Level 808
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Class 0

  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Habitable for a Specific Group

An entrance to Level 808.


Level 808 is a synthwave-style continent1 that many entities composed of polygons and laser gridlines inhabit. The appearance of these entities cannot be determined because the number of edges of the polygon is too small. When wanderers enter this level, their bodies will emit neon lasers2, turning them into a moving light source. According to long-term observations, this laser seems to be the human aura vastly amplified under an unknown effect.

It is impossible to distinguish time through the sun or other celestial bodies in Level 808 as the sun is always at sunset and hung in the sky in an odd style. If the moving neon gridlines on the ground changes from magenta to dark green, it means that night has fallen3. At night, the light emitted by the sun will obviously darken, and there will be some laser beams in the sky at times, which look like the stars under time-lapse photography.

There is no realistic natural landscape in this level, but the M.E.G. still collected a part of the ecological formations for reference.

  • Retro-seaboard: Located in the southeast of the entrance. There are many electronized coconut trees, a beach composed of pink particles, and a sea with a light blue fluorescent color. There is an unknown giant light source about 200 meters below the sea, so it is not recommended that wanderers dive deeper into the waters.
  • Art Hall: About 30 kilometers north of the entrance. A Parthenon-style building stands still on the plain, covering an area of about 4000 square meters. There are many plaster statues, most of which are portraits of famous figures in ancient Greece.
  • Infofield: Located in the southwest of the entrance. Some info windows similar to the computer operating system "Windows 2000" will appear on this field at times, displaying some incorrect codes and various monochrome blocks. These windows have no actual volume and will disappear within 1 hour after their appearance.
  • Sunset City: About 2 kilometers west of the entrance. It is a neon city established and organized by the group "Backrooms Entertainment", so called because its background is a yellow sun setting.

A store in Sunset City.

Level 808 is the base of "Backrooms Entertainment". The group has established a city in a valley in this level, where members of this group and wanderers live. Because this group has little communication with the M.E.G., the survival difficulty of this level is classified as 0. Beyond the human members, there are also entities working within the group, such as facelings, hounds, and deathmoths, but they are not as hostile as they are in other levels.

Paul-Simmons, the promoter of Backrooms Entertainment, will endorse the group and release various art posters to attract more wanderers to join the group. At present, the group's external activities are only marketing products. The M.E.G. have been closely monitoring any activities of this group and will carry out military operations if necessary.


A poster of Paul-Simmons.

Bases, Outposts, and Communities

  • Backrooms Entertainment Main Base

Located in Sunset City, inhabited by over 1,000 members; their actions are unpredictable and esoteric. A wanderer can find a professional recruiting agent through their promotional posters. If a wander gets picked up by one of these recruiters, they will be provided with a room and basic necessities during their probation.

Located at the edge of Sunset City, it accommodates about 20 members. It is used to trade goods and materials with residents in the city and acts as an embassy of Backrooms Entertainment.

Entrances And Exits

  • Generally, it is possible to see a gate with "ENTER" written with neon light in each level with a survival difficulty of less than 2. Entering the gate will lead to Level 808.
  • Level 40 has a gate with light blue neon grid lines that can lead to the level.
  • A door leading to this level can be found in a large arcade-themed building in Level 11.
  • Level 400 has a gate with lime neon gridlines that can lead to the level, but it is not recommended that wanderers enter Level 808 in this way.
  • Taking a subway at a subway station marked with "TRANSIT" in Sunset City will lead to Level 185.

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