Level 880
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Level 880 is a presumably infinite, glowing sea-floor environment, with a self-driven, unorthodoxly constructed submersible vehicle serving as the level's only habitable area.

The Reefwalker

The only habitable portions of Level 880 are the innards of an incredibly large submarine that has been named The Reefwalker1 by the level's main inhabitants. The Reefwalker appears to be primarily made out of brass, copper, large windows with very strong glass, and an unknown type of metal resembling steel that has a distinct, dark blue hue. The metal in particular appears to be The Reefwalker's main ingredient, thus rendering the majority of the submersible a deep blue.

The Reefwalker appears to function entirely on its own, leading some to believe it may even be sentient, or at the very least, puppeted by an outside force. The submersible has remained active despite having no known functional power source or control mechanism — further providing evidence both theories2. Additionally, due to The Reefwalker's lack of a power generator, the vehicle almost entirely lacks any sort of mechanical light source, instead being mainly illuminated by the dim glow of the ocean outside. The very small amount of light gives most of the submersible the vague impression of 'night time'. Should you have poor vision, while not mandatory, it's certainly not recommended to bring portable light sources (I.E. flashlights) to Level 880, as the inhabitants of the level have very sensitive eyes and may become annoyed or disgruntled. Due to the nature of the aforementioned inhabitants, reactions to the light may vary — some may politely ask you to put the it away, some may aggressively threaten you, and some may stare directly into the light as some sort of challenge. Overall, it's best to not risk a hostile encounter.

The Reefwalker is constructed unlike any known submersible within the Frontrooms, consisting of four floors that are connected together via a singular elevator. Some of the rooms on these floors don't appear to serve any clear purpose to the ship as a whole, leading the Level's inhabitants to appropriate the rooms into living quarters and storage units. Perhaps the strangest detail about The Reefwalker is that it appears to have legs. Outside certain portholes embedded within the walls, one has the chance to catch a brief glimpse of one of an assumed fourteen thin mechanical legs that propel the submarine forward, rather than any sort of orthodox propeller based systems. These legs have led to much speculation as to what the Reefwalker truly looks like on the outside, with most believing that it's in the overall shape of a giant isopod or some other sort of large, deep-sea crustacean.

The entirety of The Reefwalker has been taken over by a strange group of sapient entities known as the Trench Singers. It's unknown when they initially took over the level, but they have since converted it into a thriving community, even going as far as to construct a small village in one of the larger rooms.


A basic schematic of the Reefwalker's innards, provided by the artistic Aster Conkreet.

The four floors of The Reefwalker, from top to bottom, are as follows.

  • The Starlight Floor, which has some sort of religious significance to the Trench Singers.
  • The Upper Floor, which is the primary entry point for wanderers.
  • The Middle Floor, which consists only of two areas.
  • The Lower Floor, which is mainly a labyrinth of electrical hardware.

For more information on any individual floor, including the specifics of their rooms, please view any one of the collapsibles below.

The Ocean

As mentioned earlier, outside of The Reefwalker's walls is a large ocean that presumably takes up the majority of Level 880. As its name may imply, The Ocean takes the form of a presumably endless cold-water coral reef that lays at the bottom of an ocean with light levels believed to be somewhere between the lower mesopelagic (twilight) and bathypelagic (midnight) zones. It's unknown if the ocean has a surface, however, despite the ocean seeming to be deep underwater, undersea pressure doesn't seem to exist at all within Level 880.

Instead of leaving the whole level in pitch darkness, however, The Ocean is riddled with hundreds upon thousands of bioluminescent plankton. While not lighting up the entirety of the ocean, the plankton still shed a decent amount of light into The Reefwalker and the cold-water reef itself. Many wanderers who have entered Level 880 have described The Ocean as resembling a 'star filled sky'.

With the glowing plankton, various species of deep-sea Frontrooms fish, coral, and crustaceans have been documented among The Ocean's 'stars'. All of the documented species appear to be sea creatures commonly found within the bathypelagic zone of the Frontrooms' oceans.

The Trench Singers

The Trench Singers are a cult-like group that lives solely within Level 880. Generally, the group is fairly friendly, though they refuse to allow any non-Trench Singer to remain within Level 880 for an extended period of time5. The group has gone through extensive efforts to transform the Reefwalker into their home, constructing an entire village within the main chamber, developing a currency system using shiny stones found in the junk room, and sustaining themselves on dead fish and seawater. They've undergone all of these trials so they could live in Level 880 and worship a deity known only as 'The Wet One'.

The physical appearance of The Wet One is currently unknown, as every single Trench Singer appears to have a completely different idea of what the deity looks and sounds like. However, while it's visage is unknown, some accomplishments and details on the being do remain consistent through each different iteration. Some of these constants include —

  • The Wet One created Level 880, and by extension, also created the Trench Singers.
  • The Wet One has an extreme affinity for the deep ocean and all of its creatures.
  • The Wet One doesn't live within Level 880 itself, but instead spends most of its time in an 'empty blue abyss'. It's unknown if this is referring to the Blue Channel, or something else entirely.
  • The Wet One selects wanderers to become Trench Singers by itself.
  • The Wet One is not by any means a cruel or demanding deity.
  • The Wet One apparently really hates dolphins.

