Level 859
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A picture of one of level 859's floors.

Level 859 is the 860th Level of the Backrooms, and is a modern fast food burger restaurant referred to as "Tom Hounds".


Level 859 has two sections, the core is the inside of the restaurant and is where wanderers who enter Level 859 will always end up. However, there is no known way to exit the core as the windows and doors are unbreakable. Thus making travel to the outside impossible. The outside is visible from the windows and resembles a city. This area is outside of the building and little is known about it. When viewed, monuments of different countries’ cities can be observed.

Level 859 is divided into multiple core floors, each with their own outside. They are accessed via an out of place elevator. The amount of floors Level 859 has is unknown.


A picture of how level 859 works. The black lines represent the ground of the outside. The orange represents the core. And the blue represents the elevator.

Each floor's core varies in colour and structure. For example, one core could be an octagon with orange walls and a light brown floor, and the next could be a rectangle with red walls and a grey floor. Each floor is the size of an average fast food restaurant.

In level 859 you can find the flags of various different English speaking nations with signs near the flags praising said nation. Flags of sub divisions and cities can also appear. However, they often are inaccurate to the actual areas the flags represent, along with the signs following the flag. For example, you can find a Union Jack followed by the flag of Ontario, Canada followed by the flag of the city of Boston, USA and signs next to the flags would say "Boston, Ontario's most visited fast food restaurant".

Entities are rare in the core area but are common in the outside area. Due to this and the windows being indestructible, wanderers like to observe entities through the windows. Common entities such as Hounds and Facelings can be found in the core area and rarer entities are often found in the outside area.

Level 859 has a day, night and seasons cycle. Every 10 hours it switches between morning, afternoon, evening and night and every week it switches between spring, summer, fall and winter. The season often decides which entities appear in the outside.

Level 859's rooms are plentiful in resources: mostly food found in fast food restaurants but almond water can be found as well. Supplies restock every 40 hours.

One of the most notable parts of Level 859 is the restaurant mascot named "Tom Hound". It is a Hound wearing a white top hat and is often depicted holding a burger. Tom Hound appears in various signs and posters throughout the level. Instances of posters advertising Tom Hounds with Tom Hound on it can be found throughout the backrooms.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G(Major explorer Group)

Base Soda

  • Consists of 15 floors.
  • Dedicated to researching entities through level 859 as well as the Level itself.
  • Guards an exit to Level 4.

The Onion Folk

  • A group of 36 people consisting of humans and some intelligent docile entities who have taken refuge in Level 859.
  • Takes up 28 floors.
  • Has an exit to Level 4 on one of the floors they own that they use to get valuable resources from Level 4.
  • The onion folk are known for celebrations and a culture revolving around joy
  • Have a tradition called "Entity fight betting" were if they see entities fighting in the outside they will gather around the window and place bets giving a reward to whoever bet correctly.

Entrances And Exits


  • Red doors in Level 4 with a picture of a Hound holding a burger can lead to Level 859
  • Finding a fast-food restaurant in Level 11 with a sign saying "Come eat at Tom Hounds, the best restaurant in all the backrooms!" can lead to Level 859
  • Rare orange ladders in Level 427 will lead to a small hallway with orange doors. Entering any of the orange doors will lead to Level 859


  • Touching windows with a yellow glow will lead you to Level 0
  • Finding a white door will lead you out the red door entrance in Level 4
  • Falling through pits in the floor will lead you to Level 8

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