Level 864 - "Nyctophilia"
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The darkness shields all. Our home is nested safely within its depths.

Level 864, colloquially known as "Nyctophilia", takes the form of a vast and treacherous foggy forest, infested with hostile entities. Dotted throughout and beneath the forest is a series of bastions, created for human shelter and survival. Due to the innumerable dangers which crawl above, the founding fathers of Backrooms civilization have established enclaves both modern and ancient, all safely cloaked behind the shield of darkness. The monsters dare not oppose its potent shadow, for in it they are swept into unforgiving oblivion — they crumble and fade in the overpowering presence of the unknown.

The Surface


The ruins beckon you to enter. Come home.

The surface of Level 864 is composed of a vast expanse of hills and trees, all of which are clouded by a thick, misty blanket that limits visibility. The monsters lurk under its guise, prowling for prey at all times.

Dotted throughout the forest are a myriad of both modern and ancient ruins, most providing entrances to an underground civilization — all ruins that do contain entrances will be labelled as such: "home", "safe", "hope", "survival". These signs direct newcomers to enter the caverns, as they are the only truly safe region of the level.

Despite the dangers crawling within, the surface is sprinkled with abundant resources. Berries grow on the forest’s bushes, and almond rivers flow freely to quench the thirst of both man and beast.


The surface holds many dangers. Those who venture in are our bravest soldiers.

Civilizations below the surface are forced to send out harvesters to collect resources, as the underground provides no stable source of nourishment; they often venture out from higher points of the level above the mist, for visibility's sake. The sky above the mist is shrouded intermittently by clouds, the sun residing just on the horizon and providing scarce light to the level — its state is unchanging, as is the temperature of the level, resting at a chilly 7°C (44°F).


The forests will not be kind. Heed their warning screeches.

The Underground


A dimension of calm, devoid of suffering.

Founded by man's earliest warriors, the underground of the level hosts an expansive series of chasms that web across its subterranean depths. Its darkness is often worshipped and held in high regard, with lighting disregarded djue to its innately invigorating properties.

The most notable extranormality of Level 864's underground manifests as the enhanced utility of one's five senses, with the exclusion of sight; echolocation, enhanced instincts, and a strong sense of taste and smell are to be expected when within the confines of the level's caves. This biological enhancement has allowed for the establishment of a variety of outposts and communities underneath the ground, all possessing beds, baths, and other amenities capable of maintaining near-permanent residence. Bottled Lightning is used to power cooking appliances and other technology, with a series of cables running across the cobblestone walls of caves all across the level.

Intense Nyctophilia

Another curious phenomenon unique to the level is known as "Intense Nyctophilia", thus warranting the level's name. The phenomenon mainly consists of a sense of being drawn to the dark and feeling intense comfort while within its bounds, likely one of the main reasons that civilization was established underground. Immense relaxation occurs in darker locations within the level, allowing wanderers to rest easily and calm their nerves if necessary.

In addition to the comfort it provides, the darkness also wards off entities attempting to enter caves, causing them to completely disintegrate into nothing upon contact. The reason for this occurring is presently unknown.


Entities infest the entire surface of the level, frequently both feasting on the berries and drinking from the almond rivers, occasionally even resorting to hunting each other in order to obtain nourishment. Entities that inhabit this level include Hounds, Plague Goblins, Chupavidas, Clumps, and Wretches.

The Beasts


An image of a Beast captured from afar.

The Beasts are entities exclusive to Level 864, taking the form of humanoid, crystal-like black masses that roam its surface. They indiscriminately execute anything that moves apart from their own brethren, often tearing to shreds and feasting on hounds and wretches that so much as poke their heads out from the fog. They possess no facial features apart from a sharp set of fangs, allowing them to swiftly devour their prey. In conjunction with their eigengrau claws, no other entity or human stands a chance against them.

Despite the entity's seven-foot frame, its mobility is unprecedented — it has been recorded to move at speed upwards of 40 kilometres per hour (or approximately 25 miles per hour), easily catching up to a human's full-speed sprint. Combined with their invasive and predatory behaviour, the entity's physical capabilities make for a deadly threat to all human life outside of the underground. As such, strong caution is advised whenever one exits the level's subterranean safety.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

M.E.G. Outpost "Stygian"

  • Composed of 30+ veterans of the level.
  • Open to recruiting new members.
  • Frequented by B.N.T.G. envoys for trade of supplies.
  • Possess a stockpile of resources and amenities.
  • Actively focusing on expanding the level's tunnels.

Town of Parigoria

  • Settlement of the Lost.
  • Estimated 200 permanent residents. True size unknown.
  • Indwelt and maintained by members of the Lost Legions.
  • Contains sacred burial grounds of the Lost Suns.

Eternal Repository Database 864-Ξ

  • Existence declared in 2020.
  • Constructed within a single, extremely large cavern, complete with dormitories, kitchens, and workshops. Defences are notably absent in the underground’s tenebrous solace.
  • Hosts around 70 Repository members, consisting of an even mix of Cloak Crafters, Data Diggers, and Hands of the Trade.
  • Property considered private. Outpost is generally not open for access to the public.
  • Will not provide resources for free, but is open to trade in exchange for information.

Society of Unlight


  • Are populated by about ~2,500 individuals.
  • Are the oldest known community on the level.
  • Are in possession of a vast sum of resources gathered from the level.
    • Are willing to share said resources in exchange for one's assimilation into their society.
  • Inhabit an expansive underground city, part of which are ancient while other modern.
  • Worship the darkness for the safety it grants on the level, feeding into the effects of intense nyctophilia and reaping the rewards of it.

Besides these four primary outposts and communities, there are a myriad of less notable bases scattered throughout the interconnected tunnels of the level, all accessible via one-another in some way, shape, or form.

Access Points


  • Entry to Level 864 is possible by getting lost on any forest level. Slowly but surely, the mist will close in, as one eventually fades into the level.
  • Exiting the tunnels of Level 218 has a chance of leading one to the outside of Level 864's ruins.
  • Standing wholly still in a pitch black environment for an indeterminate time will lead one to Level 864.


  • No-clipping whilst inside of the level's caves will lead one to Level 6 or Level 8.
  • Rarely, no-clipping into the ruins will lead one to Level 811.
  • Falling into a pitfall in Level 864 will lead one to Below Zero.

Lay still; make not a sound in the presence of the vestiges of the deceitful light. It lures life out only to traipse on its lifeless corpse, ready for the arrival of its next victim.

No. Rather, bask in the eternal bliss that is the dark. Allow its ichor to infuse with you, and flow through you. It gives you strength, and overwhelms even the most powerful glare.

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