen that the Metro is actually multiple different trains that drive around, due to the descriptions of it varying among wanderers. The first discovery of it took place on Level 7 during an unrelated research mission. Operatives present on the scene described a blue and grey train riding across the waters as if they were tracks. Once the train reached the operatives, it appeared to slow down and open its doors, seemingly inviting them to go in. They waited for a few minutes to see if anything else would happen, documenting the train as much as possible, before it closed its doors once more and drove away.


A picture of the repaired window from inside The Metro on Level 3, taken through the phone of one of the eyewitnesses.

The Metro reappeared soon after on Level 3, this time in front of The B.N.T.G.’s “Storage Facility”. The members on guard duty that day described a yellow train suddenly clipping through the wall and pulling in front of the base. Part of the train actually remained clipped in the wall due to the small size of Level 3, which caused further shock among the guards. After the doors opened, one of the more brave guards named Sam Willis decided to step in out of pure curiosity.

In later interviews, Sam describes the door shutting behind him. The train then proceeded to start moving, causing Sam to fall back into one of the seats. Sam was able to snap a picture of the train moving from inside. A strange thing to note is that one of the windows, as seen in the picture, appears to have been broken at one point before being replaced.

Sam then describes the train moving at immense speeds through the level, clipping through multiple walls upon immediate impact. After this occurred a few times, the train then appeared to suddenly clip into Level 188, an exit of Level 3 that has not been documented prior to this point.

Sam was later recovered on Level 11 exclaiming about a mysterious “Metro” that brought him throughout multiple different levels. The M.E.G. took him into Base Beta for interviews and rehab where they were able to connect this event to the Level 7 sighting.


Despite having a conductor’s area, The Metro appears to be self-driven. The Metro is usually completely empty, having no other noteworthy humans, entities, or objects of value inside of it. Magazines and newspapers written in an unknown language can occasionally be found, but nothing else noteworthy is inside.

As previously mentioned, The Metro appears to be able to travel through any level at will. How exactly the object is able to do this is unknown, but the train’s ability to pass through levels with ease is what caught the interest of the M.E.G. Passengers of The Metro report the train moving at unnaturally high speeds — ones that would normally obliterate the walls it touches. Despite this, the Metro has never been documented to cause damage, casualties, or even proof of its arrival with things like skid marks. The M.E.G. was able to document the speed of the Metro in one of tests: an estimated 87 mph average. However, other wanderers have reported the Metro having a speed so fast that they were unable to stand up from their seat during its movement.

Another strange thing about the train is its ability to travel between levels at random. The train has been seen suddenly passing throughout walls into levels that aren’t documented to be exit points. The first documented example of this was The Metro’s travel from Level 3 to 188, which is currently considered to be impossible through regular human clipping.


Currently, there is no known way to “summon” the Metro, or control where it stops. In all documented sightings, it appears through a wall unannounced and at complete random. It is still being discussed whether or not the Metro has a preference for specific levels or if it travels through all of them without bias. The Metro is not considered dangerous at this current time, but caution should still be taken when boarding it. Any dangerous effects, entities, objects, or any other undocumented occurrences on the Metro should be reported to The M.E.G. as soon as possible.

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