The Trench Singers have several ritualistic events within their culture that are performed in the name of The Wet One. These events are performed not as a means of appeasing it, but are instead done to 'give back' to it. Should a Singer not feel up to it, they could even decide to sit any one of the rituals out; neglecting to participate in every event is generally frowned upon by other Singers, but still permitted.

As stated before, in order to join the group, one must first be 'chosen' by The Wet One. Acquiring the title of being chosen is an incredibly hard task, and no one is quite sure what the process actually entails. That being said, the Trench Singers all seem to be able to recognize when a wanderer is chosen or not. Should a chosen wanderer enter Level 880, they will be recommended to visit the Starlight Chamber, where the effective leader of the Singers will conduct an unspecified ritual that results in the wanderer permanently becoming a Trench Singer. The leader of the Trench Singers is the eccentric, three armed Pelican Eel, who is said to be more 'in tune' with The Wet One than any other Trench Singer.

When a wanderer is indoctrinated into the Trench Singers, they'll undergo several notable mental and physical changes. Generally, a wanderer turned Trench Singer will retain their prior memories and personality, but will begin to become entirely unwilling to leave Level 880. With that, they'll also begin to go by a newly chosen name, that being one of a specific deep-sea creature. Some Trench Singers have become so used to their new names that they have outright forgotten their original ones.

Every single Trench Singer appears vaguely humanoid in appearance, but will often have some sort of peculiar biological quirk that renders them as clearly not human. These quirks can range anywhere from elongated body parts, to twisted or bulbous bodies, to having multiple or none of certain limbs. It's known that these quirks clearly don't exist at first, but chosen wanderers will slowly acquire them as they spend more time within Level 880. It is believed that when a wanderer's physical appearance has stopped shifting, they have fully become a Trench Singer, and are no longer human. Beyond the obvious, the full biology of Trench Singers is unknown, as every single one of them is always fully covered in a layer of unique clothing, with the most notable asset of their wardrobe being that of a felt cowl made to resemble the creature a Trench Singer shares its name with. It's from the mouths of these cowls that the glowing eyes of the Trench Singers can be seen.

Screen Messages:

As mentioned earlier, by interacting with The Elevator found within The Reefwalker, its small built-in screen will light up with certain phrases, depending on what you do while inside. Shown below is a list of every standard phrase that has been recorded so far. With that, there is also a list of more peculiar phrases that have only been recorded as showing up once.

Occasionally, interacting with The Elevator will cause 'unique' messages to appear. These unique messages have only appeared once, and have been deemed as one-time 'error messages'. The fact that these error messages appear at all is near identical to the occasional unique messages found within instances of Entity 81, thus serving as further evidence of The Reefwalker's elevator being an instance of Entity 81.

Every so often, one of the screens found upon the control panels in the Electric Zone or Electrical Hall will appear to temporarily shut down, moments before reactivating to what appears to be some sort of error screen. However, instead of documenting what went wrong with the machine, these error screens will instead output borderline gibberish, odd poems, or even recipes. These errors often last less than an hour or so before the screens seemingly fix themselves and return to displaying their normal outputs.

After being 'chosen' to become a Trench Singer, an M.E.G agent who is now known as Tripod Fish has been kind enough to record these errors and inform other operatives of them when they stop by. Below are some of the more notable logs acquired from error screens.

Entrances And Exits:


  • Occasionally, one may find a submarine's periscope poking out of large bodies of water. Grabbing onto a periscope will cause you to be dragged underwater for a brief time, before seemingly 'waking up' in the Entrance Hall. Periscopes are most often found in Level 85, Level 97, Level 134, or Level 233. There have also been reports of periscopes showing up in the pits of Level 283.
  • In Level 817, one may come across the misplaced corpse of a long dead sperm whale. Getting too close will cause you to faint, and later wake up somewhere in the Junk Room.


  • Dragging your finger under a fish's name on its respective plaque in the Trophy Room will send you to a different level.
    • The Simplistic Bottlehead sends you to Level 37.
    • The Vortex Waste Eel sends you to Level 34.
    • The Binary Mistake sends you to Level 201.
    • The Curabitur Gulper sends you to Level 45.
    • The School of Oilies sends you to Level 117.
    • The Formal Origami Starfish sends you to Level 409.
    • The Hephaestus Forge Crab sends you to Level 8.
    • The Pop-Eyed Whatsit sends you to Level 43.
  • Jumping into the ocean via The Freezer's hatch will cause you to wash up on the shores of Level 134 or wake up in Level 119. It's rumored that this method of exit could also possibly send you to Level 100, but like the status of the level, this is entirely unconfirmed. Do note that this method of exit requires you to pass out due to oxygen loss in the water, which could be very scary to some.

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