Level 890

Okay, this seems like a new level. It’s a little foggy, so I can’t see much yet. Until I find the exit, I’ll note down whatever I can.

First off: this level has no Wi-Fi.
— Lowan Aldna

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Class pending

  • Unsafe
  • Unsecure
  • Low Entity Count



I’ll start off by saying that from what I’ve seen, this level is just a giant amusement park.
I’ve walked for a long time and I’m stopping for a bit to jot this down. There’s food trucks and souvenir shops, but they were useless. Nothing but rotten food and kitschy souvenirs.
Should I write a report on the environment?

Level 890 is an endless, empty amusement park known as "Happy World". Its whimsically bright decor and faux-fantasy architectural motifs create a caricature vaguely reminiscent of various familiar Frontrooms theme parks. The sugary aroma in the air, cheery colors, and gentle sunshine amidst its abandoned expanse seem to evoke a wistful atmosphere of childhood nostalgia.

The level remains largely unexplored, because of how challenging it is to even enter and exit the space, and because of the danger which lies. The environment itself poses no threat, however, bearing resemblance to an ordinary amusement park. The park appears impeccably maintained despite a peculiar and total lack of any employees. Although the rides are in excellent condition, they seldom operate, without anyone to run them.

The air is permeated with the sweet scent of sugar and fried dough. Scattered food trucks can be found within designated "food courts," accompanied by various souvenir shops. Unfortunately, the food inside is usually spoiled. Even so, souvenir shops do usually contain useful supplies such as bottled beverages, including Almond Water. Regular consumption of Almond Water is recommended during traversal through the level. This can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and unease, which are likely to surface during exploration of the space. The level may also occasionally emit unidentified sounds with no clear origin. This is no cause for alarm.

The temperature is okay. It’s always sunny (aside from the fog, at least), and the air smells good. Like donuts.
It seems… safe. I’m not sure yet. I think I’ll rest in a shop or something. And then…
I’ll just keep moving forward.

Level 890 has no day/night cycle; it remains stuck in a state of perpetual daytime. The temperature ranges between 12°C and 20°C (53.6°F and 68°F). The level is also prone to sporadic blankets of dense fog, resulting in low visibility which impedes navigation. Moreover, due to unusual electromagnetic disturbances, Wi-Fi is unavailable within the level, and most electronic devices are unable to function. As a result, few images of Level 890 exist.


A photograph of Level 890.

Overall, Level 890 is clean and relatively safe. However, caution should be exercised, as it is inhabited by a unique and hazardous entity known as Restatic. The presence of Restatic precludes the establishment of any bases in Level 890. The entity and its destructive influence retains control over the level, roaming throughout the amusement park, such that attempts to establish settlements are generally unsuccessful.

Due to the lack of documentation, estimating the size of the level and the number of attractions within it is extremely challenging. Level 890 is thought to be spatially endless.

Do you still remember me?

Locations of Interest

Most of Happy World consists of carnival booths and amusement rides, painted in uniformly vivid colors and plastered with generic fantasy characters and creatures.1 Being generally non-operational and carrying no useful supplies, booths and rides are typically not worth exploring. However, within the grounds, there are a few places of interest that stand out, serving as key landmarks or places to rest.

Vibrant Gardens


A colorful garden.


An animatronic statue.

Vibrant gardens are the most common of the various points of interest. They are gardens filled with a variety of colorful flowers, places to sit, and large, humanoid, statue-like animatronics.

The animatronics are capable of free locomotion. They are known to roam freely within vibrant gardens, though they have never been found wandering beyond their bounds. Wanderers have noted that the figures seem to possess a primitive partial intelligence. They are known to turn toward or physically approach wanderers from time to time, as if expressing curiosity. Even so, open hostility from the animatronics has never been documented. Though potentially “creepy”, their behavior is no cause for alarm.

Do they still think of me?

Black Rooms

Black rooms are small tents with black fabric, which are rare and difficult to locate. From the outside, the interior of a black room appears as a black void, impossible to observe. Those who enter alone disappear, never to be seen again. However, those who enter in a group may explore and exit unharmed.

