Level 84
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Class 3

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  • Secure and Habitable Areas
  • Medium Entity Count

Level 84 is the 85th Level of the Backrooms. It is a maze made out of leaves, with some safezones scattered in the level.



A photo of one of the many routes within Level 84.

Level 84 is an expansive hedge maze with high walls made out of dark green leaves, many routes that lead essentially nowhere, and light fog persisting at all times. Occasionally routes can lead to small rooms imitating various areas of a suburban home, such as living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Rarely, the furniture in one of these areas will be arranged seemingly in random positions within the space, and in disrepair.1 Currently at the time of writing, the cause of this damage is unknown. However, Level 84 isn't just a maze. Every so often, wanderers can come across large spacious areas dotted throughout with trees, foliage, and concrete walkways. These have been labeled by Level 84 inhabitants and wanderers as Safety Parks.

Safety Parks

These are the main zones to meet other wanderers. These areas are generally habitable because entities seldomly enter them and supply crates filled with useful items, such as Almond Water, weapons, and various materials, which appear regularly. While the maze shifts and changes its routes and rooms randomly, these safe zones will usually be the same.

Variety Parks

When you come across one of these safe zones, there's a rare chance it could be a Variety Park, which is a special subtype of Safety Parks. Variety Parks, in their most basic definition, is a Safety Park that has its own unique effect.2


Entities, as mentioned before, live in the maze. However, there is a very rare chance that the sky will darken for approximately one to three hours, allowing entities to enter the safe zones and attack wanderers residing in them. All entities that have been documented within the level are Smilers, Hounds, and rarely, Skin-Stealers and Facelings.

Additional Information

  • Upon further inspection, the furniture found within the maze appears antique, and it is unknown where it came from.
  • It has been found that Skin-Stealers can bypass the "rules" of Level 84 and walk into the safe zones. If they are discovered, however, they will run back into the maze. No other entity within the level displays this behavior.
  • Climbing on top of the hedge maze is impossible, as those who managed to climb three-quarters of the way up reported extreme fear preventing them from continuing.

Bases, Outposts and Communities

M.E.G. (Major Explorer Group) "Green Market Hub", "Outer Market Hub", "Wanderer Resting Areas"

  • The M.E.G. have outposts and bases set up sparsely in some of the main safe zones.
  • These bases and outposts usually are open for wanderers to trade supplies or items they've gathered.
  • Most M.E.G. members in these bases or outposts are also armed in case of a nighttime attack.
  • Some M.E.G. members have created housing units by using some furniture and appliances from the maze.

Entrances And Exits


  • Level 903 can occasionally stop at Level 84.
  • Noclipping into some foliage on Level 97 can send you to Level 84.
  • Walking into a human-sized hole in one of the bushes on Level 62 can lead to Level 84.
  • One of the doors on Level 82 can lead to Level 84.


  • Attempting to noclip through the hedge maze walls can either clip you into Level 10 or Level 118.
  • Being caught inside the walls while they shift can send you to Level 90.
  • A worn-down blueish metal door found within the maze will take you to Level 85.
  • A gate leading to a sandy desert outside of the maze will lead to Level 46.
  • Touching a party hat in one of the roomlike areas of the maze will lead you somewhere fun! =)
  • Touching or noclipping with a majority of objects or walls in VP 3 (see third tab) will send wanderers to Level 0, Level 1, or Level 2.

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