Level 86
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Photo of a section of Level 86's lobby

Level 86 is the 87th Level of the Backrooms. It appears as an office building, but has a different style from Level 4.


Level 86 is an office building consisting of 31 floors. Like in Level 4, in this you can find chairs, tables and in rare cases computers in addition to other office supplies. It is mostly devoid of aggressive entities, making it a safe place to rest or to create an outpost. This Level, like the rest of Level 11, presents what is known as 'The 11 Effect' which makes the entities behavior change to make them act as normal people. The Level can be separated into two areas, "The Lobby" and "The Upper Floors".

The Lobby:

The first floor is known as the lobby of Level 86. it is an open and modern area with clean, shiny floors and many rooms. There are several points of interest in this place, among which are:

  • In the center of the lobby you can find the elevators, instead of taking you to different Levels as most do, they go to the upper floors. Going to the elevators on the right will lead you to floors 2-16 and going to the elevators on the left will lead you to floors 17-31.
  • There's also a restaurant called Mailo's which is run by Facelings. This is the most intense known example of 'The 11 Effect' as it allows Facelings to perform relatively complex tasks. It is unknown as to where they get their supplies.
  • In the left zone, the administrative service can be found. Here, you can find several computers and although most do not work, some are fully functional and have internet access.

The Upper Floors:

At first, the offices are small, reminiscent of cubicles and are interconnected randomly, corridors that lead nowhere and rooms that cannot even be entered or that have too many doors are common in this area. Although the higher you go, the more spacious the rooms will become, which begin to include meeting rooms, recreation spaces or main offices. On all the aforementioned floors, Facelings can occasionally be found, although most of the time they will simply wander the corridors. Sometimes they can be seen sitting in the offices or in the meeting rooms. Even if they are known to be harmless it is highly recommended not to interfere with them.

As in the lobby, on the floors above there are also some places that stand out from the others such as:

  • On floor 5 there is an art gallery in which paintings are exhibited that portray both entities and levels, some of these paintings are identical to those that can be found on Level 57 although they lack their anomalous properties. It is unknown if they are all replicas or if there is any original work as well as if they are made by The Artist.
  • The 14th floor is taken by a group known as the Britagne Royaume, they are known to be hostile to outsiders so it is recommended to avoid this floor.
  • On the top floor is the boss's office, a spacious and well decorated room. The most important thing in this place is the computer that can be found in the central desk, in this device, a large number of varied files can be found. The most interesting are those found in the folder labelled "Info", in which descriptions of various levels are detailed, some known and others of which The M.E.G has no knowledge.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

Britagne Royaume

Britagne Royaume is a group located on the 14th Floor originally consisting of 4 people who got trapped during the Mid-12th Century from Western France and more that joined over time, currently they are made up of 31 people. They are usually hostile to people who are not their origin (although it is not known what they refer to with "their origin").
The actual leader of this group is Arthur I, Duke of Brittany. They are only seen outside their floor when they go down to the lobby for supplies, it is recommended not to make contact with them and to be nice if conversation is unavoidable. The Britage Royaume are not open to trading.

Entrances And Exits:

The only known Entrance is by finding a cylinder-shaped building in Level 11. You can exit the same way you entered, uncommonly said doors can take you to Level 4.

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