Level 834
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Class Deadzone

  • Strictly Uninhabitable
  • Unstable Surfaces
  • Environmental Hazards

A photo of distant staircases, with other wanderers attempting to traverse them.

One must take great caution when stepping into Level 834, as one single misstep can cost you your life.

Upon first entering, you are flung straight into the chaos: metal staircases, stretching on for miles and miles within a stormy abyss, twisting and turning and shaking with unfathomable might as great gusts pull the industrial masses left and right.

No one has ever found the very depths or the highest peaks. All who attempt to do so are met with dead ends, whether through the staircases abruptly ending, or their lives being cast away.

It is currently unknown how these staircases came to be. Whether they had always existed, or had been made by someone or something continues to remain a mystery.

These staircases rarely ever connect, unless colliding from the force of the storm's winds, and sometimes the collisions can outright break the very staircase you stand upon.

Should you see a stairway flung your way, hold on for dear life to the staircase you currently stand upon: duck next to the rail way, protect yourself by any means necessary, and pray to whatever god you believe in that the staircase won't break apart.

Despite this, it is highly advised not to attempt a jump from one staircase to another. Only do so if you are 100% certain that you can clear the jump. Doing otherwise will result in your imminent death.

The quality and style of the stairways vary from one another: some look as if they are in mint condition, others look very eroded and on the verge of falling apart. Very few have physical support beams connected to them, with many of the others seemingly suspended by nothing.

People have noted seeing new stairways rise from the misty bellows, causing their own ricochet effect of knocking close-by stairways out of position. Once again, what causes these to arise is another one of the level's mysteries.

Weather Events

Level 834 holds a dark, cloudy expanse within. On its best day, the breeze barely pulls through, and the stairs are safe to traverse for a brief period.

Normally however, the winds are dangerously harsh. Staircases topple, pieces break and metal flies off the hinges, clangs and abhorrent grinding of these metal paths echo throughout the sea of endless destruction.

At the very worst, a full thunderstorm may roll in, electrifying the level and turning it into a superconductor on an infinite scale. One singular strike of lightning, and all who are traversing the level are dead.

Entrances and Exits

For how dangerous Level 834 appears to be, it can be extremely easy for one to accidentally no-clip in.

Tripping on any staircase can mean you slip and no-clip here. This more notably occurs on the staircases of levels such as Level 54, Level 92, and Level 280, but any level where a staircase can be located, this no-clip can occur if one is not careful.

Othertimes, it can be as simple as finding a metal fire exit door. Please note that entering this way is also a one-way ticket should the door close behind you, and given the winds contained within, that is more than guaranteed should you be foolish enough to fully step inside.

To exit, find a similar door within the level. These are hard to come by, as the harsh weather conditions mean that doors can fly off at any given point and land elsewhere, so be fast should you spot a way out.

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