Level 9.2
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Class 2

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A typical street in Level 9.2


Level 9.2 (sometimes called the Black Market) is a known sub-layer of Level 9 that resembles a suburban business district. Retaining many characteristics of its parent level, it is suspended within a silent, eternal night, and blanketed by a cool fog. Due to its cohesive local culture, the sub-level is thought to be finite in size. Temperatures are described as comfortable, though somewhat colder than what is ideal. Information regarding Level 9.2 is limited, as only a handful of cursory surveys have been conducted.

Though not nearly as impressive as Level 11, Level 9.2 boasts office buildings and apartment towers of substantial size, along with smaller storefronts, restaurants, parking decks, and townhomes. Buildings do not conform to any individual architectural style and are constructed from a wide range of materials. Some structures possess fully-furnished interiors, while others are stripped bare. Roads and sidewalks are smooth and well-maintained. Areas of high density are punctuated by greenspace in the form of small parks and tree-lines with damp soil, though rainfall has never been observed.

Level 9.2 possesses decent infrastructure and considerable resources. Electricity is markedly more reliable here than in Level 9, but most buildings remain unlit. Various sustenance and foodstuffs regularly materialize within warehouses, stockrooms, and bars throughout the sub-level, which are entirely safe to consume, though they are utterly bland, tasteless, or slightly stale.


Level 9.2 is far less dangerous than its parent level and is easily traversed by wanderers of average skill. Entity encounters are sporadic, but can include Windows, Facelings, Hounds, and Skin-Stealers. Activity is suppressed within populated zones and along marked routes of travel, which are patrolled regularly. Attacks are more common upon lone wanderers, especially in unlit areas or cramped alleyways.

Criminal Underworld

Level 9.2 is a haven for those on the wrong side of the law. Far from petty thugs, the sub-level hosts organized professionals that are well-trained, well-armed, and universally feared. While often portrayed as a lawless anarchy, residents of the sub-level adhere to an informal code that greatly reduces infighting. Silence is golden, though loyalty, honor, and respect are also held in high regard. Pointless violence and unjustified conflict is considered a sign of weakness and is not tolerated. Turf wars sometimes occur, but are resolved quickly.


Level 9.2 is believed to host numerous grey and black markets.

Frequent peace enables cooperation and specialization within the sub-level's criminal network. Street gangs conduct patrols, clear entities, and escort guests. Mafias, triads, and yakuza establish contacts outside Level 9.2, corrupt external authorities, and direct hit-squads. Cartels procure and distribute rare or illegal commodities including Firesalt, Pockets, Memory Juice, and Rixa Gas to clients across the Backrooms, as well as ensure that citizens of Level 9.2 enjoy a variety of stolen goods. The sub-level is not known to have a sole leader, but power is known to concentrate amongst long-running criminal dynasties and wealthy kingpins.

Denizens of Level 9.2 are highly distrustful of outsiders and display open hostility towards the B.N.T.G. and the Eyes of Argos. The M.E.G. has no permanent presence within the sub-level and its total population is unknown.

Outposts & Communities

Organized crime groups within Level 9.2 generally do not release details regarding their hideouts. As a result, few outposts within Level 9.2 are known.

The Nonsense Factory

  • Large bazaar located within a parking deck.
  • Known to sell modified weapons, drugs, artifacts, entity trophies, and stolen property.
  • One of the few underworld outposts accessible to outsiders.
  • Thoroughly supervised by armed guards.

Eternal Repository Database 009-2

  • Existence declared in 2020.
  • Located within a generously sized consulate-complex, complete with dormitories, dining facilities, and defences.
  • Hosts around 100 Repository members, primarily Data Diggers native to Level 9.2.
  • Heavily involved in the sub-level's information trade.

Camp Blacklight

  • Former B.N.T.G. blacksite.
  • Raided and captured by criminal syndicates in 2015.
  • 34 assassins and support personnel taken captive, later exchanged for prestigious criminals in B.N.T.G. custody.
  • Current status unknown, but believed to still be in use.

Entrances & Exits

Travel to Level 9.2 is not recommended and its entrances and exits are not well understood. A single reliable method of entry is known: walking through a car wash in Level 9. This is seen as a respectable feat, given the danger of The Suburbs, and those who enter the sub-level in this way, or who are accompanied by a native guide are left undisturbed. Walking through car washes in Level 9.2 will always lead back to Level 9.

Due to the far-reaching activity of criminal groups linked to Level 9.2, it is hypothesized that further entrances and/or exits exist. Level 4.2 is rumored to be accessible from Level 9.2, and could be a smuggling route into Level 1, Level 4, and Level 5. Given the nature of both sub-levels, however, this has not been confirmed.

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