According to reports from explorers, black rooms are dark, but can be illuminated by flashlights. Every black room appears to contain bedroom furniture such as sofas, tables, beds, and dressers, all of which are black in color.

The entity Restatic seems to be drawn to these rooms. They are thus to be avoided.

Is my room still in my house?

Working Rides


Working roller coaster.

Although the level lacks employees, some rides operate autonomously. Roller coasters, in particular, constitute the majority of these functioning rides. While most other operational rides are considered safe, roller coasters possess the risk of transporting wanderers into black rooms as they are riding. Wanderers are strongly advised not to take roller coaster rides in Level 890, no matter how tempting the thrill may seem.

Parking Lots

Parking lots on Level 890 are filled with numerous rusted, corroded cars that are generally unfit for driving. Positioned at the center of each parking lot are ticket booths that sell tickets bearing the name of the park, "Happy World". Gardens and black rooms cannot appear in these parking lots. However, there are statues scattered throughout the parking lots. Though the statues are similar to those in Vibrant Gardens, they are confined to the plinths upon which they stand, with much more limited locomotion. Occasionally, the cars may exhibit autonomous behavior, limited to activating their headlights and sounding their horns. These occurrences become more frequent when Restatic is present. However, under most other circumstances, the noise is no cause for alarm.

The River

The river is the rarest location in Level 890. Nestled in a small patch of natural forest greenery, it is a small river which stretches off in either direction with no end. Offering quiet respite from the synthetic whimsicality of the amusement park, wanderers are encouraged to linger and appreciate the beauty of this exceptional site, if they are fortunate enough to find it.

Although the rest of Level 890 maintains perpetual daylight, the river instead presents a captivating sunset. The sky showcases a breathtaking blend of pinks, oranges, and yellows. The water is cool and clear, and suitable for bathing or drinking.

It is important to note that the river’s location changes every 30 minutes. If wanderers happen to be in the river during this transition, they are instantaneously transported into black rooms.

I…I miss all things…

Well, I saw a garden and a few working rides. The garden was nice, but I’m not riding the rides. I don’t like them, somehow.
I’m currently standing in front of a black tent of some sort. I also don’t like dark places, so I’m not going in there either.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no permanent settlements on Level 890. At one point, there was a group called "The Joier" in residence. However, they were apparently destroyed by Restatic. What little is known about them was gathered from scattered scraps of paper they had left around the level.

The Joier

  • It was a small group of only three people
  • They weren’t friendly to wanderers, preferring to keep to themselves
  • Their base’s location was unknown
  • How they sustained themselves was unknown

I thought they would help me
But… they kept running away from me.


Level 890 has only one entity –- Restatic.

I’m writing this log, but I don’t know how helpful it’ll be. I’d have to get out of here first, and it’s more difficult than I thought.
Oh! I think I saw someone.
I don’t know if they’re human or… something else. But I won’t know unless I get closer. I’ve been alone for a long time now. I… just need to hear another voice. One that’s not mine.


According to papers scattered throughout Level 890,2 the entity's name is Restatic. Shrouded perpetually in fog, and possessing a fiercely malevolent intent, the entity is incredibly difficult to observe without perishing. Restatic habitually roams the entire level, presumably in search of prey, and will not hesitate to attack those it encounters. The few accounts describing it in detail vary drastically, though they seem to agree that Restatic is human in appearance.

The entity should be avoided at all costs. The closer one gets to Restatic, the more perilous the level becomes. Warning signs become apparent as one approaches dangerous proximity.

1. First, the skylight will dim, with shadows stretching out unnaturally and colors fading. In the sky overhead, Clouds will begin to block out the sun. On the ground, thick fog will soon roll in, obscuring the environment from view.

2.Next, nearby structures will start to decay, with grime and rot spreading outward from Restatic’s location. Structures appear to repair themselves as Restatic moves away, and degrade more quickly as it approaches.

3. Lastly, if wanderers still do not change course, nearby structures will begin to morph and change. Under the cover of fog, their silhouettes will begin to distort, till they transform into hostile creatures.

