Level 876
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Level 876

Level 876 is the 877th level of the Backrooms. They were discovered by u/_ssskywing on 19/10/12 (DDMMYY), and have only been encountered once to date due to difficulties finding the previously recorded entrance.


Level 876 is a winding maze of tarmac paths streaming through a large wildlife park area. They appear to have fallen into recent disuse; the grass being somewhat overgrown, the paths old and at points even cracked. Benches and rusted public gym equipment stand on the sides of some paths.

The level is in a state of constant midday. The time of day did not change at all during u/_ssskywing's 48 hour stay in the level, though it is possible it could be progressing abnormally slowly as opposed to keeping entirely still. Further expeditions necessary.

Their weather is chilly and wet, and so winter clothes are a must if one wishes to enter into the level. Raincoats and boots are recommended if one wishes to venture into the tall, wet grass.


Backnet forum user u/_ssskywing posted a message to the forum following their discovery of the level.

VINDICATED! New evidence supports my theory!
posted 19/10/2012 by u/_ssskywing | posted from an office terminal/level 4

Alright so if you guys don't remember my theory about the Backrooms, I'll put it here for you from a post I made a few weeks ago:

My theory on the Backrooms:

  • Ideas from the real world go here to die
  • These can be small ideas or big ideas
  • They come here and become levels

I think it wants to hurt us as a whole but I'm not sure every level is the same.
I think it's pretty easy to understand what I think and why I think it. You guys should be happy to know that I've recently documented a new level and it's quite helpful for my theory.

This level was like, a big park and it was super wet. Looked like England, and was mostly standard fare — there wasn't a single entity, just some benches which I never trusted enough to sit on.

I found a journal on the ground and I think it supports my theory. It shows that each level is seperate, because the level itself appears to be writing it. Just read it!

There must have been more after this but I left the level as soon as I found these, so we'll never know if nobody manages to get back in there. I got in through a glass door on Level 1, pretty unusual. The trees in the level led to Level 445, but I found my way back to my little camp eventually. Level 4 4ever!

It's like… a person. I bet they all are.


To view the attached document, scroll to the relevant section below. As evidence for this user's theory of the Backrooms it is shaky at best, but it nonetheless has contributed immensely to the documentation of this level.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

There are no known bases, outposts or communities on this level.

Relevant Document

This was the document recovered by u/_ssskywing on Backnet. It is herein transcribed from its original form as a staple-bound document printed on two sheets of cartridge paper.

Log 763


It's just another day, another log. Today was as uneventful as every day is, and I can't see things getting better any time soon.

Another group of people entered today, at least. Another chance at a conversation, some form of correspondence or communication… It was a group of two. A girl with blonde hair and a green cardigan, and her cat. They seemed to enjoy their time with me, but we never talked. She just followed her cat's lead.

They kept to the paths as long as they could be expected to, but eventually they realised they were getting nowhere. They vanished not too long after they went off the path.

I hope they're alright. I shouldn't have blown this opportunity.


I'm so cold today. Still I watched out for new people.

I missed the girl and her cat, they left so soon. The next person should stay longer. Maybe it's my fault.

The gym equipment is still stiff, after all. I haven't found a solution for that yet, sadly, even though it's really meant to be my main project. Still rusting over, less mobile by the day.

I remember when people would use these, instead of just walking by.


Three humans came today. They got split up.

One of them was talking to themself about seeking therapy. I would laugh if I could, or maybe cry.

If only. I can only sit with my thoughts.

I made no attempt at contact again.


Humans from yesterday found their way out. I felt bad for splitting them up, and I really didn't mean for it to happen, honest…

…I saw myself in that. I feel split up, that's it. I feel split up.

I'm sorry.

Who am I sorry to?



I have a lot to think about, don't I?


I have benches. I've always had them.

I wish someone would sit on them.

Or be with them.

See them?




I found somebody new today. A little girl with black hair in a ponytail and a puffy red raincoat. I have no idea where she came from, but at least she's not somewhere more dangerous. I wonder where she came from?

She walked off of the path quickly and nearly left, but she came right back. I was happy not to be left alone again, that's for sure.

I wrote something on the path in front of her with chalk. I don't know if she read it yet, she's playing with the grass. It just says "Hi."

That's a good start, right?


She never read what I wrote. It doesn't really matter.

She's just playing in the grass.

She's absolutely soaked, but she seems to be having fun. I bet she makes her own fun like this everywhere she goes, but she looks to be in her element here. I'm glad.

I wonder where her parents are.


Alone again.

Flick to log 764, please.

Contact has not, as of yet, been established with the level's consciousness.

Further expeditions will aim to recover further log documents, which will be displayed here.

Entrances And Exits


There is no known way to get to this level for now, as the original entrance has not been relocated.


Straying off of the path for too long can lead to Level 445. Other exits are unfortunately unknown as of now.

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