When Restatic notices anyone nearby, it will proceed to attack them immediately. The ground of the level will shake, and nearby structures will twist and contort into the shape of the wanderer's worst fear. Structures have been recorded morphing into giant snakes, disintegrating into swarms of bats, and even liquefying into a tsunami of human blood. Wanderers will be assailed relentlessly until they expire, or manage to escape a sufficient distance away from the entity.

If one should catch sight of Restatic, the most advisable course of action is for them to immediately avert their gaze, and to get as far from the entity as physically possible. Merely looking at Restatic, even from a distance, can trigger this aggressive response. Attempting to actively assault Restatic will worsen this reaction, causing the entire level to rise against the wanderers, no matter how far they try to distance themselves from Restatic.

I… I'm not the entity……I hope…

That wasn’t a person.
It was an entity of some sort.
I walked toward them slowly, but the level changed.
It became darker. Dirtier.
I almost called out, but I saw something in the darkness.
I— I— I need to get out.
Oh shit.
I hear it.


Two unique phenomena have been recorded within Level 890. Both have been mentioned briefly above. It is believed that there may be more awaiting documentation.

The two known phenomena are elaborated on in more detail below.

Electromagnetic Disturbances

Level 890 appears to suffer from constant, extranormal electromagnetic disturbances of unknown origin. When any wanderer enters Level 890, their electronic devices will cease to function. The level appears hostile toward all forms of electronic communication. Devices have been reported to randomly power off, short out, or even completely disappear in some cases. However, the electronic devices created by Level 890 appear to be resistant to these disturbances, and can operate normally. Devices which remain fully intact can function in a limited capacity, though the level lacks Wi-Fi and any form of cell reception. Electromagnetic disturbances may also disrupt cameras and photo-taking devices, though more robust models have managed to obtain some photos of Happy World.

Restatic’s Allure

Unlike the first phenomenon, Restatic's allure is highly dangerous.

This particular phenomenon is caused by Restatic, and occurs occasionally when wanderers encounter it. When wanderers come near the entity, the level becomes far more perilous. However, wanderers are sometimes unable to recognize the danger. Amidst the desolation and despair, they suddenly find their senses engulfed by vivid colors, loud noises, and intense scents. In this state, wanderers lose all control of their senses and are irresistibly drawn towards Restatic.

Moreover, it is believed that the phenomenon is actually even more pervasive, and related to the sense of nostalgia evoked across the entire level’s funfair environment. Survivors of Level 890 often describe feeling like a lost child in a strange place from the moment they enter Happy Land. The closer one gets to Restatic, the more overwhelmed they feel. It is thought that those who fall under Restatic’s allure are those who succumb to their sense of heightened sentimentality.

In any case, the phenomenon makes it all the more essential for wanderers to flee from Restatic, or to avoid it altogether if possible.

Why…..Why do you feel comfort when you are close to me?
Please… run away… don't let me hurt you…

Entrances And Exits

Level 890 has reliable entrances and exits, though they are not easy to reach.


You can enter this level by no-clipping through a colorful wall in Level 122, although doing this is difficult. Level 789 has a similar entrance to this level.


There are two exits.

One is a door marked “EXIT” inside one of the souvenir shops. If you enter the door, you will exit to Level 448. The other way to exit is by no-clipping through another colorful wall, which has the words “THE MALL” painted on. This will take you back to Level 122.

I don’t want anyone else to die.
The Level controls me. It tells me where to go, and people die because of me.
Sometimes I hear strange sounds. I know the Level is calling me.
But why… why me?

This level is dangerous.
I was overwhelmed by colorful things…but it's not real.
That thing is hunting me. It’s shouting at me to stop, but that just makes things worse.
I have to run to avoid it.
Don’t get near anyone. It could be that thing. It could trigger whatever makes the monsters.
I see an exit sign in a shop across the street.
I’m going to make a run for it.
Wish me luck.

This log was written by an unknown wanderer. His body was found on Level 448. We don’t know how it got there, but we’re doing our best to study it.
— The M.E.G.

I'm not giving up

I'll keep my hope…


Find me…


Please find me…

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